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In which a blue blood princess gets offended by the term “blue blood” even though she apparently still doesn’t understand the term

For the most part I watch the Sarah Palin sideshow with bemusement and mostly ignore it.  Frankly I don’t want her as president but I think she’s good for politics in general because she stirs things up.  And lord knows it needs that.  I also get a kick out of watching the left obsess over her and in particular watching Andrew Sullivan make a fool of himself.

So I had to laugh as I watched the blue blood beer princess Meghan McCain rip into Palin this week for calling Barbara Bush a “blue blood”.   The humor factor? It seems our Columbia educated McCain had no idea of what a “blue blood” was and had to Google the term.  Even then she still didn’t seem to understand the term.

McCain’s a rather Obamaeque figure in my view.  She’s in a position of national prominence – a “pundit” with a national publication – although she’s really done nothing to earn such a position. That doesn’t stop her from having a rather inflated opinion of herself and her talents and abilities.  And as you might expect her work reflects that problem. 

Let’s get real here -  she’s in the position she enjoys because of her Dad’s political prominence. Otherwise she’d be a wannabe pundit slogging away on some obscure blog and wishing someday to have a national platform – sort of like me.   Because of her name, and as someone who nominally claims to be a Republican but spends most of her time ripping Republicans, she makes the perfect token for the publication where she contributes.

That’s not to say there’s anything particularly wrong or unique about her situation.  I think we know it happens all the time.  All sorts of organizations hire the children of famous “blue bloods” hoping to trade off the name they bring.  And obviously, the Daily Beast isn’t above such motivation.

The irony, of course, is she seems completely oblivious to the fact that her “blue blood” is why she’s where she is at the moment.

I remember, when Sarah Palin broke upon the scene, the almost sneering condescension she received from, well, members of the media aristocracy (blue bloods aren’t found just in politics, Ms McCain) when it was discovered her degree was from  …. the University of Idaho?  God forbid.  Idaho?  Is that even a state (yeah, one of the 57 we have out here in flyover land)?

And she had actually worked on a fishing boat and liked to hunt. She was treated like an 6-eyed alien just come to earth, something unseen and unheard of before.

True, Sarah Palin has managed to shoot herself in the foot many times, but I see that more as a function of instant celebrity, the attempt to adjust to that celebrity and the media culture’s negative obsession with those who don’t fit their template of an “acceptable” female politician.  As we’ve remarked many times, she was 1,000 times more thoroughly vetted by the media than was our current President (he fit the template perfectly).

I’d also point out that as long as she offers political commentary, she is fair game for the so-called “pundit class”.  That’s true about anyone in the political arena.

But I’m not sure I’d extend the title “pundit” to someone like Meghan McCain.  Other than snark and bad sentence structure she doesn’t offer much.

Call it tangential blue blood celebrity, but it seems to me that if you want to be taken seriously and actually earn and keep that celebrity (after daddy retires from public life and prominence)  you have to have something of value to offer. Badly worded and vapid diatribes about commonly understood terms you still don’t get aren’t likely to accomplish that.   As James Joyner says, if the Daily Beast intends upon keeping McCain, they could do us all a favor and at least get her an editor.

And yes, this will likely be the first and last Meghan McCain post – I know, thank goodness for that.



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18 Responses to In which a blue blood princess gets offended by the term “blue blood” even though she apparently still doesn’t understand the term

  • Well, really, who do you think is more objective? Someone who is a wise, pragmatic moderate like Meghan McCain, or an ex-military basket case who is mesmerized by Sarah Palin’s full lips, ample bosom, and naughty librarian glasses?

    It’s so sad to see how sterile and inbred the Nazi-like climate deniers around here have become. That’s why I stay away now. And not because I would have to eat crow about my election predictions if I came back. Stop saying that.

    • Mega is pneumatic in sooo many respects.  Air head and chestal regions, both.  So she shouldn’t be a total loss…
      She is good for comic relief, which was Erp’s greatest value.  Good to have the Ott-ster still helping out…

    • Nazi-like climate deniers? Have you been blissfully unaware of the CRU emails exposing the scam? Or the comments from those in Cancun discussing it as more of an income redistribution scheme than a climate control one? And there is nothing wise about Meghan McCain….

  • Is Palin fit to be President? I don’t know; do we ever know before the fact? I will however, say with all certainty, I would vote for her over any Democrat. And yes, thank goodness we’ve seen the end of your Meghan McCain posts. 🙂

  •  Other than snark and bad sentence structure she doesn’t offer much.

    >>>>  Boobies?

  • It says something about the elder Bushes that they embrace the revolting Bill Clinton but feel compelled to take a swipe at Palin and then essentially endorse Mitt Romney for the 2012 nomination.

    Look, Meghan McCain can swiftly piss off but I want nothing to do with Palin. If by the usual variety of mishaps she is the 2012 nominee I would still take her in a heartbeat over Obama. That, however, i’s some serious settling.

