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Heading to the exits– more Democrats flee their duties

Apparently “elections have consequences” only works when Democrats win.  Otherwise the try to take their ball and go home  – or to another state in the case of Wisconsin and now Indiana:

House Democrats are leaving the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation, The Indianapolis Star has learned.

A source said Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

I’m amazed at the number of people on the left, who were so happy to remind the right about the consequences of elections now support this sort of childish nonsense as a good response to the other side carrying out its agenda as they did theirs.

Today’s fight was triggered by Republicans pushing a bill that would bar unions and companies from negotiating a contract that requires non-union members to kick-in fees for representation. It’s become the latest in what is becoming a national fight over Republican attempts to eliminate or limit collective bargaining.

Imagine that – Republicans attempting to stop the extortion of fees required just to do a job contract.  How freaking dictatorial is that!  Why I imagine the mustachioed visage of the governor will show up on home made signs any second.

And, of course, there’s always a “Baghdad Bob” to be found to spin the unspinnable and somehow do it with a straight face.  Rep Teri Austin (D- Anderson) told the Indiana House speaker that the missing Democrats “continue to be in caucus” and are discussing potential amendments to several bills.  Additionally:

Austin told reporters that “it doesn’t matter where they (Democrats) are at this point. What matters is that they’re trying to figure out a way to save the state from this radical agenda.”

Asked if they were in the state, Austin said only: “They’re working hard.”

Uh, huh … with some in Illinois and some in Kentucky.  Sure they are.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this:

The last time a prolonged walk-out happened in the Indiana legislature was in the mid-1990s, when Republicans were in control and tried to draw new legislative district maps, eliminating a district that likely would have been a Democrat one, in the middle of the decade. Democrats won that standoff, staying away several days until Republicans dropped the plan.

How desperate are Democrats to protect their new constituency – public sector unions?

Yeah, this isn’t the 1990’s. Different era, different problem and, most likely, different outcome.  Keep helping yourselves like this Democrats – please.



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36 Responses to Heading to the exits– more Democrats flee their duties

  • TEA Party = promote democracy
    Flee Party = prevent democracy
    I just LOVE the Zen of that…

  • But But!!!! It’s for the Chilldren!!!!   and the Wisconsin teachers are doing such a super job too!

    • I’ll believe “it’s for the children” when I see kids walking out of schools with checks in hand.

      • Oh I’ve heard they’ve dragged the tots into it – setting up lemonade stands to make sure their teacher can still be paid, because of course in talking about having them pay some of their own health care and such what we REALLY mean is they will be fired!
        The ministry of propaganda in full display, away from the classroom and out in the public eye.

    Mark Steyn–

    The state of the union on Presidents Day 2011:
    1) In Wisconsin, politicized doctors pass out fake medical notes to politicized teachers;
    2) In New York, pampered, boorish Ivy League narcissists jeer “Racist!” at a veteran who took 11 bullets in a firefight in Iraq;
    3) Notwithstanding Nir Rosen’s self-detonating leftie misogyny, union thugs offer to give the full Lara Logan to “teabaggers”;
    4) In Idaho, “public servants” pay a visit to the mother of a reform-minded Schools Superintendent.
    I wrote a few years ago about America’s “cold civil war”. It’s less and less civil, and heating up.

    • I’m becoming increasingly ok with that prospect as I see stuff like this continue to happen.  I see absolutely no reason to be civil to these people whatsoever. 

    • I found that Idaho story quite repugnant.  It’s one thing to do this sort of nonsense with any elected official (except Democrats of course), but when you go after their family, I have no qualms about hanging them up like those (KOS “screw em”) mercenaries outside Fallujah.  This kind of stuff is no better than “cross burning.”

      • It is what you do when you are a union thug.  Which is not to say all union members are thugs.  But too many are, and they’ve gotten a pass in this country for decades.

  • I suggest they need a better “carrot”.
    The Republicans should announce that that they are going to decertify all public unions but that they only have just enough votes to pass it and a few Democratic votes could turn the tide.

    • Of course, the unions may go in the other direction …

      MADISON, Wis. — If Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators pass a union bill that restricts collective bargaining rights, some labor groups in Madison said they would endorse the entire of a general strike of unions around Wisconsin.

      … I believe this is called “running with the Lemmings”

  • It’s funny how showing up to these events with a rifle slung across your chest eliminates threats of violence from their end.

  • Could someone explain exactly what collective bargaining is?

    • Well, in a neutral environment, it is an example of freedom of association, as provided in the Constitution.  I’m good with that.
      What it does is allow a union to sort of like what a cartel does in SOME applications, though not all.  For instance, if all the employees of a company got together and designated a few people to represent them in negotiations with the management, that’s cool.  Where you have a union setting a pay scale and work rules for all employers and employees, that is the cartel aspect.  ESPECIALLY where law allows a closed shop.
      The real problem for me comes in the various exclusions granted to unions under law and regulation…for instance anti-trust and restraint of trade laws.  That gives them the power they have to act as they do…coupled with their intimidation tactics and the fact the they are given a pass for lawlessness.

  • I keep seeing all these references to the Koch brothers.  Can’t find anything other than leftie bloggers all saying the same thing.  Anyone here know what the deal is and if it’s legit?

