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Final Election Predictions

Tomorrow’s the big day. So, I thought I’d join Bruce in tossing out my final pre-election prognostications (with error bars).

House: Republicans 247, Democrats 188 (+/-3)

Senate: Democrats 50, Republicans 50 (+/-1)

The Senate is the real imponderable here. With Patty Murray leading by only 0.3% in a watershed year, I’m going to go ahead and tentatively call this one for Dino Rossi. But this one could go either way, so worst case for the Senate, I think, is a 51/50 Democrat chamber. I also think it might be days before we know that final Senate number, too.

5 Responses to Final Election Predictions

  • I’m with you Dale. I think most of the “close” elections will break R, as will many of the races that don’t appear all that close.  But there are a few that would absolutely delight me…
    O’Donnell’s for instance. (C’mon folks… Biden held that seat for decades. How much damage can poor Christine do?!!!

  • Dale FranksI also think it might be days before we know that final Senate number, too.

    Any race that isn’t decided within a day or two will break (d) simply because the democrats will:

    1. “Find” ballots with a remarkably high percentage of votes for their candidate in the trunks of cars, in a closet somewhere, etc.;

    2.  Get democrat election officials and judges to change the rules on how votes are counted / tabulated such that any “spoiled” or questionable ballot (overvote, for example) really means that  the voter intended to vote for the (d) candidate, and;

    3.  Get those same officials to reject at least half of the military absentee ballots in the state / district because they were submitted too late, had stray marks that make it impossible to determine the voter’s intent, were folded wrong, etc.

    If an election is close, democrats will steal it by cheating.  It’s just the kind of people that they are.

    • Unfortunately, that seems to be the history.  There is no doubt in my mind that Al Franken stole his election.  “Found” ballots should never be allowed because the chain of custody is suspect.  One funny part, is that, somehow, I am on the Democratic Party mailing list.  That means a barrage of requests for donations.  Today’s request is so they can stop the Republicans from ‘cheating”.  That is called projection.

  • One thing for certain, no matter how the final numbers shake out, they better remember that we didn’t elect any of them to work WITH Obama.

    PS- Memo to Nancy Pelosi:  NOW GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH