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Palin, "blood libel", Krauthammer and the left–have we “completely lost our minds?”

What a mess. Watching the political world in the light of the Tucson tragedy has been disheartening and disgusting.

While the President’s speech last night was fine, the venue was awful. And T-shirts? Really? It wasn’t a pep rally, but it seemed like one (I’m primarily talking about crowd reaction). What a more somber Oval Office speech wasn’t proper enough?

And this Sarah Palin thing. Am I ever tired of Sarah Palin. That said, I’m even more tired of the left’s obsession with Sarah Palin. Now she’s in hot water in some oversensitive and uninformed quarters of the left for the use of the term “blood libel”, which apparently has been claimed as a “Jews only” term.

Nonsense. That’s like saying “holocaust” can’t be used except in reference to the horrific Nazi pogrom of WWII.  When you have fools on the left, like Jane Fonda, accusing Palin of having “blood on her hands” (talk about irony), then “blood libel” seems more than an appropriate term for the accusations.

I think Charles Krauthammer said it best (via Daily Caller):

“[T]he fact is that even the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League in expressing a mild rebuke to Palin for using this admitted itself in its statement that the term ‘blood libel’ has become part of English parlance to refer to someone falsely accused,” Krauthammer said. “Let’s step back for a second. Here we have a brilliant, intelligent, articulate, beautiful, wife, mother and congresswoman fighting for her life, in a hospital in Tucson, and we’re having a national debate over whether the term ‘blood libel’ can be used appropriately in a non-Jewish context? Have we completely lost our minds?”

Apparently some of us have.  Krauthammer also notes that given the unfounded and obvious political attacks by the left on Sarah Palin, she had every right to defend herself.  However, when she finally issued her defense, the left had already been soundly “refudiated”:

“I found her speech unobjectionable, unremarkable but unnecessary,” he said.  “Of course, anybody who is attacked as she was has the right to defend herself in public. However, it wasn’t as if others hadn’t counteracted the calumny about her and others being responsible in some way for the massacre in Tucson. By the time she had the video on her website, the debate was over. The left, which had launched the accusation, had been completely defeated, ‘refudiated’ if you like, and disgraced over this. There wasn’t a shred of evidence and the battle was over. I mean, it was a rout to make the Pickett’s Charge look like a draw.”

Palin is the left’s favorite target (there I go with that violent rhetoric again) and sometimes it’s just best – especially when it has been convincingly done – to let others fight the fight.  That said, it most likely wouldn’t matter a whole bunch.  She could just sigh loudly and someone on the left would object to her using more air than others.

I think what Krauthammer is trying to get across is if we’re serious about mourning those lost in Tucson and paying tribute to them, political attacks on others shouldn’t be occurring to begin with.

That said, the “politicization” horse left the gate long ago on this one.  In fact, almost immediately after the shooting in Tucson, some on the left were already accusing Palin of being responsible.  Then after stirring it all up, they had the temerity to accuse her of “it’s always all about Sarah”.



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  • Appropriation of the term “holocaust” can be utterly grotesque (example: PETA’s claims about chicken slaughter houses as holocausts.  Some – if not the vast majority – of uses of the term play off the capital-H Holocaust.  That said, it’s also a regular noun in addition to being a proper noun, so it’s always possible it can be used in ways that don’t play off of the Holocaust.
    You can’t make that same argument for blood libel, though, which is a very specific term about anti-semitic discourse.  Unlike holocaust, it’s not a term of general applicability in addition to being a term about a specific incident.  “Blood libel” simply is a “jews only” term, if you will.  That’s a linguistic claim, not a normative one.

    • language is living. Blood libel have been used by many ppl and many on the Left, long before Palin started using it, on non-jewish things.

    • Only a bunch of “micks” would get all bent out of shape about the use of the term “blood libel”.
      Personally, I think the discussion about “blood libel” has educated many people to it’s original meaning.
      By the way, those of my personal heritage  have exclusive use of the term “mick” or “micks.”  It’s Irish for …

    • It used to be but that it entered public discourse as a generalized term
      Here is Dershowitz on how it became widespread

    • Respectfully, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      Jews don’t have a free-hold on “blood libel”, and there have been many throughout history.  The Catholics were libeled for their belief surrounding the Eucharist (wine to blood).
      The term in recent years has been used rather commonly.  AND BY THE LEFT–

      From Talking Points Memo, 2000
      Listen to Florida Democrat Peter Deutsch last night on Crossfire:

      Let me just talk a little bit about the whole, I guess, spin from the Republicans about — which has been to me the absolute most — the worst statements I have ever heard probably in my life about anything. I mean, almost a blood libel by the Republicans towards Al Gore, saying that he was trying to stop men and women in uniform that are serving this country from voting. That is the most absurd thing and absolutely has no basis in fact at all.

