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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

I suppose I should be surprised at this, but I’m not. Mitch McConnell seems now to believe that earmarks are a hallowed legislative prerogative, and Rep. Jerry Lewis is keen to retake the gavel of the Appropriations Committee.

Basically, the deal is this: After talking a good game about fiscal conservatism for months, the GOP is going to take its cues in the Senate from a guy who basically doesn’t give that much of a crap, and very likely empower a guy in the House whose top priorities have previously included money pit swimming pools into which he likes to dump massive, great, heaping piles of your hard-earned cash because, hey, he’s in charge here, dammit.

I don’t like it; you don’t like it. Let’s hope that by some miracle, folks calling the shots up on the Hill might possibly be paying attention to what everyone from the Tea Partiers to me, your local candy-ass RINO, thinks: Quit with the earmarks, and let’s not just empower the people who pursued them with zeal last time the GOP was in charge, because well screw it, we won… kind of…

So, is that the deal? Head fake to the right on spending for the Tea Party during the election, but back to business as usual after winning? Are the 2006 Republicans back?

If so, it’s gonna be a long two years, and 2012 is gonna be a nightmare.

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14 Responses to Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  • I had rather hopes that they would wait a full week before disappointing me…  I mean, I knew it would happen, I just hoped it wouldn’t be quite so quick…

  • As the bible says, “like a dog returneth to his own vomit”

  • 1) Radicalized Democrats put off the public – check
    2) Republicans are returned to power and resume their corrupt and RHINO ways – check
    3) A Third Party actually forms as a true Party and not just a movement
    4) Third Party is suppressed by the entrenched corrupt two old parties through procedural manipulation
    5) People get their guns.

  • Then I suggest that it’s time to stop having tea parties and start having a few necktie parties.

  • Com’on people…!!!  This is no surprise, and it is also not holy writ.
    We know how all this works, and we know we have to stay on these people.  They have to be reminded this is not the old SOP.
    The ONLY thing that will prevent DC from being DC is an activist citizenry.  That would be you and me.
    Get on the phone and the keyboards.  Get vocal and get active.  We are NOT done. We just started.

  • So what name do we give our 3rd party?

  • This (McConnell) is the old guard and they are the ones that need to be weeded/herded out.

  • Yeah, but if we just had Mike Castle in there, things would be so much better. It was a missed opportunity, buddy, a missed opportunity.

    At least, that’s what the politics-as-usual, lesser-of-two-evils, GOP semi-loyalists tell me. 

    But somehow, I just don’t find it convincing. It appears establishment GOP types are so damn dense that some pointed examples like Crist and Castle are not enough warning. Guess we’ll need some more like that in 2012, and maybe the Tea Partiers will have grown by then and offer more consistently good candidates.

    • I think that this is the point that a lot of pundits and especially establishment Republicans miss.  Jim DeMint takes flak because he says that he’d rather have 30 solid tea party conservatives in the Senate than a majority of garden-variety Republicans.  But he’s right: over the long-term, that 30-seat minority will grow as people see that there IS an alternative to big-spending Republicans and huge-spending democrats.

      I suggest that The Dear Golfer, SanFran Nan, and Dingy Harry did the GOP a favor by cutting them out of Porkulus and ObamaCare: there were plenty of GOP members of Congress who would have been glad to vote for those things had they been given the slightest inducement… which would have made those train-wrecks “bipartisan”.  Talk about voter anger!