    • Yeah.  Generally, it is typical Collectivist BS and projection.  The Koch family does fund conservative think tanks and stuff.
      NOTHING like on the order of the Dark Prince (Soros) in terms of ACTIVELY trying to shape the body politic.

      • Although, I don’t see a shaping hand, I could believe a potential bias exists and/or the risk of a shaping hand developing at some point in the future is real. 

        Actually I’d have bone to pick with them if they are responsible for the abundance of RINOs we have in the Republican Party today. 

        Its not really a matter of the people who are actually Left or Right.  It a matter of the politicians and I don’t see the Republican Politicians any less influenced by contributions than the Democrats’ Politicians. 

    • Both Left and Right have their “rich” donors, but frankly neither side has enough money to keep more than a room full of people singing their song.  Thus, they both target their money where they think it will do the most to further their cause.   The Left has the Open Society Foundation (major contributor, George Soros) and the Tides Foundation (launders the money so we don’t know who their contributors are, but Teresa Heinz Kerry is one).   On the Right, the Carthage Foundation is run by Richard Mellon Scaife and The Koch Brothers don’t have their own foundation but contribute to many others.

    • I keep seeing all these references to the Koch brothers.  Can’t find anything other than leftie bloggers all saying the same thing.  Anyone here know what the deal is and if it’s legit?

      >>>  The deal is that  it’s a crime against democracy for anyone on the right to put their money to work towards their causes, but everyone and their mother cashing George Soros checks is just dandy.

      Again, why should I have any civility towards these people?

    • Alinsky tactics…pure and simple.

      • Thanks guys – that’s what I thought.  The few lefties I know that were ‘discussing’ this with me the last few days have all defaulted to ‘Scott Walker is just doing what the Koch Brothers tell him to do”.  Frustrating to say the least.

  • I live in Wisconsin and have for several years.  I think the big stink for those that live in this state is the fact that not all state employees are being affected, only those on the left (for the most part).  Hey conservatives won, they get to do as they please but don’t all state employees need to share in this “fix?”  Namely include policemen and firemen as well, why are they exempt from contributing to fix this financial crisis?   NY Times oped columnist David Brooks characterized the governor’s exclusion of those employees as really unfair and politically motivated.  I agree with him.    

    Kick in the contributions of those individuals you can reduce it another 200 to 225 million over the next two years.  Seems state employees aren’t really state employees if they are police and firefighters.   

      You might want to rethink at least some of that.  Brooks is an idiot.
      “Politically motivated” can mean having some really good reasons to do or not do something.
      You might also want to look into the comparative packages for teachers and LEOs.

      • Thanks for the response.  The packages are pretty similar actually.  New employees vs old employees they are very close.   New teachers vs new law enforcement are very close indeed except law enforcement officers have much better perks/benefits.   I have seen LEO’s benefits first hand not only in Wisconsin but in many states.  Theirs are among the best.  I doubt Brooks is an idiot, seems pretty bright to me and conservative for the most part.  If “Politically motivated” is a real reason the governor did not include LEO’s then apparently the budget crisis isn’t really a crisis after all if they don’t need to generate even hundreds of millions more dollars from LEO’s.   I still believe that LEO’s in this state are state employees since their retirements are state funded.   Governor wants it all and he may get it all, such are the realities of the past election.  Fact is almost two thirds of the people of Wisconsin are against him doing away with collective bargaining.   It was a uncessary fight on his part, and perhaps a bigger mistake not to include all state employees.   

    • The rub on the police and firemen, most of which did not support Walker in the last election, is that they should not be included “to avoid political pressure.”  Frankly, I’m not sure how that works, but that’s the story.
      I suppose that now the teachers will have to lobby the legislature for raises, and having the police and firemen doing the same would distract from their “public safety” duties.

      • Don’t know where your information comes from regarding most LEO’s supported Walker but it doesn’t really matter.  The fact is they are state employees, have more vacation and sick leave that regular state workers, better benefits, etc.  I have seen them first hand from their contracts.  So, they have even more time to lobby the legislature for raises, since they have more vacation.  As an ex law enforcement officer (retired) interaction with the legislature is always a good thing.  The fact is they are LEO’s and state employees.  If this is a budget crisis in Wisconsin, then the governor should make all state employees pay and make them pay fairly and equitably.   This non inclusion of LEO’s is a slap in the face to all other state employees. 

  • Walker’s calm comportment in this crisis is reminiscent of President Reagan’s during his 1981 stand against the illegal strike by air traffic controllers, and Margaret Thatcher’s in the 1984 showdown with the miners’ union over whether unions or Parliament would govern Britain. Walker, by a fiscal seriousness contrasting with Obama’s lack thereof, and Obama, by inciting defenders of the indefensible, have made three things clear:
    First, the Democratic Party is the party of government, not only because of its extravagant sense of government’s competence and proper scope, but also because the party’s base is government employees. Second, government employees have an increasingly adversarial relationship with the governed. Third, Obama’s “move to the center” is fictitious.

    –George Will
    That sticks it very nicely, indeed.

  • Looks like Mitch Daniels is going to cave to the flee party.

    Put him on the list for the purge.

  • Democraflee vs Democracy