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Quote of the day–Gene Simmons “Obama is unqualified” edition

Yes, that Gene Simmons – KISS – spills the beans.  And I think the sentiment he expresses is much more common – at least on the left and left of center – than previously admitted.  This is why an unqualified man sits in the White House today:

"I voted because the man that was running was a moment in history. I–in the back of my mind I wanted to show the world that America, the land of slaves…the land that tortured its black population for hundreds of years is also the place of hope that can give an African American the chance to lead the most powerful place on the face of the planet. However, if you take a look at the resume, you couldn’t find somebody–in retrospect–more unqualified."

In “retrospect”?  You mean it wasn’t obvious prior to the election?

Well, it would have been if we hadn’t been playing the “moment in history” game and been more worried about “showing the world” something that a mature person would have known we did decades ago.  By striving to “show the world”, people like Simmons actually did more harm than good.  They elected an unqualified black man because … he was black.   It is the single most immature reason to elect anyone to anything I can think of.  And that includes voters out there who elect someone only because he’s white.  Or a Democrat/Republican, etc.

The mature adult looks at resume and stances on issues with which they’re concerned before pulling the lever.  But more importantly, elections aren’t about “showing the world” or “moments in history”.  They’re very serious affairs that effect the lives of all of us.  The legions of Gene Simmons out there who foisted this unqualified president upon us didn’t show the world anything except even supposedly mature adults can be caught up in a moment and make some very immature decisions.



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13 Responses to Quote of the day–Gene Simmons “Obama is unqualified” edition

  • I guess it took Simmons to admit publicly what much of America is thinking to themselves privately. 

    I wonder if he’ll be arrested for having sex without a condom next. 

  • So it’s all about affirmative action. Great. Now that they have had the token black President the Dems  can get back to  nominating the usual suspects; rich white males masquerading as ‘just plain folks’.

  • Oh, NOW he tells us!
    BTW, Gene Simmons military tribute concert in Iraq —

  • Shorter Simmons: “I judged him on the color of his skin and not the content of his character.”
    Well, at least he 1) finally realized it and 2) is grown up enough to admit it.

  • The worst thing about all this, the very worst thing, is that it proves what those who resisted the Civil Rights movement had been saying all along: that it wasn’t about the color of a person’s skin at all. It was a stalking horse for socialism.
    The Civil Rights movement was a lie, a profoundly evil scam that used the noblest of goals as mere bait.
    I waited my whole life to vote for the first black President. Obama and his puppet masters denied me that glorious privilege, and I will hold that against them forever.
    And now, people like Streisand and Simmons are losing faith in Obama because he’s driving America to ruin through incompetence rather than humbling it with strong, competently applied socialism.

  • I actually used to think this guy was at least marginally intelligent.
    A shame I was so wrong.

    • Hey, he is smarter than those who still think Obama is doing great.

      There is a strength in admitting one’s mistake. It is something of  a “teachable moment”.

      • I suspect that many on the left who regret their vote, are upset with Obama because he has not pushed the liberal agenda hard enough.  They’re disappointed precisely because he turned out to be Jimmy Carter Lite and not Jimmy Carter to the Tenth Power.  They won’t vote for Obama next time, but at the same time, they definitely will.

        • I’ve seen many regrets expressed by leftists, celebrity and otherwise for voting for Obama. Not a one has said, Ooops, I understand now that leftism doesn’t work, socialism is worse, communism is flat out evil.
          They’re all saying, the theory can’t be wrong, do it again but harder.
          “Reality-based”. It’s getting harder and harder for me not punch people out when they say that.

        • Well, 2008 Obama voters were not all leftists, and I guess I’m giving Gene the benifit of the doubt on this one. After all, I don’t know anything about Gene’s politics aside from this one quote.

          The real leftists tend to take other jabs at Obama. Fault his communication skills, fault him for not pushing harder against Republicans, etc. The above quote does not seem typical coming from a leftist.

  • I think the real blame has to go to the MSM for enabling people to be delusional about Obama.

  • I’m sour on American democracy, and as the American Founders noted, every democracy has committed suicide, ergo, we need a democratic republic. The difference between a democracy (where we are going) and a democratic republic (where we started) is that the masses are kept one-step away from decision-making in a democratic republic. The masses are stupid, having an average IQ of only 100, a whole standard deviation below that of your average college grad of 115, and this is below that of George W. Bush, who most people think is the world’s biggest idiot–they have no idea what average, let alone below-average, is. People basically think profits and social value are inversely related, so basically most successful innovators and entrepreneurs are parasites, much as the Nazis thought Jews were parasites because they were successful, as opposed to being a key component of pre-WW2 German excellence. The masses are morons. We are basically voting for everything real-time via the political equivalent of Nielson ratings.