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The impact of the census on House seats for 2012

We’ve all been wondering how it would shake out. Jamie Dupree (if you’re not following him in Twitter, you should) just tweeted:

BOTTOM LINE – New York & Ohio lose 2 seats; IA, IL, LA, MA, MI, MO, NJ and PA lose one House seat.

Interesting stuff. Those are the losers. Who picks them up?

GA picks up one as does SC, AZ, UT, NV and WA. FL picks up 2 and TX picks up 4.

So … the south picks up 7 seats (-1 in LA, remember?), the west 4 and the northeast and midwest lose 11.

Suddenly we’ve got a little different ballgame in 2012. Why?

Don’t forget, the change in House seats also changes Electoral Votes for President in 2012.

That’s why.



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20 Responses to The impact of the census on House seats for 2012

  • That seems like a huge gain for TX.

  • Oh, that’s just great: now we’ll get presidential candidates trying to sound like Scarlett O’Hara in an attempt to prove how “Southern” they are.  That and laments by people like Cwissy Matthews about how we mouthbreathing inbred racist Southern redneck teabaggers have too much influence on the national government.

    • “That and laments by people like Cwissy Matthews about how we mouthbreathing inbred racist Southern redneck teabaggers have too much influence on the national government.”
      Personally, I’m lookin forward to watching their whiny hissy fits.     Right up there with lookin forward to their shows being canceled as irrelevant, uninformed, and unwatched.

  • -1 in PA  …  those “bitter clinggers” are shrinking ?

  • I am curious.  
    Ususally in the run up to the census release there is a plethora of complains about actual vs statistical counting … and with the whole fiasco with Gregg as Commence Secretary, then not. 
    This census seems to have goen much quieter … or did I speak too soon ?

  • Countdown to predictable leftist bleating about the need to abolish the electoral college in five…..four…..

  • I don’t think this is a threadjack because it does relate to the 2012 elections…
    But goddammit, Chris Christie for president...  Am I f*cking right?
    Lose 20 pounds and put your hat in the ring, dude… you’ll win in a walk.

    • Hallelujah brother!  Hallelujah!

    • He has that Je’Nais cest qua. When you hear him give a speech you really want to do something, get involved, work for him.  Not many have ever had that effect on me.

    • I dunno Pogue….what if we get a Christie/Palin ticket  🙂


      In all seriousness, I’d like to see him wait for 2016. 

      • If Christie were to run and if he were to pick Palin as his running mate, then that would shatter all of my expectations.  And I would regress into my former and comfortable state as one big middle finger.  Same would be true if he were to run and to were pick a VP pick from the sad GOP bench.  Imagine >
        I would imagine, if Christie were to run, he would pick an unknown.  Hopefully, one that could handle a soft-ball question from Katie Couric.

        • I’d suggest Christie/Pence, but he’s running for Gov. in Indiana, in all likelihood.  I’d go for Christie/Daniels, or Daniels/Christie, but then i’m a Hoosier.   No way they would have two Governors on the ticket, though. 

        • Christie/Pawlenty.  An ass kicking of the first order.

        • Christie…………..Rubio

  • /spincycleon
    This is good for the Democrats as blue state residents moving to red states make those states more viable for Democrats!
    Not that I buy that excuse.

  • So the upshot if is the GOP holds/retakes their traditional states, they only need to flip one state, however small, away from Obama to make him a 1-termer

  • As a former census worker, I found that those who objected most to being counted were conservatives, mainly from the mistaken idea that the census was unconstitutional.  I had to remind them that if conservatives “opted out” of being counted, then conservative states would lose representation.
    Sometimes you could actually see the light bulb light up over their heads.

  • Republicans still have to field a candidate that isnt another McCain.

    Romney would be a disaster.  So would Huckabee.  And sadly I think Palin would lose thanks to the MSM and their witchhunt.