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Howard Dean endorses Daley and smacks outgoing Obama staff

The Sarah Palin of the Democratic party – Howard Dean – has endorsed a product of the Chicago Machine’s favorite family as Obama’s chief of staff.   He feels William Daley would be a “huge plus” for the Obama  because he is someone “who knows Washington, but he also is not of Washington."

Yeah, that’s kinda the point – he’s from Chicago.  Just like the guy in the Oval office who supposedly “knows Washington” but isn’t of there.

That’s worked out real well so far hasn’t it?  In fact, it appears we’re going to see them shuffle one set of Chicagoans out while another comes in.

Dean also took a shot at the departing members of Obama’s staff for being contemptuous of the “professional left” – i.e. the liberal left:

Noting that many officials are "either out of the White House or going," Dean blasted Obama’s current officials who he says have treated the left wing of the Democratic Party with "contempt."

"As they say, don’t let the door hit you in the you-know-what on the way out," Dean said.

That is mostly pointed at Axelrod and Gibbs.  That said, and Daley endorsed, Dean then even complained a bit about Daley (John Podesta was Dean’s first choice) not being left enough for him:

Dean acknowledged that he has big differences with Daley, who according to Dean has "been moving to the right over the last five to 10 years," but he said that Daley is "a grown-up who doesn’t treat people like they don’t know anything and you know everything."

Dean claims, however, that Daley will bring an “adult” mindset to the White House, a shot at the administration, saying that such a mindset hasn’t existed thus far, at least in the minds of the “professional left”(of which Howard Dean is a charter member).

It is fairly common for administrations to shuffle their staff after an electoral loss.  In the days of Bush, Rumsfeld was the big news, but other changes also happened.  That’s really not the point.   Watch the appointments carefully to try to discern how the administration is trying to set itself up for the next two years.  Hardliners or compromisers?  “Liberal” or, as Dean claims of William Daley, more to the “right” (I think that’s a very relative term in this case)? Etc.

What’s going to be interesting is to see who Obama names to take probably the most visible spot being vacated, that of Bagdad Bob Gibbs.  Like it or not the Press Secretary sets the tone for the administration and is its daily face.   I think more can be discerned from that pick than just about any other (other than at department secretary level).

Meanwhile it is useful to note Dean’s remarks only because they quickly tune you in to the feelings of the “professional left” on most subjects.  My guess he’s spot on in his condemnation of the staff leaving (as far as its dealing with the more liberal wing).  I’d further guess that the criticism won’t stop with the incoming staff either – none of them will ever be left enough for the Howard Dean/Firedoglakes of this world.



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12 Responses to Howard Dean endorses Daley and smacks outgoing Obama staff

  • Daley?  An adult?  Well sure, I suppose so, when compared to the people currently running things, I guess maybe he would seem more adult.
    At least the guy’s run a frickin’ city…

  • Yesterday, the “progressive” sites were chattering about Daley having “business ties.”  The one side of the argument was that Daley could bring a working knowledge of how to reach out to the business community.  The other side was that no “progressive” could condone Obama making any effort to reach out to the business community .. this would be a sellout.
    Exactly how you make new jobs in the private sector without at least communicating with the business community is exactly why the unemployment rate is stuck where it is now.  As long as the business community is left in a state of “flux” in regard to future legislation and regulations, the economy will recover at a snail’s pace.
    Left unsaid is whether Daley can make a difference, but to dismiss him based entirely on an ideology point is insanity.

    • Then there is this cryptic statement form outgoing press secretary Rober Gibbs …

      Gibbs said: “Bill doesn’t come from the Obama orbit. He brings an outside perspective. That’s a healthy thing in any White House…. He’s someone with great experience. He will help in our outreach to business. As a former Cabinet member, he understands how we can use a strong Cabinet.”

      So does this mean that Obama cabinet picks are in the “hire the handicapped, there fun to watch” category ?
      The “doesn’t come from the Obama orbit” statement is something only a quantum physicist like Energy Secretary Chu could understand.

  • That only leaves one thing left to say:

  • They’ll probably just hire Muhammad Saeed to fill Gibb’s position.  He had good experience.

    • The latest spin …

      I wondered yesterday whether Robert Gibbs jumped or was pushed and noted that President Barack Obama’s words indicated that it was “not an entirely voluntary departure”.
      It’s being reported by John King on CNN right now that Gibbs wanted to be a presidential counsellor – something he’s been putting about for quite a while – but William Daley, the new chief of staff, nixed this because he believed that too many cooks would spoil the presidential broth. So that’s why Gibbs is out.
      Additionally, King reports that Valerie Jarrett, whose sole qualification to being a senior counsellor seems to be that she’s a long-time Chicago buddy of Barack and Michelle Obama, will have her wings clipped. Daley, not Jarrett, will be the person speaking to the business community.

      The Democratic “al Qaeda” won’t like this.

  • Noting that many officials are “either out of the White House or going,” Dean blasted Obama’s current officials who he says have treated the left wing of the Democratic Party with “contempt.”

    This is the root of the left’s complaints about applying the term “socialist” to The Dear Golfer: in their eyes, he isn’t because he isn’t far enough to the left to suit their tastes.  Where are the collective farms?  Where are the trials of speculationists and other reactionary elements?  Where is the Five Year Plan?  Where are the reeducation camps?

    At any rate, we’re seeing The Dear Golfer bring in another Chicago thug to help him wreck the country.  Hey, what could go wrong???

    / sarc

  • Dean is a model of consistency: he was an asshat when he was my governor and still is. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • I’m going to miss Gibbsy.  He was Obama’s answer to Scott McClellan.