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On the “Charlie Sheen thing” … all that that needs to be said





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  • If it be his will, may God bless, Charlie Sheen, an entertainer to the end, no doubt?
    I do love the way this guy thinks…always at least, two babes, an island, and a private jet to get them there.

    What balls!

  • The nut does not fall far from the nut tree…

  • I think CBS should continue their show as “Two men”…Charlie was never more than half a man.

    • Charlie was never more than half a man.

      Oh, come on.  What does that even mean?  He’s got millions of dollars, has made movies and TV shows, dates multiple women at the same time.  The man has quite a number of faults you could have chosen to criticize, but I don’t think his manhood is one of them.
      I never could stand watching more than a few seconds of that show.  But I have liked some of his movies, even the dorky parodies.
      I watched his interview on CNN with the British whathisname.  Sheen didn’t seem to me to be speaking like the typical addict in denial you’d see on Intervention, for example.  He had a robust sense of humor about the whole thing and I think a lot of the “tiger blood” and other things like that he said were intended to be funny, but were lost on the woman interviewing him.
      I’m not defending his rationality.  He is an actor, so he can play the role of the sober, reasonable fellow.  But I think many of the things in the news are taken out of context.

      • He’s been able to keep things afloat because he make $50 million a year.  When the money stops, its Linsay Lohan time.  And now that the money has stopped temporarily he sees an end he’s beginning to melt down.

        • Apparently, he’s working on new movies, and his money isn’t drying up.
          I generally have a low tolerance for Hollywood gossip and try to ignore it.  But I was flipping through the channels and happened to see his interview on CNN.  The fact that what I saw looked to be at odds with the splash headlines I’ve glanced at on Drudge caused me to pay a little bit of attention, trying to figure the guy out.
          He’s definitely full of himself, though considering his success, I can’t say that makes him bonkers.
          For me, his treatment of his children and their mothers, and how his lifestyle affects them, ought to be more significant than all the drama surrounding a TV show going off the rails after several years.  That’s where I’d look if I was curious about where he might be screwed up and lacking in character.

      • Really, Elliot???  He is a sexually mature child.  Those…and there are a lot of them…are NOT men.

  • Sheen has gone mad. He’s a sitcom actor presenting as a Nietzchean superman. That sort of hyperbolic presentation, if it stays on course, will probably lead to a full-scale drooling break with reality. Sheen thinks — I heard him say this — that he can’t be in the throes of mania because he hasn’t crashed. What did he think all the break-ups, trips to the hospital, and stays in rehab were about? What does he think the producer chucking his TV show over the side is about?

    A good match for Sheen’s affect was a guy who used to fish through the dumpsters (from a KFC) outside my building in the City. He would throw garbage all across the sidewalk while madly searching for a good meal. One day I challenged him and told him to stop, sick of walking through the chicken bones and mashed potatoes, and he comes at me, backs me up into the entryway and yells, “Do you know who I am?”

    He was a few condos and several girlfriends short of Charlie Sheen, but the presentation was the same, and his act with the dumpster had sitcom written all over it too.

  • I have to agree (grudgingly?  guiltily?  hoping my wife doesn’t read this?) with Brown and Elliot: Sheen is living the life he wants to live, enjoying it and making no pathetic or hypocritical excuses about it.  Yeah, he’ll likely be dead from an overdose or a social disease before the decade is out (possibly before the year is out), but in the meantime, life is one big party for him.  It’s not the kind of life I think I’d want to live 24 / 7, but I have to admit that it has some appeal.

    • It’s nothing so simple as “the life he wants to lead.” He has entered into a delusional state where, among other things, he cannot distinguish between his private and his professional affairs. He has lost the vital and subtle capacity for discretion. He has universalised his superman mania to the extent that he believes that his partying high gives him the authority to rule the production of his show and his effective partners in that enterprise. It’s not unusual for star talent to dictate terms to producers under the premise of “key man” prerogative, but what Sheen is doing is several avenue blocks across town from that.

      • Seems to me to be pretty much garden variety Hollywood “bad boy” behavior, which isn’t much different than the way that I think many people would live if they had the money.  I suggest, too, that there really isn’t a difference between “private” and “professional” for Hollywood types.  Yeah, they complain about paparazzi and “privacy”, but then they turn right around and make damned sure that they are seen and photographed at every awards show, opening night, etc. they can arrange.  While I think that Sheen has gone over the line, I think that much of his behavior is “all part of the act”.

        You can’t say that people don’t know who he is, and notoriety is a desirable commodity in his line of work.

        • “Bad boys” wear shades, sneer at questioners, and take another drag on their cigarette. Lunatics go on about how their thoughts control reality and how no one is capable of dealing with their magnificence. I guess the final test here will be if Charlie is caught taking a dump between parked cars in L.A. while his shopping cart full of newspapers and flashlights waits on the sidewalk.

          • Martin McPhillipsLunatics go on about how their thoughts control reality and how no one is capable of dealing with their magnificence.

            Wait… You are still writing about Charlie Sheen, right?  Or was this intended for a thread about some member of Congress or the current occupant of the Oval Office?


          • These comments are great, Martin McPhillips.  I enjoyed reading them; you see things well and articulate them better.

    • The guy pays for…female attention.  I never found that admirable or enviable.

  • I see it like this:  he’s an adult living a life of his choosing, and he’s hurting no one in the process.  He seems to be enjoying himself to no end, and CBS was beyond stupid for canceling their only cash-cow show.  He’s STILL going to make tons of money off of the royalties and reruns, and he’s popular enough that he will get work (reality show coming soon, you heard it here first).
    I don’t agree with how he’s living his life, but if he’s having fun, enjoying it, and hurting no one…then more power to it.
    It is, after all, the libertarian way of thought.

    • I don’t think anyone is suggesting he shouldn’t live his life the way he wants to live it (as long as he hurts no one else), I think the point, or opinion, is that he’s leading an ultimately self-destructive way of life. But again that should be his option given the standard disclaimer.

    • ” he’s hurting no one in the process”

      Physically, no, he isn’t. I suggest his family and the now unemployed cast and crew of his show may differ with you, however.

      • A rich, famous junkie is still a junkie. The difference is that the rich one can drag the process out for a long time. The end result will be the same, but with more press coverage and probably a larger funeral. 

      • which, again, is not his fault.  He was showing up to work on time and doing his work, as the ratings suggest, well.  It was CBS’s decision to cancel the show, not Sheen’s.  Therefore, it isn’t his responsibility.  They didn’t want to work with him, therefore they canceled the show.  Their call, their responsibility.

        • err…that was to the cancelling of 2 1/2 men….I agree on how things will probably end.

  • I care about as much about Charlie Sheen’s life as he cares about mine.

    • In my best Walter Cronkite, “and that’s the way it is.”  I agree.

      In our time people like Charlie Sheen are evidently very valuable to a significant portion of society and he knows how to play it. The question from the sidelines is; will Sheen’s over indulgence finish him off, or not?

      I think he knows exactly what he’s doing, but then again, so did Carl Wallenda.

  • The TV show, “Two and a Half Men,” is toast.  CBS should start now booking a replacement.
    On one of the celebrity shows yesterday Charlie Scheen was asked “What happens if the close down the show and nobody will ever insure you again ?” to which Sheen replied “I’m screwed.”

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