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TPM’s manufactured “right-wing freak out”

Must be a slow day at TPM.  They’ve decided the “latest right-wing freakout” has to do with Obama’s plan to give Manhattan back to the indians.


Apparently this was all spawned by a World Net Daily article which one has to assume TPM feels represents all of the right-wing.  Yes, according to TPM:

The outrage began after the President announced on December 16 that the U.S. would reverse course and support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The Declaration was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 2007, but the U.S., under President Bush, opposed it.

Really?  Outrage?  Hell, I never even heard of it until TPM brought it up.  And WND is not exactly a site I read or feel represents the views of most that consider themselves to “right-wingers”.  It is sort of the National Enquirer of the right side of the political spectrum.

But hey, what’s a 1,000 words or so in an effort to falsely paint the right as “freaking out” over something that most thinking people know is never going to happen.  Give always?  Sure – government, especially under a liberal like Obama, is going to try to take from one side (the successful side) and “spread it around”.  But come on – give Manhattan back to the indians.  Only a liberal would consider that even remotely possible.

And, of course, it is the liberal side of the blogosphere that are commenting on (and running with) the story: Alan Colmes (Liberaland), Dennis G. (Balloon Juice), Ron Chusid (Liberal Values), Alex Parnee (Salon), Zandar (No More Mister Nice Blog) and Joan McCarter (Daily Kos).

Oh, wait, there was one more person, supposedly on the right, who commented.  Bryan Fischer.  Yeah, you remember him – the fellow who said the Medal of Honor was being “feminized”.  Right – he belongs in the same place as WND.

Two mentions by a marginal right publication and personality and somehow the left weaves it into a right-wing freakout and conspiracy theory.

Except it is 7 liberal blogs pushing the nonsense.

Who exactly is “freaking out” here?



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13 Responses to TPM’s manufactured “right-wing freak out”

  • Give Manhattan back to the Indians?  GREAT!  We’d get some kick a** casinos out of it.

    PS-  I’d bet the Indians would do a better job of removing the snow than then current Nanny regime

  • So….they only ‘owned’ Manhattan?
    What, were they leasing the rest of the country from the Chinese?
    Indeed slow news time for them – the Dimocrats aren’t doing anything that needs water carried.

  • Well there is a serious point, that not surprising Fischer misses, the statements of Van  Jones, as well as other officials, in trying to secure the sequestration of natural resources, through cap n trade, and other schemes; ‘give them the wealth,”  and ‘no more broken  treaties’ but one guy doesn’t make a freakout

  • Toilet Paper Mau Maus goes into vapors over anything.  If they let their lie-a-tron sit idle, it freezes up.

  • Apparently this was all spawned by a World Net Daily article which one has to assume TPM feels represents all of the right-wing.

    And I don’t see why not.
    Time and again do I read posts and comments at this blog where one article or opinion from Daily Kos or the like then represents all of the left-wing.
    Argumentation 101 – Choose weak and run, run, run.

    • I count it as one of life’s inexplicable bounties that you condescend to grace us with your posts at all, Poque.
      See “representative sample”.  When you have a sample of one, CAN it be representative of anything but itself?

    • Time and again do I read posts and comments at this blog where one article or opinion from Daily Kos or the like then represents all of the left-wing

      >>>  Given the  level of “message coordination” amongst them (Townhouse, Journolist or whatever they call it nowadays, etc) I don’t see why that’s not a reasonable assertion regarding the left.

  • meh the right wing does the same knee jerk over reaction. see the whole “obama get elected and he’s gonna take our guns” and the resulting rise in gun and ammo prices. both sides do it so this holier than thou stuff is pretty pointless.

  • We get to see these “bed wetters” go to their insanity every couple of days .. or is that hours.
    If it’s not Sarah Palin et al, it’s Haley Barbour’s stereotypical Southern upbringing … and that’s just this week.

  • Today’s “freak out” by the Left … The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not protect against discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, according to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
    To assume that the 14th Amendment grants “special protection”  on the basis of gender or sexual orientation  also assumes that it grants “special protection” to the “rich” that they not be (using their definition) “overtaxed”, and that it grants equal access to all governmental programs regardless of economic status.

    Of course, by the constitutional test, all of these “special protections” do not exist in the Constitution, but protections against discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation do exist by law.
    The Constitution does grant “equal protection” to women and gays, but not based on whether they are a woman or gay.  In the eyes of the 14th amendment (or any part of the Constitution), gender and sexual orientation are “non sequiturs.”