  • Bruce, I am tired of Sarah Palin too. But I think I will never tire of the left’s obsession with her.  She has become the new Teddy Kennedy,  the one figure in American politics who can generate an angry Pavlovian response from almost every warm body at the opposite end of the political spectrum. And like Kennedy,  the irrational resentment she can raise seems to increase even as her chances of having a real impact on national politics diminish. Endlessly entertaining.

    • And like Kennedy,  the irrational resentment she can raise seems to increase…

      Are you saying the resentment against Ted Kennedy was irrational? Or was this just poorly worded?
      If not, consider:
      Palin kills caribou and moose, Ted Kennedy killed women.
      Palin “can see Russia from her house”, Ted Kennedy tired to make a deal with Russian dictator Yuri Andropov.
      Palin is a staunch supporter of INDIVIDUAL rights; Kennedy, on the other hand:

      “At a time when our entire country
      is banding together and facing down
      individualism, the Patriots set a wonderful
      example, showing us all what is possible
      when we work together, believe
      in each other, and sacrifice for the
      greater good.”

      SEN. EDWARD KENNEDY, D-MASS., in a statement read
      onto the Congressional Record, praising the New
      England Patriots and declaring us all to be in
      an American war against individualism. —
      Quoted in America’s 1st Freedom magazine, April, 2002

      Teddy was a lecher and a parasite. Palin certainly has some quirks, but comparing Palin to Ted Kennedy is obscene.

      • Dittos, Shooter…
        Teddy Kennedy was OBJECTIVELY everything despicable in modern American politics, including outright criminal.  Not one STINKING thing “Pavlovian” about those FACTS.

    • Yeah it is not really comparable. Palin, so far, has done nothing on the national scene except run for vice president and support a few candidates.

      Kennedy spent several decades in Washington doing all he could to move the nation toward socialism and aggrandize the federal government over the individual. 

      Besides, as much as Ted was not liked by the right, there is also no comparison with the left wing’s total obsession over Palin, especially when you consider that she hasn’t really done anything.

  • Its like the word crusade, holocaust or fascist. They all have original meaning but they’re no longer used exclusively in the traditional sense. The left know this, they’re just pretending this is something unique with Palin in order to denounce her

  • This episode has convinced me that it’s going to come to widespread political violence within 50 years.

    And you know what the scary thing about this was?  They had it all potted up and ready to go. The only thing is they got too antsy and jumped the gun for the wrong pretext.

    • It you’re right, it will begin with an “event” on TV … with no politicians present.

    • Are you implying Son of Journolist may be lurking out there in the toolies?

      • I think the internet can make Journolist happen even without conscious planning.

      • By early Sunday morning, a Google search of “Giffords vitriol” netted ~15,000 hits.  They don’t have to be directed.  They know how the game is played, just like birds in a flock.  They just wait for a stimulus to give them a cue.

  • [W]e’re having a national debate over whether the term ‘blood libel’ can be used appropriately in a non-Jewish context? Have we completely lost our minds?”

    No, Dr. Krauthammer, WE haven’t lost OUR minds, but THEY have most certainly lost THEIR minds.

    Well, most of them have.  The rest are as coldly calculating as the nazis were when they staged Kristalnacht, or when the klan would commit some murderous outrage against helpless blacks over some crime allegedly commited by them (rape of a white woman was always popular).  The liberal leaders are making the deliberate decision to make the country into “us vs. them”, and their rabid, moronic followers are going along with it.

    Of course, anybody who is attacked as she was has the right to defend herself in public. However, it wasn’t as if others hadn’t counteracted the calumny about her and others being responsible in some way for the massacre in Tucson. By the time she had the video on her website, the debate was over. The left, which had launched the accusation, had been completely defeated…

    I’m sorry, but when people are repeatedly implying – even outright saying – that you have incited mass murder, it’s NO time to sit back and let others do your talking for you.  Palin was (as is usual with her) damned either way: if she said nothing, she would appear spineless to her supporters while her enemies would claim that her silence was assent.  Since she DID speak up, she’s “making the story about her” or “saying too much”.  The left leaped at this opportunity to destroy their most detested enemy, and people who ought to know better are falling right in with them.  It’s not an issue of whether one thinks that Palin is a good politician, should speak for the GOP / conservatives, or even ought to stay in politics: it’s an issue of standing up for somebody who has been the victim of the most vicious calumnies.

    sharkThis episode has convinced me that it’s going to come to widespread political violence within 50 years.


