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Republicans beware

harles Krauthammer issues the same sort warning we’ve been issuing here for some time:

Nor should Republicans over interpret their Tuesday mandate. They received none. They were merely rewarded for acting as the people’s proxy in saying no to Obama’s overreaching liberalism. As one wag put it, this wasn’t an election so much as a restraining order.

The Republicans won by default. And their prize is nothing more than a two-year lease on the House. The building was available because the previous occupant had been evicted for arrogant misbehavior and, by rule, alas, the House cannot be left vacant.

Yes I know I harp on this a lot.  But it is the key for the GOP if they want to continue gaining seats in 2012.



8 Responses to Republicans beware

  • I suppose to have a mandate, one needs an articulated program.  “Hope and Change” seemed like one of those to much of America, and they now have seen the price of buying into that delusion.
    In that sense, I GOP certainly lacks a mandate, as it lacks any unity on its plans for the near term…among other things.
    This much we DO know…THEY BETTER be razors on spending, and THEY BETTER inject some certainty into this economy.  THEY BETTER make the Executive Branch accountable, and THEY BETTER reel in the EPA, FCC, and the other alphabet soup dictatorships that are growing like mushrooms under the Mad King Barack.

  • Yep. Being the lesser of two evils is not something to brag about.

    • I think that many in the GOP are banking on people being willing to vote, reluctantly or not, for the lesser of two evils. 

      “Yeah, we have earmarks and pork barrel.  And we’re running up deficits almost as bad as Obama’s.  And we’re not really gonna get rid of ObamaCare.  Oh, you don’t like it?  Well, who else are ya gonna vote for, champ?  HAH-HAH-HAH!”

      • I would cynically agree, except for the impressive number of Representatives and Senators headed to DC in a couple of months who displaced sitting incumbents of the same party. There’s teeth in the threat to replace you in a primary, now.

        • The Republicans have the Tea Party to keep them in line, now the Democrats need to get rid of their “Wine & Bree” party and embrace the “Backyard BBQ Party” that is still a mainstay of their party.

  • I’m betting that in a year they’ll be back to the RR driven (their base) policies of social conservativism.
    Isn’t Huckebee the leading Repub candidate for 2012? If so, watch Obama sail through the election.

  • The Best One Line Statement in Defence of Democracy for 2010 … Barbie’s line from “Toy Story 3”:

    “Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!”

    The Democrats forgot this completely. The Republicans must not forget it.