Free Markets, Free People

Well, I’m here – at CPAC

Huge convention. Thus far I’ve seen few familiar faces. I’m mostly trying to get the lay of the land.

For those who submitted questions for former SecDef Rumsfeld, thank you and I’ll try. Well thought out for the most part and appreciated.

So? So off to find out what else is going on. Hot as hell in the blogger’s lounge. Mostly hot air I think – and I’m not talking about the blog. Just kidding.



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11 Responses to Well, I’m here – at CPAC

  • Lots of hot conservative chicks…???

    • See, you just highlighted in one 5 word sentence why liberalism runs rampant in this country.
      I mean, aside from Sarah Palin’s pouty lips and naughty librarian glasses of course.

      • Priorities, dude…

        • I understand THAT part.  I’m just not seeing “hot” conservative chicks in my minds eye.  Now, hot liberal chicks?  See, I can see that in less time than it takes to blink.

        • This is an outgrowth from an observation that I made to a fellow Civil War re-enactor about 10 years ago when we went as ‘normal’ people to a local Renaissance festival outside Dallas.  Place was FULL of people, thousands, all kinds of women walking around in outfits they probably shouldn’t have been wearing, and lots and lots of guys.
          One of the problems Civil War Re-enacting has is attracting participants, yet here at the Ren festival there were literally thousands!  What was the draw?!!!! we wondered, as young women in low cut bodices and slit high dresses wandered by.  Knowing damn well WHAT the attraction was, we began to realize we were NEVER going to see that kind of interest in Civil War re-enacting, because the clothing just didn’t lend itself to THAT sort of style.
          Civil War re-enactors, from my experience tend towards conservative values, usually older.  Ren fair people, all over the political map, usually younger.  We don’t talk about ‘hot’ Civil War female Re-enactors, now, Renny women?   heh………come on!  Chain Mail Bikinis?   Seriously dude.

          • I could name (and that is WITH my name curse) a dozen fine, fine young conservative ladies off the top of my head.
            But that would merely serve to solidify my “old lecher” status.  (He subsides into a revere on the cruelty of temporal coincidence…)

          • Amen brother!  Amen!

  • looker, you need to tune into Red Eye.