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Classic (and much needed)

This guy actually knows what leadership is.   And, while it is probable that he and I don’t agree on many things, I could live with him in the White House.  He’s got two things most of the GOP lacks – spine and cajones.



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17 Responses to Classic (and much needed)

  • The GOP lacks?!?!?
    Parties don’t have…uh…junk.  Geez, McQ…  Dumb.

    • Come on, Rags. It’s just shorthand for “most of the leaders of the GOP at the national level don’t have the courage or the cajones they need to stand up to the media, the Democrats, the unions, and other special interests”.

      I feel confident that you know that, so I’m not sure what you’re going for here.

      • I never learned short-hand.  I read what people write.
        There are people in the GOP with guts.  I deplore it when people over-generalize.  You know I like McQ, and agree with him a lot.  But friends don’t let friends write silly stuff without saying it is silly.
        That said, you cannot (or I cannot) realistically expect political animals to be other than what they are.  They live in a world where guts are what gets ground up in the machine.  You and I have to have the guts, and tell them what it is we demand.
        Or am I wrong…???

        • That said, you cannot (or I cannot) realistically expect political animals to be other than what they are.

          Well, I certainly can. This video shows why. It’s possible to stand up to politics-as-usual, and refuse to accept the stupid conventions of the past. That’s what Christie is doing right here, when he patently and loudly refuses to accept the double-standard the left continuously tries to foist on their opponents.

          If the guys in DC can’t do as well as Christie, it’s because they lack some combination of his convictions, his courage, and his cajones. And it’s time to find some.

          We are about one or two serious jolts from an economic catastrophe. Even the politicians know it; several of the insiders used those kind of words about what was happening in fall 2008. The time to accept the old conventions on what politicians do and what kind of people they are is over.

          • So you insist on making the governor of New Jersey the bellwether for NATIONAL politicians?
            That is beyond naive.  I say again…GEEZ!  You ignore Ryan, West, and dozens of others who HAVE shown balls.

          • Darn it, Rags, do you just like to start arguments because you’re a lawyer?

            Sure there are a few. Demint and Pence, to add to your list.

            But what’s the percentage? How many are in the leadership?

            Are you seriously saying you think the GOP has enough spine and chutzpah, top to bottom, to do what they need to do to stand up for the cause of limited government? Because I don’t. I think we’re at least one or two elections from it, and I think we’ve got a ton more deadwood (who all lack the qualities needed) to clear before that will happen.

          • Please, Billy…  Resorting to the “lawyer thingie” is beneath you.  Of course I never made any broad generalization.  Nothing like “top to bottom”.
            Christie is not a paragon of conservative virtues.  Nor is Snow or even Brown.  Cripes!
            I like what Christie has done in New Jersey.  It would not seem nearly so shiny in Texas or Oklahoma.

        • If you read what people write then you know I was talking about leadership and I qualified who I was talking about with “most” which means I obviously agree there are other people in the GOP with spine and cajones – just not enough.

  • This guy actually knows what leadership is.
    I.e. the quality of leadership.  Not the leadership (positions of office) of the Senate or House.  Please, dude.  I read what you wrote.  So can others.

    • Uh, yeah … and? I also said unlike “MOST” of the GOP he has a spine and cajones. And given the past 10 years, that’s demonstrably true.

      BTW, those are two separate thoughts, “dude”.

      • 10 years? How about 14? (Thinking 1996 when the R’s got complacent after their 2nd win).
        Hell, how about 50? Ayn Rand was talking about “Me, too” Republicans back when Atlas Shrugged was first published (1957).

  • Are the speeches of this guy up on iTunes or something?  They are endlessly entertaining…

  • The people who claim Chris Christie is not conservative or holds certain non-conservative positions should consider that if he were to be elected President, he would probably have a GOP house and Senate. That would moderate any attempts to pass cap and trade or amnesty.
    If he were to face a Democratic Congress, he would still have the advantage of being very experienced and savvy in dealing with Dems and getting HIS way, not theirs.
    In fact, we need a very specific tool right now: someone with executive experience who is good at cutting spending and producing pro-growth strategies. Someone who is able to communicate well the financial issues facing the nation in  blunt manner, and who is willing to take on entrenched interests and government unions.
    Dude, seems like Chris Christie fits the bill to a T. And if he does run for a national office, I suspect some of his “liberal” beliefs will somehow change over time. I never get why a Pol wouldn’t run for president and just say “I believe in global warming, but right now is not the time to attempt to fix that problem. I pledge to do nothing in that subject until we have turned the corner on unemployment.” How hard is it do that? I believe Christie sort of did that in NJ “I was elected to do one thing”

  • THIS is what we are in desperate need of.
    Backbone, ethics & straight talk.
    How much more proof to we need that Unions are the ruination of the Republic?