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Well here’s a surprise–UK’s Cameron says state multiculturalism has failed

Multiculturalism posits that it is possible for immigrants to eschew the dominant culture and live within their own culture in a foreign land and everything will be hunky-dory.  Except reality hasn’t supported the premise  – anywhere. 

One of the strengths of the US is it was a melting pot, not a mixing  bowl.  That means that those coming to the country were assimilated into the dominant culture, not that they set up “little India” or “little Mexico” or “little Somalia” and eschewed the culture of the US.  And in fact, during that assimilation, the positive aspects of the imported culture may also be assimilated and become a part of the dominant culture.

But the left found that, well, non-egalitarian I guess.  Instead, they decided, in their own morally relative way, that all cultures were equal and that instead of assimilation, the non-dominant cultures should establish themselves as a whole, with the goal of treating them as equally valid and thus allowing immigrants to cling to the cultural roots while still enjoying the benefits of the dominant culture.

Boy has that been a bust.   And finally a politician of note has decided the emperor has no clothes and declared it to be so.  David Cameron, the UK’s PM, while speaking about certain groups who are subsidized by the UK’s government to fight extremism among Muslims there but do little in reality, said:

"Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism," the prime minister said.

"Let’s properly judge these organisations: Do they believe in universal human rights – including for women and people of other faiths? Do they believe in equality of all before the law? Do they believe in democracy and the right of people to elect their own government? Do they encourage integration or separatism?

"These are the sorts of questions we need to ask. Fail these tests and the presumption should be not to engage with organisations," he added.

Oh my goodness … heresy among the multiculturalatti.  This is a serious challenge to the basic belief that all cultures are equal and coexist.  And, of course, they have reacted as such:

Luton Labour MEP Richard Howitt, a keynote speaker at the counter-rally to the EDL demo in Luton, added: "The attack on multiculturalism surrenders to the far-right ideology that moderate and fundamentalist ideas cannot be distinguished from each other, and actually undermines respect and co-operation between peoples of different faith.

"The phrase ‘muscular liberalism’ in particular sadly endorses the climate of threat, fear and violence which is present on the streets of Luton today."

Does it really?  Or does it address the reality of multiculturalism’s failure.  What is a the dominant culture supposed to do when it’s very existence is challenged by a perniciously different culture that this so-called “tolerance” has allowed to get a foothold and attempts to subvert?  Why is it the dominant culture must endure that challenge in silence and with inaction?  Why must one culture be “tolerant” while the other remains “intolerant” and bent on the destruction of the former?

It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to view and assess the aim of the challenging culture.  It’s a bit like the zebra muscle – once native to Russian lakes, it has somehow been introduced to the Great Lakes.  They are an invasive species.   Left unchallenged and untreated, they will indeed take over the habitat of native species.  Would anyone argue that the problem they pose shouldn’t be addressed in light of the possible outcome? 

Muslim extremism is based in an invasive religious ideology that calls for dominance world-wide by any means necessary to include violence.  The UK has experienced that violence.   Yet the response has been to tap-dance around the real problem and pretend that the culture that supports and funds this sort of religious ideology (which exists right there in the UK) is somehow a minority not worth worrying about.   And if you worry, well, you’re the bigot.

A genuinely liberal country "believes in certain values and actively promotes them", Mr Cameron said. "Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights, regardless of race, sex or sexuality. "It says to its citizens: This is what defines us as a society. To belong here is to believe these things."

Indeed. And if you don’t believe that’s worth fighting for, then the side that does believe in doing exactly that will eventually assimilate the other culture.

Anyway, I’d like to see this sort of challenge to the god of multiculturalism made more often with prominent people who have the guts to say such things as Cameron said, and stand behind it when the expected heat rounds come flying their way.  It is a pernicious and false premise based in moral relativism and cloaked in the hide of “egalitarianism”.  Another “wolf in sheep’s clothing” that needs to be killed (oh, forgive my violent rhetoric /sarc) and killed as quickly as possible.



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23 Responses to Well here’s a surprise–UK’s Cameron says state multiculturalism has failed

  • Didn’t Merkel say the same?

  • To believe multiculturalism failed, you have to believe it wasn’t intended to dilute the originally dominant culture.  To Balkanize countries of the West into inaction and ineffectiveness.  And to connect the economic plight of some sub-cultures to promote the nanny state especially when some of those subcultures embrace the nanny state.
    Its a raging success.

    • Good point. That toothpaste is out of the tube, especially in the U.K. You criticize Islam there and the Scotland Yard diversity squad can show up and investigate you for inciting racial hatred. Cameron expressing his latecoming doubts is unlikely to change that.

      • Hey, sanity could be breaking out.  Maybe somebody has been reading Mark Steyn.
        ALLLLL good, to my way of thinking.  Follow-though would be an excellent idea.

  • Factually, I think this is exactly backwards.  The English aren’t multicultural, they’re racist douchebags that try by hook and crook to impose English identity.  By contrast, the US has a strong “live and let live” ethos.  It’s that ethos, I think, that has kept us from having the same level of crackpot Muslims from going nuts.  It’s not that we encourage others to melt in our pot, or we encourage them to maintain their own ethnic identity, it’s that we don’t care what they do.
    That’s what makes America great, not some creepy “be like us!” melting pot nonsense or an equally-creepy “you’re fine just the way you are w/ your misogynistic culture.”

    • “try by hook and crook to impose English identity.”

      Trying to impose English identity in England. Oh, the horror. 

    • Why shouldn’t a culture within their native lands try to impose their culture. If you don’t like it don’t move there. In the past we actually have forced people moving here to join the melting pot. It use to be that to become an American citizen you had to speak English. Now we give the oath in whatever native tongue you want. Here’s to the death of multiculturalism.

