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Nanny to nix bake sales?

In the seemingly never ending cavalcade of laws at the federal level that more and more deeply intrude on our private lives, it now may become illegal to hold school fundraising bakes sales, according to an AP article, depending on their frequency.

A child nutrition bill on its way to President Barack Obama — and championed by the first lady — gives the government power to limit school bake sales and other fundraisers that health advocates say sometimes replace wholesome meals in the lunchroom.

At the moment, the key seems to be the “frequency” with which the bake sales are held and the ostensible “reason” for this limiting of their frequency is … childhood obesity.  Yes, friends, we’re at war once again, and, as usual when the government commits to one of its social wars, the first casualty is your liberty:

The legislation, part of first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to stem childhood obesity, provides more meals at school for needy kids, including dinner, and directs the Agriculture Department to write guidelines to make those meals healthier. The legislation would apply to all foods sold in schools during regular class hours, including in the cafeteria line, vending machines and at fundraisers.

It wouldn’t apply to after-hours events or concession stands at sports events.

Well it won’t apply to “after-hours events or concession stands at sports events” yet.  And yes, I mean that.  Implicit in this law is the belief that you cannot manage your family’s nutritional health.  And it is up to the government to manage it for you.  To do so they must treat you and your family like a 4 year old and tell you when enough of something is enough.  If you don’t believe me, read this:

Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest says the bill is aimed at curbing daily or weekly bake sales or pizza fundraisers that become a regular part of kids’ lunchtime routines. She says selling junk food can easily be substituted with nonfood fundraisers.

"These fundraisers are happening all the time," Wootan said. "It’s a pizza sale one day, doughnuts the next… It’s endless. This is really about supporting parental choice. Most parents don’t want their kids to use their lunch money to buy junk food. They expect they’ll use their lunch money to buy a balanced school meal."

“Most parents don’t”? Really? Says who, Ms. Wootan?  Stats?  Polls?  Any conceivable “scientific” way of supporting that assertion?  If kids eat pizza twice a week for fundraising purposes, what business is it of yours?  If parents have a problem with that, they need to solve it, not you or that pseudo scientific busy body organization of yours.

And, of course, since Wootan and the busy bodies can’t make what they deem necessary happen, they lobby government to do it.  And government naturally complies.  

Of course government claims their intent is not to outright ban bake sales – a promise I simply don’t believe:

Public health groups pushed for the language on fundraisers, which encourages the secretary of Agriculture to allow them only if they are infrequent. The language is broad enough that a president’s administration could even ban bake sales, but Secretary Tom Vilsack signaled in a letter to House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-Calif., this week that he does not intend to do that. The USDA has a year to write rules that decide how frequent is infrequent.

So there you go – the road to totalitarianism is paved with banal or seemingly trivial paving stones such as this.  They don’t intend to “ban” bake sales – but the law gives them the authority to do so.  They will decide, at least in the interim, how many bake sales a year they’ll allow you to have.  How benevolent.

"This could be a real train wreck for school districts," Lucy Gettman of the National School Boards Association said Friday, a day after the House cleared the bill. "The federal government should not be in the business of regulating this kind of activity at the local level."

Precisely.  But … when you decided it was a good idea to give the federal government control of our schools, you ceded local authority whether you like it or not.  If the USDA decides to ban bake sales and the Department of Education directs the schools to comply, you’re SOL, lady.’

How does that feel?  And isn’t this one of the things that was supposedly part of the message sent on Nov. 2nd – get government out of our lives and off our backs?

Finally, it’s not at all difficult to apply this very same template of creeping totalitarianism to health care anymore, is it?  They’ve taken control of it on a federal level like never before.  Is there anyone who doesn’t believe rules regulating how we take care of ourselves (or else) aren’t in the offing?  If not, then review the emphasis that the government wants to supposedly put on “preventive care” vs. reactive care.  If you don’t understand, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.   ObamaCare is the prelude to intrusion at a level you’ve never imagined.  It too will empower the federal government to reach down into your life as never before.  It will make banning bake sales seem trivial by comparison.

Nanny will take care of you – whether you need it or not, whether you want it or not and whether you like it or not.



18 Responses to Nanny to nix bake sales?

  • This isn’t just a bad idea from a freedom-lover’s point of view. It’s also tactically stupid even from a bureaucratic control freak point of view. It is so highly visible that it has an out-of-proportion effect on animosity towards the bureaucrats themselves. In the current political environment, anyone with some awareness of reality would see that.

