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QOTD: Ace of Spades Edition

This is part of a very long post regarding the meme being shaped by the left:

If even a left-winger can’t resist Rush Limbaugh’s commands to kill when he doesn’t even hear them, what possible chance is there that the 60% of the Tea Party which is primed to murder will resist his call when they do hear it?

As they say, RTWT.

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32 Responses to QOTD: Ace of Spades Edition

  • No wonder these idiots were fooled by the Soviets. They believe whatever they need to believe. Even if it contradicts something else they need to believe.

    Except for a few. The ones who are at least slightly in touch with reality and logic, and still mouth the most preposterous things they can think of of, just because they believe saying such things gives them a tactical advantage over their ideological opponents.

    Hard to look inside anyone’s head and figure out which group a particular leftist might be in. But I’m figuring Krugman is a great example of the second category.

    • Loughner is a “left winger” now…  Yeah right, Billy, the Right never does this sort of thing do they?

      • Pogue, the voices in your head are getting out of control. Where is the “Loughner is a left winger” claim of which you speak?

      • From me, I mean. No doubt you can find others claiming any number of things. But your comment insinuated that I claim it. 

      • Actually, can we say whether he is left or right?

        • He was Ozone (as in, “Off in..”), but based on his “reading list” would you say there’s an arrow that points one way or the other? Certainly not to the right, not with Marx. And government/mind-control conspiracies have been popular on both sides.

          • “Certainly not to the right, not with Marx.”

            I have read Marx, Rosa Luxembug, and other communists. Does this mean I  cannot be on the right? Someone’s reading list, by itself, does not necessarily determine their political idealogy.

      • Irrelevant. For Ace’s logic to hold it is merely sufficient that he not be right-wing. Call him left, call him moderate, call him anything else, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same point.

  • Ace has been on fire for the past 2 days.

  • What is with the “Together We Thrive” T-shirts reported to be at the memorial service.
    Can’t anything in this world be genuine and personal ?
    … sorry … I forgot, that was Jered Laughner’s shtick.

    • What is with the “Together We Thrive” T-shirts reported to be at the memorial service.

      >>>> I don’t know, btu they can take the “together we thrive” bullspit and cram it with walnuts.

      It’s been made PERFECTLY clear over the past few days just how much of a sham that statement is.

      Unity my a**…..

    • You can’t have a leftist event without a maudlin slogan.  It’s in the rulebook.

  • Wait, so Loughner is a “left winger” now!?!?
    I see, fighting fire with fire.  Even if it isn’t true.

  • I think you’re missing the point, Pogue (as usual).  Ace is identifying an argument/meme being proposed to pin the AZ shooting on right-wing rhetoric, with which the left intends to silence the right.  He’s not trying to claim that Loughner’s a lefty here.

  • Actually, RFK, Jr. floats exactly the argument in the Huffington Post that Ace identifies:

    Uncle Jack’s speech in Dallas was to have been an explosive broadside against the right wing. He found Dallas’ streets packed five deep with Kennedy Democrats, but among them were the familiar ornaments of presidential hatred; high-flying confederate flags and hundreds of posters adorning the walls and streets of Dallas showing Jack’s picture inscribed with “Wanted for Treason.” One man held a posterboard saying, “you a traitor [sic].” Other placards accused him of being a communist. When public school P.A. systems announced Jack’s assassination, Dallas school children as young as the fourth grade applauded. A Birmingham radio caller declared that “any white man who did what he did for niggers should be shot.” As my siblings and I visited the White House to console my cousins John and Caroline, a picket paraded out front with a sign, “God punished JFK.”
    Jack had received myriad warnings against visiting the right-wing Texas city. Indeed, there had been a sense of foreboding even within our family as he and Aunt Jackie prepared for the trip. Jack made an unscheduled trip to Cape Cod to say goodbye to my ailing grandfather. The night before the trip, Mummy found Jack distant and brooding at a dinner for the Supreme Court Justices. He was very fond of Mummy, but for the first time ever, he looked right through her…
    Gabrielle Giffords lies in a hospital room fighting for her life, and a precious nine-year-old girl is dead along with five others. Let’s pray for them and for our country and hope this tragedy prompts another round of examination of conscience.

    Via AP.

    • Wow, he can really stir up the draaaaama.  What a load of sh*t.

      • Quite.
        I remember watching one of those ubiquitous JFK assassination documentaries, and one point they made was that the reports of widespread cheering when the news broke were largely  absolute BS. (I’m sure there were some)  OTOH, when Reagan was shot…
        Hypocrisy is one thing, but this stuff in the past five days is beyond pathological. Alinsky must be smiling.

        • “and one point they made was that the reports of widespread cheering when the news broke were largely  absolute BS”
          My my, how helpful when they nearly completely controlled the national narrative at the time.
          And people wonder why it’s important….simple, it’s what becomes HISTORY.

    • Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s blog points out that a name is conspicuously absent from young Bobby’s column:

      Lee Harvey Oswald

      It has also occured to me that SanFran Nan has played the game of pinning a murder on “right-wing hate” when the murderer was far from a right-winger:

      An uncharacteristically emotional [hard to portray emotion when your face is frozen from too many Botox injections, I suppose – dj505] Nancy Pelosi is warning Republicans — and other groups getting whipped up over the health care debate — not to incite unstable supporters who might repeat acts of violence that struck San Francisco in the 1970s.  
      A top Pelosi aide later confirmed reporters’ suggestions that her statement was a reference to the City Hall murder of gay rights activist Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone in November 1978 — an earth-shattering experience for Bay Area Democrats like the speaker.
      O’ course, the story doesn’t bear too much scrutiny.  Milk and Moscone were murdered by Dan White, a former San Francisco city supervisor who’d resigned and tried to get his job back.  Oh, did I mention that White was a democrat?

      I’m waiting for more “analysis” pieces to demonstrate that right-wing hate was responsible for the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, John Lennon, and Julius Caesar.  Et tu, Sarah?

    • What a remarkable memory. And so perceptive and well informed for a nine year old boy.

  • Somebody (I believe it was Mark Levin) asked if any lefties have come out and called for the death penalty for the shooter.  I’m pretty sure that they’ve all been busy calling for the death penalty for Sarah Palin, Rush, Beck, et al.

    • You still don’t get it! They ARE the shooters. Loughner was just a puppet, the tool they used to advance their nefarious scheme. Nutjobs don’t kill people, righties do.