    But I will never ever be extorted into supporting Romney. He is an advocate of government run health care and a defender of the load of crap he left behind in Massachusetts. If that’s how the Republicans want to roll, they can drop dead. That’s the central issue of what has happened the past two years, among many issues. Based on that I will never ever support Romney. Ever. I’ll go with a third party. Compromise is one thing; extortion is another.

    Everybody should take a look at this guy Ron Johnson who just beat the hell out of the unbeatable Russ Feingold for the Senate in Wisconsin. Let’s stop caring about how long anyone has been in office. He’s just elected, but I don’t care. He has all the other bona fides: self-made businessman, smart, good personality, loves America, and best of all, he’s normal. Take a look. A friend showed me his election night speech and he has the whole package. No way he loses to Obama in Ohio or Florida or Virginia or North Carolina or probably even in Pennsylvania.

  • “Let’s stop caring about how long anyone has been in office.”
    a certain ‘Senator’, now gets pwned not only on the international and national scene, but also playing basketball.  If his qualities in the current job are an indication, as Senator he probably spent most of his time golfing, vacationing, and organizing neighborhoods.

  • Certainly Miss McCain needs to be told that she did not hit a triple, that she was born on third base.  However, there is room in humiltyville for two new citizens.  Governor Palin would not have the recognition and influence that she does if she had not been selected as a Vice Presidential candidate.  Wonder of wonders, the same blue blood gave each of our heroines credibility by association!  Both ladies could use a lesson from Miss Manners, especially since they are ostensibly working for the same objective!  Perhaps Miss McCain can look up “irony” and bang out 600 words.

    • Governor Palin would not have the recognition and influence that she does if she had not been selected as a Vice Presidential candidate.  Wonder of wonders, the same blue blood gave each of our heroines credibility by association!
      My thoughts exactly.
      And to what James Joyner says…”Capitalize on [John McCain] and good looks to launch media career.   Booyah!”
      Uh… hello!?
      It seems that irony is in the eye of the beholder.

      • I quess you could say that, but it is not a valid comparison. After all Palin did run a state once. Meghan has never run anything but her mouth and a few sandwiches.

    • I find the juxtaposition beee-zar.
      McAnus would never have come anywhere NEAR where he did without the energy Palin injected (he showed SOME genius there).  She has shown WAY more loyalty to him than was politically shrewd.

  • What really amused me was MeggieMac admitting that she had to look up a fairly common phrase as if this represents some virtue or (gasp!) hard journalistic work on her part.  She comes across as such an ignorant twit.

    McQ[S]he’s in the position she enjoys because of her Dad’s political prominence.

    That and the fact that she’s a “Republican” who regularly bashes on conservatives / Tea Party types, following in the tradition her father established when W was in office.  Here’s another phrase she probably ought to look up: useful fool.  Hell, a good dictionary has her picture next to the entry.

    Martin McPhillipsI will never ever be extorted into supporting Romney.

    It occured to me this morning that I’m seeing an awful lot of articles and op-eds pumping up Romney… sort of like what we saw with McCain back in ’08.  The elites are busy telling us who we MUST vote for, and it’s predictably a big-government type that THEY are comfortable with.  I’m becoming contrarian: whoever the DC people like is off my list; whoever they hate is worth a second look. 

    On a related note, I notice that Huckleberry is trying to set himself apart from the elites by claiming that people don’t like him because he didn’t go to the right schools or something.  What a poser.

    • I’m looking at Jindal, Pence, and this guy Johnson who just beat Feingold. Christie and Rubio are potential VPs. I think a Johnson-Rubio ticket brings all the Tea Party troops home and easily wins the independents. That’s a freight train. That’s Ohio and Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. Plus, people want new faces, not career politicians, and that’s how Johnson gets around the political experience barrier. He’s a successful entrepreneur and he’s normal.

  • The elites are busy telling us who we MUST vote for…

    Sure, because they’re so smart and all. Just look at the superb lineup they have supported: the blue-blood Bushes, who tarnished the GOP brand almost beyond repair, Bob “Tax Collector for the Welfare State” Dole, and John “Grumpy Grandpa” McCain.

    Next they want to foist Mitt “Plastic Fantastic” Romney on us. Why wouldn’t we be thrilled about that? You’d think we had minds of our own or something.

    • Of COURSE we don’t have minds.  I mean, honestly: if we had minds, we wouldn’t be so easily fooled by Fox News, embrace the no-nothing, mindless anger of the tea parties, and have anything but righteous contempt for Sarah Palin.  And don’t even get me started on the bunk about that old document that brainless people keep spouting about.  Hmph… If somebody even MENTIONS the words “Tenth Amendment” or “federalism”, you can take it from me that this is ironclad proof that they haven’t got a brain in their heads.  That’s why we need intelligent, moderate leaders like Romney.  See?

      / sarc

    • To these nameless sources who always have the political “skinny” that always seems to favour the “blue bloods” and “blue blood wannabees” in DC, I say get a job .. a real job … in Iowa, Nebraska or Ohio … where the cocktail parties are rare.

  • Vote for Romney…not in this lifetime.