    But this is just another example showing that there is a considerable chunk of the ruling class that quite literally acknowledges no limits on their right to rule over other people. They’ll keep expanding government power in every conceivable direction until the whole thing comes crashing down around all of us. All for the “common good” of course.

  • can easily be substituted with nonfood fundraisers

    … like what ? Nothing competes with a food fundraiser .. except perhaps sex

  • The answer is to just violate the law.
    Bring LOTS of test-cases…  Or just cases.
    Prohibition broke down because it was popularly VIOLATED.  We have to resist.

  • It long past time for the FLOTUS (Fat Lady of the United States) to get off of parents back and on to an exercise bicycle and a diet.   Michelle Obama is simply not in a position to worry about anybody’s obesity but her own.

  • If you have the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder, trust me it’s not your big brother or anyone else that cares about you.

  • Nothing raises money like selling fruit.  That’s why all those people were peddling apples in the 30’s!

  • This is precisely the sort of asinine fine tuning and picayune garbage that has no business being a part of the federal government. Leftism continues it’s march of folly, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

  • My daughter backed 30 cupcakes to bring to her class on her birthday. Then we found out the school had a “store bought” only policy. I still can’t figure that out. I will blame it on the peanut allergic people.
    Also, when did pizza become junk food? Its cheese, tomato sauce, and crust. That’s not that unhealthy especially for children – they need more fat than adults as they are growing. And if anyone thinks school lunches are now healthier they are wrong – they just install a salad and fruit bar and make the kids choose two items from it. They don’t make them eat it of course.
    Final point: are we seriously now providing DINNER for kids at school? If the parents are that slack/poor where they cannot provide a single meal a day, maybe the school should install some bunk beds and just take the kid in as a ward of the state.

    • Pizza is not junk food…pretty much nothing is junk food.  The term is an example of how creative liars can shape culture.
      Kids and adults need fats in their diets.  Some are precursors for hormones, and you gotta have them.
      I have been told very solemnly by people on my TV that 25% of American kids “face hunger” every day.  That HAS to be justified by some research, because I frankly don’t believe it.  I call BS.
      A lot of Collectivists want to do as you suggest in your last paragraph…take kids to raise as good units in the Collective.  It’s been done.

  • I wonder how many new government employees it will take to properly regulate this program? Will there be a “Bake Sale Czar”? Will they replace playgrounds with gardens? Can I get the ACLU to bring suit on my behalf since my childhood obesity turned into adult obesity, because I grew up in a “Bake Sale” school district?—-CONEY

  • This reminds me of that old stupid bumper sticker that went something like “Wouldn’t it be a great day when the Air Force would have to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber?”

    Ain’t nobody safe from authoritarianism.

    • I was just thinking that– maybe this is a backhanded way to cut defense spending. 😉
      Make it so that the Air Force has to have a bake sale to buy a bomber– but hey, I guess you can’t have a bake sale after all, so sorry Air Force, you’re SOL!

  • Maybe if we didn’t have so much more sugar included in foods to make it sell so much better……I don’t remember our parents having this problem.  What’s changed?
    More processed sugar included in “regular” food
    Less outside play (and I don’t mean organized sports)
    More processed food altogether
    More restaurant food
    Hmmmm, bake sales….not so much. But controlling those other things would mean stepping on a lot of high paying donors’ toes…..

  • God Lord!! Where is the outrage?  The country is going down & congress (First Lady) are concerned about school/church bake sales. It’s becoming too much for me.

    Need to read a new book out about some Americans who actually take a stand.  It’s a thriller about each of us & our destiny in life.  Won’t have much spending money this yr. so I’m giving it to others to get the word out about how good Amerians are in times of need.  It’s a great read.

    If this door is opened, i.e. bake sales, then we know it will never be closed & then what will be next our government will be forcing on us?  Great article, Bruce……thanks for the heads-up.

  • As soon as I saw the name “Center for Science in the Public Interest” I knew I could stop reading.  They employ no science, and support nothing in the public interest.   Their only concern is furtherance of the Nanny State ’cause we’re just too stoopid to take care of ourselves.

  • I dunno – schools are awfully dependent on bake sale fundraisers.  If they actually pass this, I’d imagine a pretty heavy crapstorm from the teachers’ unions.