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Irony: Michael Moore’s "Sicko" was banned in Cuba

And why was the Oscar nominated 2007 “documentary” film banned?

Authorities feared footage of gleaming hospital in Michael Moore’s Oscar-nominated film would provoke a popular backlash.

Or said another way, it was propaganda that even those who were made to look good found so dishonest they refused to show it. A communist regime. One steeped in propaganda designed to make them look good.

Yup, Michael Moore’s work in a nutshell.

More irony?  This info was contained in a confidential cable released by Wikileaks and Moore just helped bail Wikileaks founder Julian Assange out of jail.



17 Responses to Irony: Michael Moore’s "Sicko" was banned in Cuba

  • This is similar to when the Soviets in the 1930’s Showed  “the Grapes of Wrath” to the russian people as propaganda to show how capitalism had failed, and the russians were upset that even poor people in the United States could afford a truck.

    • This apparently was true of most US movies shown in the Soviet Union.  The audience would look past the actors to see what it was like in the US … lots of CocaCola signs, etc.

  • Reality bites.  Collectivism sucks.
    Moore either didn’t have the wit or the honesty to realize he was being shown the special hospitals for the “more equal” population.  The rest of the population were treated in the stink-holes we’ve seen in pictorial essays.
    They knew the reality of their medical treatment, so the regime could not allow the delusions presented in Moore’s crap to be disseminated.  They would start asking questions….

    • Moore either didn’t have the wit or the honesty to realize he was being shown the special hospitals for the “more equal” population

      >>>> Oh…..he knew. Full well.

  • And we had to find out about this via leaked government communiques. If only there were, I don’t know, maybe some part of the private sector that was responsible for digging out such things and reporting them to the American people. I wonder why we don’t have that.

    • And we are treated to another example of cesspool of communism. Because Michael claims X, Y, and Z, and there’s no way to really determine whether he’s lying, misled, or whatever. Communism makes it d*mn near impossible to find out the real truth – about anything.

      If we appeal to the Cuban government, they will simply reply with whatever makes them look good. That might coincidentally be the truth on occasion, but we really have no way of knowing in any particular case without independent confirmation.

      We can’t go to the citizens of Cuba. and ask them for the facts. Besides, the logistics of doing that, their responses would be based on whatever keeps them out of trouble.

      The fact that Moore can’t see this means he’s either stupid beyond belief (which I doubt) or a full-fledged member of the Pravda squad himself.  

      • Clearly, the latter.
        Fat Mikey HATES America…while wallowing in the benefits of living here.
        His lies are blatant, stubborn, and continuous.

  • The leaked cable is a long litany of Cuban medical horror stories

    • But Fat Mikey sez they was all Booooosh propaganda lies, aimed at him personally.
      ‘Cuz he’s THAT important, doncha know…?!?
      Oh, and Cuban health care is TOO that good…!!!

  • Moore ius claiiming it is a lie, but ot Air has google links from the period that support Wikileaks on this one. That isn’t proof, but the flip side is supported only by Moore’s claim, and there is no reason to trust him.

    • That said, it doesn’t make much sense that Cuba banned his movie. Unless it shows the superior quality of our healthcare inadvertently.

      • Sorry, but it makes perfect sense to me.
        First, that would be the knee-jerk position of the Communists.  Moore notes they don’t screen American movies as a general proposition.
        Second, a movie showing bright, shiny hospitals filled with caring professionals would kinda provide “cognitive dissonance”, as I point out in my piece.
        Moore doesn’t have the wit to understand that a Castro policy reported in Jan. could be reversed by April.  He is apparently THAT stupid…and self-important.
        No precedent for that kind of thing…  (See Soviet alliance with Nazis, and Nazi = good Soviet propaganda)

  • Except what Moore did wasn’t really propaganda… was more like collaboration.

    Fatty is nothing more than a Riefenstahl with a cholesterol level over 250

  • Magnet therapy. When I was in Cuba with a group of Americans in 1999, our official Communist-approved Cuban tour guides took us to one of their showcase health clinics, where in one room after another, patients were being treated with toaster-size magnets set upon whatever parts of their bodies they said were ailing that day. I kid you not.