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Chauncey De Vega doubles down on “stupid”

First, I have no idea who “Chauncey De Vega” is.  But I do know his type. So when the story broke about his post on AlterNet calling Herman Cain a “monkey” and a “minstrel”, I thought it something that others could handle quite well, thank you very much.

And, deservedly, De Vega was roundly criticized – not only for the language he used, but for the stereotypical and foundationless characterizations he used in his absurd commentary.  Just another in a long line of clueless, historically ignorant and confused “commenters” on racial issues who feel the need to use inflammatory language to be noticed.  Another race obsessed jerk who cannot fathom that others of his race may, through their own experiences in life, see things of a political nature different than he does.  Apparently he is “the one” that decides what is proper and acceptable for blacks to believe and anyone who doesn’t toe that line is a “race traitor”.  In his post, Herman Cain was the race traitor of the day.

Today De Vega doubled down on his stupid rant.  AlterNet, where the original was posted, made it clear that his first post was in the “Speak Easy” which is a forum provided by AlterNet for “unedited” pieces.  This follow up was in a different area which means, one assumes, that De Vega was edited and the inflammatory name calling was deleted prior to publication.  Of course that doesn’t change the substance, and the substance, such that it is, isn’t much more acceptable, intellectually, than was the original post.

Why?  Because it is an exercise is attempting to justify being an ignorant jerk.  It sheds no new light on anything except the writer’s prejudices – which he willingly exposes.  One assumes he thinks he’s being convincing, but a quick read through the piece leaves you with the understanding that this is simply “stereotypes are us” on steroids.  There’s really nothing thought provoking or even particularly interesting about De Vega’s words.   It is the work of a man whose mind was made up years ago and who now proudly wears the blinders of ignorance for all to see.

As most race-baiters realize, the absence of racism within today’s society would be a disaster for them.  They’ve built a cottage industry around the word and are seeing their bread and butter slip away.  De Vega is reduced to mischaracterizing the speech of another black man (I heard the speech), denigrating him and his beliefs and thereby indicting the crowd that listened and cheered his words as “white masters” to keep the hate alive.

Peddling racial hate is a much tougher job today as witnessed by the fact that he and others feel it necessary to attack any black who strays from what they consider the only way blacks should think.  Those sorts of successful blacks give lie to their race-baiting rhetoric.  The Chauncey De Vegas of this world deserve the all the condemnation and derision they earn through their vile and hateful rhetoric.  They belong in a past era of this country’s racial history and are no more acceptable today than is the KKK.  Ironically, both, as it turns out, are in the business of trying to sell the very same thing.



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10 Responses to Chauncey De Vega doubles down on “stupid”

  • Perhaps I should not be…but it always appalls me to hear/see racists on the Collective giving full, free rein to their racial hatred, selectively, against people who think differently.
    There was a LOT of supporting commentary for Chauncy (and…really…you have to feel some pity for the guy, just because he had to go through life with that name), and there is the video footage of the Common Cause people calling Justice Thomas everything be a child of god.
    It makes you wonder how they really feel toward other racial groups, but are just too cowed to voice it unless there is a trigger, like being a Conservative.

    • There are those who follow a particular narrative, and when circumstances change enough to threaten the narrative, they will often panic.  The narrative, in this case, is that conservatives are intolerant of non-whites as demonstrated by the racism of the institutions (Republican Party, tea-party movement, etc) that they patronize.  If those institutions begin to ‘integrate’ then it weakens the argument, especially if those who are joining present themselves as intelligent and outspoken.  Unable to dismiss them as “token” members who lack self-respect, the attacks become more vicious and less relevant.
      But what else are they supposed to do?  Ignore the possibility that non-white conservatives will continue to grow into a powerful constituency?  Stop trying to play the race card both ways?  Take a more civil and understanding approach?  Hah!  That doesn’t get you very far in politics anymore, if it ever did.

  • Stupid is as stupid does

  • “…keep the hate alive.”
    That may be Jesse J.’s new mantra.

  • Ain’t it strange how alleged (and almost certainly fabricated) accusations of “teabaggers” hurling racial epithets at black (democrat) members of Congress gets played over and over again in MiniTru, while incidents of liberals engaging in undeniable racist behavior gets… crickets chirping?  It’s almost like MiniTru is carrying water for the left!

    / sarc

    McQOf course [presumed editing] doesn’t change the substance, and the substance, such that it is, isn’t much more acceptable, intellectually, than was the original post.

    Why?  Because it is an exercise is attempting to justify being an ignorant jerk.  It sheds no new light on anything except the writer’s prejudices – which he willingly exposes.

    Here’s hoping for lots and lots more of such exposure.  MiniTru can’t cover up this sort of thing always and forever, and I think (hope) that more and more people are starting to get the idea that all these tolerant, loving, peaceful, unbiased lefties are anything but.

  • typical left-tard.  Black people belong tot he left.  Any that don’t toe the line are to be turned and ridiculed.
    Must be mice to think that you actually own people.
    Thankfully only monsters believe things like that and the rest of us can pay due respect to our fellows without thinking that they owe us their undying fealty because to politics

  • SO, it’s not my opponent is “irrational” or “mistaken, “or “unrealistic”?
    The ghetto culture/mentality is very much alive in the media and academia.

  • When does the camel get that last straw?
    We are now in the “Did too!”, “Did not!” phase, and so far it’s still harmless fluff. But folks are losing their jobs at an increasing rate and their babies are hungry and cold. We have idiots like this guy in Texas-
    actually crossing the line. At some point someone will say “That’s it, I’m not takin’ any more” and pull the trigger, literally. My sense is that we are now so divided racially things could quickly get out of control.
    I want mine, I want it now, and right now you have it. Give it to me.
    I’m truly frightened of tomorrow.