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“No Labels”? Seems more like the “mushy middle” to me?

If you don’t have any principles it’s pretty easy to “get things done”.  You just compromise on everything, never take a stand and presto, you have a mess of epic proportions.

That seems to be exactly what this latest astroturf project called “No Labels” is all about.  No more “hyperpartisanship”.  “Let’s get things done!”

On display at their roll out was the “Who’s Who” of the mushy middle:

And its speakers—who ranged from Republican moderates like ex-Virginia Rep. Tom Davis to liberal Democrats like New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand—sang the praises of cooperation and compromise.

But the only Republicans present at Columbia University’s modern, square Alfred Lerner Hall seemed to be those who had recently lost primary races, such as South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis and Delaware Rep. Mike Castle, or former Republicans like Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. No other senior elected Republican officials were in attendance, though a range of Democrats were present, some of them seeming a bit mystified by the bipartisan cast of the event, like the reliably liberal Gillibrand, and others whose clashes with unions – like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Newark Mayor Cory Booker – have put some distance between them and their parties.

One little ironic note – one of the co-founders, John Avlon is the author of a book called "Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America." Most who’ve spent more than a day in the blogosphere know that "wingnuts" is a lefty euphemism for just about anyone on the right they disagree with. The right uses "moonbats" in the same way. I’m sure Mr. Avalon, who was a Rudi Giuliani staffer, was just using the term, uh, "interchangeably" (*cough, cough*). And if so, one can only assume he’s referring to the fringe which actually believes in something enough to fight for it messing up the "No Labels" group’s "compromise till you drop/let’s get things done" mantra. Or is it "compromise till we’re broke". Oh, wait …

And, as the POLITICO notes, what few Republicans were there were losers in their most recent attempt at gaining public office.

Any guess as to why?

Last and certainly not least (well, except in most rating books) the event was hosted by MSNBC which has been looking for its own sort of "tea party" org to which it can hitch it’s wagon.

The events were moderated by MSNBC personalities Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Dylan Ratigan, and Michael Smerconish. If Fox News seemed to be associated with the Tea Party, then No Labels was an MSNBC affair.

Bingo. If you can’t beat them at the same game, play the game on astroturf.

Yup – in today’s world standing and fighting for your principles is called "hyperpartisanship" and the mushy middle just isn’t going to stand for it anymore. And if you don’t quit it, they’re just going to have to call you names, stomp their feet and hold their breath. Oh, and sing their new anthem at you.

Meanwhile some t-shirt designs shown at the opening rally appear to have been ripped off without permission. Compromise that.



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17 Responses to “No Labels”? Seems more like the “mushy middle” to me?

  • “You just compromise on everything, never take a stand and presto, you have a mess of epic proportions.” I always say that it is easy to achieve peace, simply never resist. Freedom, OTOH, takes more work.

  • “Meanwhile some t-shirt designs shown at the opening rally appear to have been ripped off without permission. Compromise that.”
    So…uh…they already HAVE a label then….
    That’s right Virginia, they’re the “Intellectual Property Thieves Party”

  • Astroturf indeed. I was listening to the NPR story (natch!) on the radio yesterday and they announced proudly that 1100 people showed up! for the No Labels event! I’ve read elsewhere that No Labels has received $1,000,000 in donations! (All those zeroes make my head hurt.)

    It will, of course, receive inordinate breathless coverage while going nowhere, as it deserves.

    David Frum is a prominent thinker behind NL. I’m comparatively new to the Right. Every time I encounter a Frum pronouncement he sounds like a fellow traveler with David Brooks. Can anyone tell me why anyone on the Right takes Frum seriously these days?

    • I can’t recall a time when you could take From (nowhere) or Brooks seriously.  Seriously.

    • David Frum is a DC Republican who seems to dislike practically everything about Republicans in “flyover” country.  He seems to be a career opportunist, but since he isn’t black (like Jesse), he finds it hard to find a real constituency.  He has recently gone thru a couple of web sites, “New Majority,” “Frum Forum” and now onto “No Labels.”  Frankly, he strikes me as a Democrat wannabee, who decided to setup camp in the Republican Party because nobody in the Democratic Party would take him seriously.  His “bona fides” seem to extend to a stint as a speechwriter for George W. Bush, but beyond that he is merely a transplanted Canadian, who happens to be distantly related to Paul Krugman.

    • Thanks!

  • I think their mascot should be the chameleon.
    Or an Angler Fish…since the whole purpose is a rope-a-dope to sucker people into casting their votes in the trash-bin.

  • Reminds me a bit of the old commie trick of forming a “united front against fascism”.

    But that’s the left for you: like all bacteria, they can’t stand the sunlight, and lies and phony causes like this are how they stay in the dark.

  • “No Labels”  translated = “We Lost”

  • Those who think Mr. Bloomberg would want to build a similar kind of organization, be it No Labels or something else, are assuming that the growing power and disaffection of independent voters who identify with neither Democrats nor Republicans make a third party more viable than it has ever been. In fact, though, the rise of the independents represents a movement in exactly the opposite direction — away from party organizations altogether.

    Frankly, this idea of organizing independents sounds like an effort equivalent to quickly organizing procrastinators.

  • Yes, let’s elect people who can get things done! Like Mussolini, who was a man of action.
    Part of the cult of fascism is the idea of a united people “getting things done.” Action not words.

  • So do they just take the old “Coffee Party” story and rewrite it every few months for some new group that’s also destined to fail?

  • Yup – in today’s world standing and fighting for your principles is called “hyperpartisanship”

    >>>> Nope.  Only REPUBLICANS  or tea partiers who do that are “hyperpartisian”.  When the democrats do it, they’re being pragmatic.

  • Here’s a couple labels for them: “STATIST”, “BELTWAY BOZO’S”, ANTI-TEAPARTY”,…that’s three, I’ll go out and come in again…
    It all DOES remind me of that bozo in Oregon and his “Crash the Tea Party” crap earlier this year.
    Planning to crash the party (

  • I saw the Broadway production promoting “No Labels”
    I smelled a lot of “organizing”, a lot money and time invested this alleged “grassroots”
    I smell a rat named Soros scampering around on astroturf.