  • One response to Palin indicated that “they were disturbed” which I guess meant that they needed professional help

  • I finally watched the “speech” late last night and I was appalled. Complete disrespect for the dead and wounded and the blatant selfish use of the survivors and their families to attain political advantage. Then the “Master Orator”, Obama, gets a pass…the crowd took control, the venue wasn’t right, the university is at fault…bullshit. Nothing, like this happens by accident in Obama world, and he reveled in it, played it, and then became the victim of it, the center of attention on all the news casts this morning with headlines sounding much like this; “While the President’s speech last night was fine, the venue was awful.”  This venue, or should we say production, was choreographed to Obama’s strengths in the same vein as all his “great moments”, including the atmosphere of Mile High stadium. The only thing missing were the Greek columns.  These “progressives” play conservatives like Muddy Waters plays the Blues, easily and with great joy, just because they can. I’ve never seen such a wide spread case of Stockholm syndrome in my life.

    Say what you want to about Sarah Palin, but her and a handful of others are the only ones calling these commie bastards out in any consistent and forceful enough way to change the game and they do so in spite of people supposedly on “her side” constantly ridiculing her according to the perceptions generated and formatted by her enemies.  I just don’t see any upside to that game, it’s a skip in a record that plays over and over and there is no resolve in the group to bump the needle to the next groove.  I don’t get it.

    • Yep, say what you want about her.  There is little difference only distinction between the beltway republicans and the democrats in charge.  Replacing one with the other will not change one iota of policy.  More like moving the furniture around the rooms and calling it a new house.  The US is headed to bankruptcy and ruin.  Hell, even the chinese are pulling ahead in military hardware.
      Palin is attacked on all sides.  By the left for all the obvious psychotic reasons.  By the faux right who like the way things are, with lots and lost of pork/kickbacks.  Palin is a character but one thing she does is put the spot light on their bs.
      Its all well and good to say she should be more “presidential” and turn the other cheek.  If she does, it makes it easier to continually pin every crazy act of act on her and not have her defend herself.  The media was calling her a murderer for days and if was spreading.  The level of death threats against her based on the general leftie mendaciousness and the MSM’s accusations,
      I say good on her for her J’Accuse speech.  The media never wants to be reminded of their role in shaping opinion and aspersion casting.

  • Progression of the Collective’s paranoid LIES:

    Sarah Palin has blood on her hands
    The Right has created a climate of vitriol/hate/bla..bla.
    OK, it was crazy to say Sarah Palin cause this; it was Rush Limbaugh.
    OK, it was crazy to say Rush caused this; it was the racist, violent TEA Party.
    OK, it was crazy to say everything we said; Sarah Palin is refusing to repudiate violence.
    Sarah Palin’s silence is deafening.
    OMG, OMG, Sarah Palin used a term in common use by lots of people, insulting Deemocrat butt-boy Jewish organizations.
    That rotten Palin made all this about herself.

    That about sums up this AMAZING chapter of the LIES the Collective tells when they have TOTALLY been exposed, and America tells them to GET THE FREAK OFF OUR LAWN (so to speak). (OMG, Clint Eastwood had a gun…I’m inciting violence…!!!).

    • It is just amazing to hear these racist “Progressives” disputing our beloved Black President when he says …

      The truth is that none of us can know exactly what triggered this vicious attack — Barack Obama

      These petty racist POS-s

      • I have a pool going on how many days THAT Obamic idea lasts…
        Every one of which I know has had an expiration date…and the was playing against type last night.

  • Prof. Jacobson (Jewish)…
    Note especially the montage of death wishes from the nice rational people of the Collective.

  • Palin had to respond to this calumny. Indeed, the day before her video, Chrissy Matthews told his audience that Palin was ‘on the lam’ making her sound like a fugitive from justice. So the debate was far from settled at the time of her video.  As for ‘blood libel’ that was entirely appropriate given the media’s false assertion that Sarah Palin had blood on her hands.  And where were the condemnations of these incivil and barbaric statements from democrats? Maybe one or two democrats  did mildly rebuke the statements against Palin, but mostly they allowed them to be made or piled on. Then they have the nerve to try to censor republican speakers when their horrific tactics were exposed.

