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Always nice to find things like this

Guide to Online Schools has compiled its list of their pick of the top 50 political blogs.  It is an interesting list as much for who it included as who  it didn’t.  Anyway my favorite part was this:

The Top Five Political Blogs
  • Barefoot and Progressive: Barefoot and Biting would be another fitting name (or even Barefoot and Snarky, but that’s not alliterative). B and P writes a sharp liberal blog with a slight emphasis on Kentucky politics.
  • Beers with Demo: A good conservative blog for newcomers, this is, "a blog for people who don’t read blogs." Beers with Demo tells the story without letting his opinion crowd out the facts.
  • Think Progress: Think Progress is a liberal blog with multiple, well-informed authors. All authors write in a professional manner about their respective topics, but none are afraid to let their feelings show.
  • Pundit and Pundette: A la the 1940’s plucky reporters, Pundit and Pundette laude or rend passing current events. This blog combines typical blog entries with Tumblr style image, video and article sharing.
  • Questions and Observations: Politics from the oft-overlooked libertarian perspective. Q and O holds the guilty accountable and is unafraid to intelligently rip into their opponents.

Yeah, that’s right – "top 5". And even if you don’t agree with the other four, that last blog is definitely belongs in the top 5.


Anyway, thanks to Guide to Online Schools for the honor.  And because of it, we’ll pop their widget up there – at least for this post:

Hopefully those who go there to use the resources of the website will also discover QandO.



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10 Responses to Always nice to find things like this

  • QandO is behind “Think Progress” ?  No way.   Those guys can’t even think about progress.

  • Eh.  #5 is ok…
    I mean, it’s no Popehat, mind you, but it’ll do.
    I guess.

  • awww,  you two, quitcherbitchin  😀
    Congrats to the main bloggers, and the more erudite commentators that always make this place worth reading (my own snarky behaviors notwithstanding….).

  • Congratulations. With special credit for showing guts about global warming deception before it was safe to do so.

  • OK, I can agree with #5 being there.  I’m not sure about the others cause I don’t go to them but they appear to be ‘progressive’ if I can be so kind.

    Might mention a new book that’s a thriller about Americans taking a stand against tyranny that’s actually about us & taking a stand.  Small price so I’ll be giving it out this holiday (all I can afford thanks to congress).
    I recommend it.

    Checked the other 45 websites & it appears to be more balanced & many that I go through.  Interesting that someone is asking others about their personal life….i.e. what websites they view.  Good article.

  • Congratulations.

  • Gosh . . . I surely am impressed that you hold your own against that well-funded Soros blog, Stink Progress,  . . . er Shrink Progress, . . . (I’ll get it in a minute),  Sphinx Digress . . . Sorry I Digress!

  • Congrats!   And thank you for the link.   Do you have any idea who those kind folks are and how they ran across our blogs?

    Dean (Beers with Demo)