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Quote of the day – Bob Herbert Tea Party edition

The "Rodney Dangerfield" of movements gets ignored by liberal Bob Herbert. After he says both sides are clueless in DC, and leadership is "AWOL", he says this:

What this election tells me is that real leadership will have to come from elsewhere, from outside of Washington, perhaps from elected officials in statehouses or municipal buildings that are closer to the people, from foundations and grass-roots organizations, from the labor movement and houses of worship and community centers.

The civil rights pioneers did not wait for presidential or Congressional leadership, nor did the leaders of the women’s movement. They plunged ahead with their crucial work against the longest odds and in the face of seemingly implacable hostility.

Sounds like a perfect description of the Tea Parties and what they’ve faced from the left – to include Bob Herbert.

Irony – something about which the left remains clueless.



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6 Responses to Quote of the day – Bob Herbert Tea Party edition

  • We’re going to see a lot of this kind of thing in the next few weeks…
    Just as one would predict, the Collective is eating its tail over the fact America has turned out not to like it.  They came out from behind the fleece they are used to wearing and showed their true teeth, and Americans didn’t like the vision.

  • McQ might have a point except it is Bob Herbert.  Up next, Frank Rich blames racism (for everything).

  • The Democrats are in disarray because it’s a party that lacks a spine.

    Bob Herbert has got this part wrong. The Democrats have had plenty of spine the last two years, so much, in fact, that they forgot how to listen, as they had their heads in the stratosphere.

    • True enough, yet one finds Herbert’s complaint throughout the leftosphere.

      Obama was too civil and too bipartisan. He didn’t have the courage to press his agenda with full force. He compromised far too much with the Republicans who never gave him anything in return. Consequently he has lost the respect of independent voters and much of his base.

  • McQSounds like a perfect description of the Tea Parties…

    No, no, a thousand times NO!  America is most definitely not going to be saved by a bunch of ignorant lilly-white schlubs from lousy little hick towns in the middle of inbred, former Confederate states!  Now, obviously something is wrong in DC; we all recognize that.  But rather than some rabble of gun-toting, Bible-thumping, cousin-marrying rednecks who keep spouting foolishness about a document over TWO CENTURIES OLD (where do they get this garbage???  Cetainly NOT from the public schools!), we need to look for a real leader to step forward, possibly from the governor’s mansion or legislature of a moderate state like New York or Oregon.  A person who understands the challenges that face our country, such as preserving the environment, building a stronger social safety net, repairing our reputation around the world, and seeing to it that our economy provides just and equitable outcomes for everybody.  A person who knows how to get things done, even in the face of opposition by racist Wall Street thugs and their Fox News and radio talk show mouthpieces.  Somebody who can communicate a vision of a better yet more humble America in a way that our people can actually understand.

    When will that person step forward?  I don’t know.  We can only wait and hope for real change that we can all believe in.

    / sarc

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