    • I don’t think I’d go as far as calling the English racists, but jpe is right about this:
      It’s not that we encourage others to melt in our pot, or we encourage them to maintain their own ethnic identity, it’s that we don’t care what they do.
      Because who in their right mind drives down to Chinatown and demands that these people act like us!?  Crazy people, that’s who.
      There are legitimate gripes about having to print ballots in eight different languages, and the like… but that’s another ball of wax altogether.
      Truth is, every second generation immigrant family is almost indistinguishable from any 10th generation immigrant family – apart from the color of their skin.  They speak English, they wear the same clothing, eat the same foods, like the same movies, etc…  So, relax.

      • Europe’s not really having any kind of strife.  Nothing to see here.  Move along folks.

      • The whole premise of multiculturalism is they don’t have to do that. The good news is you’re mostly right – but not as much as you once would have been without its emergence. And the true believers in multiculturalism want a “mixing bowl” not a melting pot where all cultures are represented as equal with the dominant culture. As it turns out here, they’re usually not equal, in fact they’re inferior in many cases. I’d just like to see that admitted as it would destroy multiculturalism’s facade once and for all.

      • …they join the same radical mosque and travel to Pakistan to train for jihad…whoops. I guess not every immigrant group does that. (speaking of the UK here.)
        I agree with you mostly, though. Not sure what to do about Islamists because its linked to a religion, and we have freedom of religion. Its not like we can close down mosques.
        Re: Chinatown, actually we do force many cultures to follow our ways and act like us. For example, in many muslim countries you slaughter  a goat in your yard for Idul Fitri. We don’t allow people to slaughter animals in their yard here in the USA. So, we are being big meanies and making them buy it from an actual butcher instead of doing it DIY. (Though I suppose hunters can do it DIY, go figure)
        The same can be said for Chinese culture. They may want to let of firecrackers, but that is illegal in many places. They may want to burn spirit money, but that is not allowed. So, yes, we “drive down to Chinatown” and impose our rules on them.

        • We don’t allow people to slaughter animals in their yard here in the USA.

          Well, maybe not in YOUR yard.  In my yard, HELL yeah!  I shoot and enjoy fireworks, too.
          You’re going to need a bigger yard…

  • Muslims can’t contribute anything positive, they can only destroy civilised life. <a href=””> <b>This is the disaster that multiculturalism has inflicted on Britain! </b></a>

  • The  thing about Multiculturalism is that it has never been embraced by the population of anyplace, except maybe San Francisco and a few other cities.  It has always been a product of the elite and force feed to the population as “tolerance”. In fact it is the opposite of tolerance. True tolerance must be reciprocal.

  • The attack on multiculturalism surrenders to the far-right ideology that moderate and fundamentalist ideas cannot be distinguished from each other, and actually undermines respect and co-operation between peoples of different faith.

    Is this guy a democrat, ‘cuz darned if he doesn’t sound just like one.

    Interesting, too, that the “far-right” culture is bad and to be rejected while all other cultures are to be embraced.

    McQ[T]he left found [assimilation into the larger culture], well, non-egalitarian I guess.

    I suggest an more malevolent motive: they hate the dominant culture.  Whether it’s some sort of “white guilt”, a desire to be seen as trendy / edgy, or outright hatred of Western culture, the lefties embrace beliefs that are anti-ethical to the Western traditions.  They’ve done this before with communism and, to a lesser extent, fascism.  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to be their motto, and their “enemies” are capitalism, democracy, and Christianity.  These are, after all, the people who obsess over the Crusades while ignoring such things as honor killings.

    jpe –  It’s not that we encourage others to melt in our pot, or we encourage them to maintain their own ethnic identity, it’s that we don’t care what they do.

    Yes and no.  I think that giving people time and room to hang onto those parts of their home culture that they find comforting / practical is good; it helps reduce or even eliminate culture shock and helps prevent people getting the idea that they are being FORCED to assimilate.  On the other hand, there are certain elements of American culture that have tended to be non-negotiable, with rule of (American) law being foremost among them.  To a lesser extent, making people learn English for legal / business reasons has been historically common and, I believe, a good thing.  Once you have rule of law and some ground for common understanding, “live and let live” becomes possible and beneficial.

    Implicit in this, though, is an underlying belief that people will (sooner or later) assimilate into the AMERICAN culture: they will obey AMERICAN law, they will observe AMERICAN customs, they (or their children) will learn English, which is the dominant language of the AMERICAN people.  I don’t care what language people want to speak in their homes or neighborhoods, what church they want to attend, how they want to raise their children, what holidays they want to personally observe, or any other facet of home culture they want to honor and celebrate so long as their first loyalties arel to the Stars and Stripes, the Constitution, and all the things that they stand for.

  • There are, of course, EXCEPTIONS to what is tolerated here in the U.S.

    Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was scheduled to speak at an event for a Colorado nonprofit group May 2, but the event was canceled the day after it was announced due to “an onslaught of personal attacks” against Palin.
    Palin was to speak at the Patriots & Warriors Gala at the Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale, Colo., which was billed as an awards banquet and fundraiser for military families in need and for a grief camp for children who had lost loved ones in combat.

    Hope you Collectivists are proud of yourselves…

  • He just wanted to say that Britain should find new ways to deal with the current situation. When you look at the strict rules of the Muslim countries why should Britain be so benevolent? There is a huge number of immigrants to Britain who don’t know the language nor the culture of the country and I think there really needs to be an improved system to eliminate these trends.