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The GOP’s new state level clout may mean a winner in 2016

Lost in the news of the drubbing Democrats took in the House is the state level progress the GOP made on November 2nd.

The GOP now has 690 new seats in state legislatures, five new governors, and currently controls the legislatures and governor’s offices of more than 20 states.

That means two very important things for the GOP. 

1. State budgets.  Republicans at state level in a majority of states will control the budget, taxes and spending.   With the stimulus funds about to dry up, they’re going to have to put together austerity programs that work toward balancing the budget – a requirement in many states.

2. Reapportionment and redistricting.  2010 is a census year.  That means that reapportionment and redistricting House seats will be a priority.   In most states Governors are intimately involved in this process.  With almost 30 governors the GOP is poised to set itself up rather well as the House reapportions state representatives and the states redistrict as a result.  Ohio and Florida are two examples of states which have gone GOP and will be committed to both reapportionment and redistricting.

It also means that somewhere out there is a fiscally conservative member of the GOP who will be gaining important experience with austerity budgeting, governing and attempting to bring down unemployment in his or her state.    While it may be too early for 2012, those that are most successful at doing what is necessary to put their state back on firm fiscal footing and increasing employment in their state should be considered for 2016.  It is not too early for the GOP to begin watching, monitoring and grooming the right people for that particular race.   And yes – resumes with accomplishments will count heavily.





2 Responses to The GOP’s new state level clout may mean a winner in 2016

  • If the state level GOP establishments give in to public employee unions, it won’t make any difference who wins what in 2016. And every compromise struck with these unions constitutes a priori acceptance of the damage they’ve done and the power they’ve acvcumulated. If that happens, then they are never more than one election cycle away from regrouping. I believe that I heard that when he took over as governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels immediately de-certified all public employee unions. I don’t have a good report on that, so I don’t know how that is done or the impact it has, but he balanced that state’s budget pretty fast.

  • Yeah the real issue with increasing GOP control of the states is that they’re going to be in charge of fixing the state level retirement systems with or without union help.  People talk about how bad the US retirement system, but the federal program while generous is fairly sustainable.  Reagan saw to that almost 25 years ago.  Only 2 of the states did.