    • Plus she helps take the wind out of Barry’s sails. She did that with Death Panels, too. A simple video on Facebook, and Obama’s speech had competition. It must irk Obama greatly.
      I hope she does not run for president, but continues to play this role she has created…sort of a opposition leader.

  • Dear Krauthammer, who’s having a ‘national’ debate?  The talking heads, media, and bloggers are, thank you.  Most of America, I suspect, could give a rat’s ass about 95% of all this.  There’s a whole segment of America (politicians, media people, many bloggers) that seems convinced that everything they do and prattle on about is of significance. It isn’t.  I don’t give a f*ck what you, Ezra Klein, Paul Krugman, 90% of, the news, etc. have to say about this.  This crew likes to manufacture drama and controversy constantly.  It’s understandable since they need something to drone on about, but no one should kid themselves that it really matters in the long run. The average American, rightly so, doesn’t give a sh*t.  We’re actually trying to live a life out here and we’ve got far more important things to do.

    • with all due respect, maybe you and the “other ” Americans ought to pay more attention, because we are in deep crap right now, and we have an entire political movement in power that wants to turn us into serfs.

      • ….AND has a very well established record of telling any lie, assassinating anyone’s character, and crushing any LAW to get to their goal.

        • With all due respect gentlemen, a debate over the use of the term blood libel is the sort of pedantic, bullshit waste of time I’m talking about.  To the extent that anyone gives this sort of political gossip real attention is to the extent that they waste valuable opportunities to talk about things that really matter. There is not an endless availability of the people’s attention, but the heads who prattle on about this think there is because they can’t fathom anything else more important than the horseshit that comes from their mouths and pens.  The more of this bullshit people hear, the more they tune out. Responding to every inane leftist mind fart is the act of a juvenile and will be treated as such. Is it any wonder that the GOP is losing respect?  The ‘battle’ between the two parties has dwindled into a grade school pissing match and not one that has any entertainment value.  I’d like someone to act like an adult.

          • Yup … that was kind of the point of the post and Krauthammer’s comment.

          • Exactly, it is a reach.  She could have delivered the same speech as Obama and the commentary would have tried to find some aspect that sullied the whole thing.
            The only thing that would have been acceptable was for her to commit suicide.

          • With all due respect gentlemen, a debate over the use of the term blood libel is the sort of pedantic, bullshit waste of time I’m talking about. 

            >>> Well, to US it’s pedantic bullspit, but if to the left it’s just another way to in fact, keep the story on Palin and in fact, use it to further their “Palin is SOOOOOOOOOO controversial” meme.

            So there is ALWAYS a value to calling them out.

          • Shark, sometimes when a petulant child has a tantrum, the best thing to do is ignore it.

          • Well, you could ignore it, but then the history will come back to you in a year or so that says she did incite him, pretty much the way so many people think she actually said she could see Russia from her house in Alaska.
            At some point all this information becomes a blur, the KNOW that, and they rely on some version of the first set of information published being what sticks in peoples minds.  You know as well as I do, right now, in the midst of this heated debate, there are people out there who think Sarah Palin caused this shooting, and they think it because that’s what they were told when they first heard about it.
            It’s like publishing the retraction on page 5, that’s not what sticks in people’s minds.

        • Wow.  I remember DECADES of letting the Collective shape the narrative.  Have you forgotten 2008?  How’d THAT work out?
          Sorry, dudes, words and IDEAS are where I live.  I’ve learned you can’t let this kind of thing slide.
          The Collective is on the ropes.  Anybody remember what Fineman and others wrote just days ago?  This incident provided these ghouls a chance to get back in the saddle, and they NEEDED to exploit it for all it was worth.
          “Semantics” are where ideas live…and ideas are where you win or lose elections.
          Or am I mistaken…?

  • I’m not tired of SP. I’m definitely not tired of seeing her photographs. I also hope that she does not run for POTUS. She’s way more effective on the outside. Did I mention that I think she’s a babe?

  • Take a step back … if George W. Bush was still President of the US, he would have been blame for this tragedy in Tucson … based on the fact that he ultimately would have been the chief law enforcement officer in the US.

    I wonder why Obama escaped such a fate.

    We all know the answer to that … they blamed it on some non-governmental civilian woman in Alaska.

    Frankly, if this doesn’t sound like “the dog ate my homework” .. nothing does.

  • I think the ultimate irony was seeing Al Jazeera English run a news story telling us how Jews had been offending by Sarah Palin’s comment