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An AGW update

More alarmist myths bite the dust.  The claim that rain forests would be damaged by warming:

The threat to tropical rainforests from climate change may have been exaggerated by environmentalists, according to a new study. Researchers have shown that the world’s tropical forests thrived in the far distant past when temperatures were 3 to 5C warmer than today. They believe that a wetter, warmer future may actually boost plants and animals living the tropics.


There are many climactic models today suggesting that … if the temperature increases in the tropics by a couple of degrees, most of the forest is going to be extinct. What we found was the opposite to what we were expecting: we didn’t find any extinction event [in plants] associated with the increase in temperature, we didn’t find that the precipitation decreased.

Or the claim that melting glaciers would threaten 2 billion people:

The spectre of imminent thirst and/or starvation for billions by 2035 from melting glaciers would appear to have been confirmed as the worst kind of alarmist scaremongering.

Sea level increases and more violent hurricanes?

First, there is still no proof the Earth is experiencing “dangerous” warming. Temperatures have levelled off since 1998. Many measuring locations are also located in unsuitable areas. Furthermore, the methodologies of averaging temperature are inconsistent and full of problems. This is why “Global Warming” was replaced as a slogan by “Climate Change” (nobody denies that climate changes), and more recently by “Climate Disruption” (which is impossible define or prove).

Second, the increased temperature is supposed to increase sea level mainly by melting the ice-caps, which is impossible. Thermal expansion of the oceans seems to be of little consequence at present because the satellite measurements show the oceans are cooling. Le Mesurier gilds his picture with a few asides on “extreme climatic events” in general and hurricanes in particular. Recent studies, however, show no increase in hurricane activity in the last 40 years.

But remember, the "science is settled".

Then there’s the drive for “green jobs” , “green technologies” and how that’s faring:

MORE than $1 billion of taxpayers’ money was wasted on subsidies for household solar roof panels that favoured the rich and did little to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, a scathing review has found.


Despite a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government, Solyndra, a maker of solar panels in the southeast San Francisco Bay Area city of Fremont, will close one of its manufacturing plants, lay off 40 permanent and 150 contract workers, delay expansion plans of a new plant largely financed with the government-guaranteed loan and scale back production capacity more than 50 percent. Despite the hype and tax money, Solyndra seems unable to compete with Chinese manufacturers, whose prices are lower. This is the latest bad news for the company touted by Mr. Schwarzenegger and President Barack Obama as one of the green industry’s supposed shining lights.

Because, you know, government’s do this stuff so much better than private markets.

Thought you’d want to know.



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14 Responses to An AGW update

  • It is classic insanity, this government; it’s the “gift” that just keeps on wasting.

  • We need a really basic, extremely persuasive PR campaign to excise the CRAP that has been insinuated into Western thinking by the Collective’s “Green Branch”.
    I just watched a CSI last night…a program I have enjoyed for years…that was pure propaganda.  I was incensed at the inanity and the stereotyping, to say nothing of the effrontery to anything scientific.  That bilge is everywhere now.

  • Oh ye of little faith!  The oceans cool and rise not, because of  “the One”.
    “This is the day the oceans stopped rising, and the planet started healing”.
    He said it was so, and Gaia heard, and all was good.

  • “They believe that a wetter, warmer future may actually boost plants and animals living the tropics”
    Imagine that!
    Who would have thought that the ‘greenhouse effect’ would actually be good for plants?

    • ShaaaaAAA zaam…!!!  Or, as we say in Texas, “Golly-bum”!!!
      And all that spare CO2 floating about…???  Plants LIKE that stuff, right???

  • I don’t think that it matters: as Ragspierre points out, the belief in AGW is embedded into pop culture now such that people have what amounts to a subconscious belief in it.  Oh, they might not buy into the idea that NYC will flood (or is it freeze?) five years from now, but they DO believe that the planet is getting warmer and that CO2 from factories, cars, and cows is the cause.  Hence, the Gorebots are playing a waiting game: they are waiting for the next “unprecedented” big heat wave or “catastrophic” major hurricane to strike our coast to shout, “See!  We told you!” This will allow them to pressure the Congress – which NEVER misses an opportunity to pass more legislation to protect us from ourselves and take more of our money – to pass cap and tax or ban the use of gasoline or whatever dimwitted, economically-devastating idea the greenies are pushing at the moment.


  • Knock me over with a feather! you mean, carbon dioxide + warmth + humidity = Plant growth!  Who knew! Guess what else will grow under those conditions? Algae, That’s right, lots of nice Carbon eating , oxygen making sea-plants.

  • Hey Bruce,  have either you or Dale engaged Jon Henke in this topic recently?  I’d be interested to his reactions to all of this (not just what you posted, but the breadth of revelations over the past two years).  I check The Next Right periodically (I may have missed it) and I don’t recall him ever addressing the AGW topic with as much vim and vigor as he used to do here.

    • Haven’t discussed it with him for quite some time, bains. That said, I think it pretty much speaks for itself now.

      • Tis a shame.  I always thought he brought a good argument to the table – knowledgeable but unpersuasive on this topic.
        I miss his Krugman take-downs.

    • It’s a tragedy that Henke left. He was such a great pragmatic moderate, always reaching out to others. And of course, he understood that the science is settled, and we have to give great gobs of power to the government to do something about global warming climate change right now.

      But since he left {eyes rolling}, there’s nothing left here but denialist, inbred, sterile, Goebbels-like thugs who use racist code words. Just an echo chamber. Not at all like my own blog, and shut up about how half the comments there are from me and all the other commenters agree with pretty much everything I say and every other comment is “You’re exactly right!” Over there, we are a diverse set of thinking people who understand that banning people for disagreeing is perfectly fine when they are sterile and mindless. Because that’s insulting, and everyone knows banning for insulting behavior is a mark of a good blog.

      And don’t start up about how this blog let me come here as long as I wanted even though I insulted people and poured out the most inane drivel. Because I didn’t. If you disagree, you doth protest too much. {chuckle} {giggle} Get off me! Sorry, I was talking to the giant magenta caterpillar with Sarah Palin’s face and ample bosom that just landed on my shoulder. Sucker must be a foot long.