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Announcing 3Media Partners LLC

On October 1st of last year, the company I’d worked with for 24 years was sold to a competitor and I, along with most of the work force, were laid off. Such is life. It was the impetus for me to suggest to two others you know well that perhaps it was high time we tried to do something we all love. Thus was born 3Media Partners LLC. The "we" is myself, Dale Franks and Michael Wade.

3Media Partners is an internet marketing and consulting firm. Here’s the short description from the 3Media website:

We provide marketing services that focus on branding, brand management, advocacy, messaging, information and intelligence research for political and corporate clients using the social media as well as other online means. 3Media also partners with corporate and political communications departments and other media companies to help run online grassroots and grasstop outreach, pushback, advocacy and messaging campaigns.

So, the short and sweet is, we’re here and we’re in business. While readers here may not be in the market for our services, perhaps you know of someone looking for them. A referral would be appreciated. Contact information is available on the 3Media site.

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8 Responses to Announcing 3Media Partners LLC

  • So THIS is what Dale so slyly hinted at like more than a week ago…
    Congrats, guys and good luck…
    umm…  Are you hiring?  😉

  • Well, there are a lot of GOP and Tea Party candidates out there looking to compete for national and state office. Maybe if you track through who CATO and CEI are looking at around the country you can find good matches for your own approach to politics. I’m very impressed with the new senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson. If the presidential cycle continues to proceed as slowly as it has so far, and doesn’t start until late spring, I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to throw his name into it. I think that a Johnson-Rubio ticket would win in 2012, regardless of the lack of national experience. They would start out with Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida pretty much in the bag.

    My tag on Johnson (suggested to me by a friend, actually) is that he is normal, which would be a refreshing change. Normal is the new normal.

  • Good luck guys!

  • Good luck to you all.

  • Best of luck.

  • BTW, I wasn’t just riffing on Johnson. I think that by next August he could be a hot commodity. The head of the GOP in Wisconsin, who got him into the Senate race to face Feingold (whose seat was supposed to be safe), just became the new head of the RNC. Reince Priebus.

    The newness of 3Media might make it a very good under the radar operation through which Johnson could take a position in the race without taking a position. Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

    Do I have an actual interest in or connection to Johnson? None whatsoever. A friend of mine who was here over Christmas told me to take a look at him and I was suitably impressed.

    Johnson is normal. And normal is the new normal.