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“But, I’m not bitter…”

Would you like to get a crystal clear insight into the “progressive” mindset.  An informative look into the hard Left’s reaction to this week’s election.  Well, go no further than this diary by Tim Wise at Daily Kos. Mr. Wise is not only miffed at the election, he’s already laying out a picture of the future in which the tables are turned.

You really should read the whole thing. I’d be interested in your responses.

What made me laugh out loud was wondering who Mr. Wise is planning to tax to pay for his socialist utopia, after all the rich white people are dead.

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34 Responses to “But, I’m not bitter…”

  • I’ll defer to George Will …

    It is amazing the ingenuity Democrats invest in concocting explanations of voter behavior that erase what voters always care about, and this year more than ever – ideas. This election was a nationwide recoil against Barack Obama’s idea of unlimited government.

    • Coupled with the idea that we SHOULD decline…we should not BE exceptional…and our lives should be (unless we are part of the intelligentsia) shorter, darker, colder, hotter, less informed, and our world smaller and more frightening.
      We don’t much care to leave out children a diminished world in which they have to pay for our debt.

  • He’s got an awful long-winded way of saying “You will never stop the triumphant march of WORLD SOCIALISM!”, doesn’t he?
    The other thing one notices right away is his awesome ability to demolish strawmen.  Pure hell on wheels in that department.
    Constructing a logical argument? Well, not so strong there.
    Short version: typical leftie diatribe – long on emotion, short on facts.

  • He’ll be even more bitter after the GOP gets “machiavellian”  (*HAHAHAHA!) with redistricting. 

    Look, it’s simple enough. He wants to live in a place where Happy Meals are banned, that’s his perrogative.  As long as they’re confined to coastal enclaves, good enough.

    • Some of the folks in his comments are…(makes me cry) thinking of…of….leaving the country for…some other paradise.    I wonder if they’ll check in advance to see if Happy Meals are banned there too and whether or not the Democrats are in control.

      • Hey, already taken care of…
        No “happy”…and…
        No “meals”.  Simple.
        I’ll kick in for their ONE WAY tickets, and PERSONALLY do their paperwork renouncing American citizenship.

  • I personally like this section:

    There won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days, because there won’t be any more white folks around who actually remember them…

    He’s basically saying that once people who actually remember history are dead, the left intends to completely rewrite history the way they want it.  Which is pretty much par for the course.

    • Jeff the Baptist,
      That is exactly what I took away from his rant. He has a version of history all planned out and wants the education establishment to indoctrinate everyone into it.

    • Krugman better watch his back – old, white dude who likes the 50’s.

  • I’ve got to say those are some mean, devious, determined mofos on the left. Their plan — they are going to wait for us to die.

    Still, combined with open borders, it’s not an entirely bad plan. It’s hard to say how much of California’s troubles can be traced to illegal immigration, but some of it can be.

    Conservatives do need to push back against the liberal dominance in education and the media, so that traditional American values get a hearing on par with the Howard Zinn gospel.

  • Sigh. There are so many falsehoods in Tim’s diatribe that one hardly knows where to begin.
    One could mention which of the “old white people” it was who were so against the civil rights legislation, but then, one is not to speak ill of dead Democrats.
    One could ask where is the proof of endemic”teabagger” racism.
    One could mention that several majority white districts just sent non-whites to Washington–in some cases for the first time in those districts’ histories. Of course, one should mention that those same minorities may not be welcomed by such groups as the Congressional Black Caucus–because the caucus is not truly based on blackness–but on liberal ideology.
    One could mention so many things, but I think Mr. Wise is a modern (though vitriolic) example of what Reagan spoke to when he said “It’s not that liberals don’t know anything; it’s that they know so many things that aren’t true.”
    Perhaps over the next few years, even he will be mugged by reality. We must write and work and pray and hope for such a change for Mr. Wise and his fellows.

  • Well, I’d write a whole thing about what it means that this jacka$$ and all his leftie friends have a fundamentally flawed view of the world, are incapable of understanding the economic meltdown that is almost certainly coming, and other relevant topics.

    But this fellow I know already covered all of that: A fork in the road is coming

    • Gosh no Billy, didn’t you see, Tim’s used to surviving in the margins, on the fringes (probably on the seas and oceans, on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields, in the streets, in the hills, he will NEVER surrender!)
      so if the meltdown came, and took away, say, his internet, and his bags of Cheetos, he’d fight on!
      And after reading it, boy, I’m tellin ya, I’m scared!  Cuz Tim, he’s obviously wise in the ways of the world.

  • That is one long wall of text.  Here, let me summarize it: “lol ur racist

  • “Tim” should go and maybe, uh, brush up on the history pre and post Civil War, to see which party was busy making sure those dark skinned folks weren’t messing up the white man’s world.  Once he’s done glorying in the end of nostalgia for the 50’s, maybe he can sit his skinny (or fat) white ass down and read about which party worked so hard to derail the 64 Civil Right’s act  (at the risk of intruding some reality into his ‘fact based’ world).

    • Won’t do any good, the liberal meme for this is that all of those yellow dog democrats in the south just one day magically became republicans.

      • Yeah, I know their meme, but I do so enjoy making them drag it out for display, the flat tired, hood up, cracked windshield look says it all.

  •  Tim = You + 2 years
    You = Tim + 2 years

    • TomD = (0.4)(Sanity) – (Coherence)

    • You really think so, Tom? Maybe you should look at what I wrote the day after the 2008 election, in a post entitled ” Congratulations to President-Elect Obama”.

      Maybe you can spot some evidence of similar rage. If so, you’re the only one.

      So, no, that won’t be me in 2 years.

      For as long as you’ve been reading this blog, you really don’t understand us at all. You are the King of Not Getting It.

    • TomD = Zero

      Any questions?

  • I got as far as “Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.”
    I have better things to do than read this idiots ramblings.  Dale, thanks for sharing it, but I cannot bring myself to read it today.

  • What’s funny or ironic is that large parts of the world, filled with non-white folks, have adopted capitalism and are rapidly achieving parity with the US in economic results.
    Also, consider two things:
    1) I wonder how the ethnic vote split this time?
    2) I wonder how many of the ethnic voters who did not vote, so-called discouraged voters, wanted to vote against the Democrats, but just couldn’t be bothered to make the effort. The kind of person who is so disgusted they just say “bah” and watch TV.

    The first of the lost ballots have been discovered, again, miraculously by Democratic operatives. Do Republicans just not lose bags of votes?

    • Dems: “You have to count these!  EVERY VOTE SHOULD BE COUNTED!!!”
      Reps: “If they were really so important, then you shouldn’t have lost them.  You don’t see US misplacing votes, do you?”

    • Votes are only ‘found’ when they need to be.

  • So much bile, so many targets, so little time; must suck being Liberal…

  • I’d happily check a $1 box on my  federal 1040 to help house the poor deluded soul somewhere where he’d be less of a hazard to himself and those around him.