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House seats still moving toward GOP

Yesterday as I made my predictions, RealClear Politics was showing 123 safe Democrat seats and 163 safe Republican seats.

Today, while checking, RCP had changed those numbers to 121/163.  That means 2 seats for the Dems have moved out of “safe” and into “likely”.

Additionally 3 have moved from “likely” to “leans” Dem and 6 have moved from “leans” Dem to toss up (34 toss ups yesterday, 40 today).

Not a good trend if you’re  a Democrat hoping for a miracle.

RCP now has it +65 for the GOP.  I’ll stick with my +61.



7 Responses to House seats still moving toward GOP

  • The very thought that we can be totally rid of both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (figures to resign) shortly makes me happy.

    Now if only the Sean Bilet miracle could come true….

  • Well, pundits are saying that “ONLY” 90% of congress will be re-elected on Tuesday instead of the usual 98% in previous elections.  So, is there really going to be much change?  We can only hope so, but Republicans will be boot out in 2012 if they can’t perform in the nxt 2 yrs. as the democrats didn’t do the last 2 yrs. 

    With that said, I think there needs to be a national referendum system started so we (The People) can vote on important legislation (ObamaCare, taxes, etc.).  This returns the power to the People & not corporation contributions.

    Need to also read a new book out that’s fantastic about Americans who do take a stand.  It’s about each of us stepping away fm the TV & stepping into the streets to voice our opinion.  I recommend it.

    • the democrats didn’t do the last 2 yrs.

      It’s been almost 4 years since Nancy took up the Speaker’s gavel.

    • Your comment smacks of the ‘voter frustration’ meme that the Democrats are pushing to cover up the fact that their policies are being rejected.
      They’ve successfully duped most of the public to believe they’ve only had Congress for 2 years.  Honestly that isn’t long enough to have a this extensive a turnover due to [lack of] performance.  Its their specific policies that are also being rejected.

  • my prediction 57 and 7, my reasoning for the low numbers is that several will fall to outright Democrat voter fraud.

  • Unfortunately I believe the Republican gains will be smaller than predicted
    1) People won’t admit they made a mistake, not even to themselves, so at the last second they’ll stay with who they picked last time
    2) If the gains we oversold, the Democrats will have a PR field day saying that the public still support the Democrat’s policies.
    3) The number of backseats of cars that can hold a ‘misplaced’ ballot box is effectively limitless