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Quote of the day–Michael Moore edition

When even Michael Moore gets it, perhaps it is time for Democrat politicians to finally let it go.  Moore, appearing on “Real Time” with Bill Maher responds to Joe Sestack’s standard Democrat talking point of the last two years about “the damage done under the Bush administration”:

“No one’s forgetting the fact that this frat boy totally destroyed this country economically, our standing around the world– we all get that. But it’s two years later, and you can’t keep blaming the people who created the mess. Yes, we’ll never stop being pissed at Bush for what he did. But right now we’ve got to fix this, and you guys– the Democrats and Obama– have to be the ones that do it. If you do it– if you actually get in there and do it– you’ll have everybody behind you all the way.”

When even members of the radical left say "enough, for goodness sake – you can’t blame the other guy forever", perhaps, just perhaps, the canard has outlived its usefulness, you think? Any bets on how long it actually takes for this meme to finally die? Because, as we’ve all seen, some politicians are among the most tone-deaf people in the world as they constantly remind us by their inapt words and deeds. Moore is like the tire wear indicator on a tire. When he finally says, "that’s enough", you really need to change the tire.


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18 Responses to Quote of the day–Michael Moore edition

  • Nah.  The dems have nothing else going for them.  I think that at least SOME of them recognize that The Dear Golfer and the rest of the dem leadership can’t “fix it”; their efforts in that regard have actually made things worse.  So, the safest course is to do nothing but keep blaming Bush.

    • Yeah, I think that the “blame Bush” excuse will go away when the people who continue to use it are removed from office or things finally turn around enough that they can replace “blame Bush” with patting themselves on the back.  As I’ve said before, the electorate already blamed Bush– unhappiness with the direction of the country is what led to a Democrat in the White House and solid majorities in both houses of congress.  The voters understood the notion that the previous administration had created a mess, and they are tired of being reminded of something that they already took care of at the voting booth.
      And based on recent results, we can see who the voters are blaming now.

      • No, they will replace “blame Bush” with “blame XYZ”, they just need to figure out who/what xyz is.

  • Wouldn’t just be easier to revoke the 22nd Amendment and re-elect Bush ?
    If Obama hasn’t done anything to be blamed for, he apparently hasn’t done anything.

    • You know, Bush and more specifically how he addressed the public when accused of wrongdoing, is why we have a Congress controlled by Democrats and Obama for President.

  • Blame Bush will go on forever…

  • “No one’s forgetting the fact that this frat boy totally destroyed this country economically, our standing around the world– we all get that.”

    Moore’s predicate statement perfectly frames the chasm…which is truly irreconcilable…between the Collective and the rest of the nation.
    Bush…for all he did wrong…did a lot more right, and was hardly the Loan Arranger in the financial debacle that the Collective set in motion by tampering with the housing markets.

    • What Bush did do wrong, mostly, was things the left agrees with. For example, from a long term perspective Medicare Part D is probably the worst decision Bush made, but the left felt it didn’t go far enough, and in fact they went further with Part D in Obamacare (and they are bragging about it, in an effort to get senior votes).

  • But will Scott Erb ever return for his slice of crow pie? Or have I missed it?

    • Erb? Erb can rationalize anything. He’s typical of a left that will say anything, and push any argument no matter how idiotic.

      • Well, after sagely observing, “Republicans who see the house as likely to go GOP are engaged in wishful thinking.   Either outcome is possible, but the GOP is really hurt by the tea party image,” Erb went on to predict that Republicans would only pick up around 25 seats.

        A few comments later Erb volunteered to return to QandO and admit he got it wrong if necessary. ( Sixty-plus pickup?

        Yep, Erb got it wrong — in spades —  but he hasn’t returned so far as I’ve noticed.

        • Aww, give Scotty a break.  It’s hard to type when you’re clutching your pearls.

          • Or when you are battling magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face.

          • Perhaps. I just got annoyed with the Erb’s constant “I see everything so much more clearly than you do” tone, even when he was dead wrong.

            There’s no fudging his election prediction of 25 seats. Like Obama, Erb takes his superiority seriously. I think it’s possible that this failed prediction — and not all the ragging he has taken (however richly deserved) — that will put paid to his visits here.

          • And, to do a little back patting, my prediction was almost dead on. 😉

  • “More is like a tire wear indicator on a tire. When he finally says, `that’s enough´, it’s time to change the tire.”
    I love it!