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Are Egyptian commandos operating in Libya

An interesting little tidbit to pass along from the Strategy Page (along with the 700th different spelling of his Gadaffi’s last name):

The rebellion against the Kadaffi dictatorship in Libya has not produced any official outside help, but Egypt has apparently sent some of its commandos in to help out the largely amateur rebel force. Wearing civilian clothes, the hundred or so Egyptian commandos are officially not there, but are providing crucial skills and experience to help the rebels cope with the largely irregular, and mercenary, force still controlled by the Kadaffi clan. There are also some commandos from Britain (SAS) and American (Special Forces) operators are also believed wandering around, mainly to escort diplomats or perform reconnaissance (and find out who is in charge among the rebels).

The Egyptian commandos alleged to be operating in Libya are from Unit 777 which, according to Strategy Page, is considered to be a highly “competent” counter-terrorist unit:

Unit 777 trains with the help of the German GSG-9, French GIGN, and American Delta Force commandos. All Unit 777 members are qualified in static-line (low altitude) airborne operations, and possibly with HALO (high altitude jumps) as well.

But Unit 777’s job in the past, under the Mubarak regime, was the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, here they are, allegedly in Libya, advising the rebels. 

Question: if true, who sent them (given Egypt’s current “turmoil”)?

Question: if their previous duty was suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, what’s their current mission in Egypt?

Question: what is their real mission in Libya – is this a move by Egypt to annex a part of Libya eventually?

Any Egyptian involvement in Libya has to be handled very carefully. While the two countries fought a three day war in 1977, the real cause of tension is the fact that for thousands of years, most of Libya was considered part of Egypt. Given the fact that Libya has all that oil, and less than a tenth of the population of Egypt, well, then, you can figure out the rest. But for the moment, everyone is a revolutionary brother. At least for as long as the moment lasts, then history takes over.

And should the rebels eventually win and given the obvious turmoil that would follow, who would be positioned then to perhaps annex a part of Libya – most likely the part with oil – claiming historical sovereignty?

Oh … and what would we (or could we) do about it?



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8 Responses to Are Egyptian commandos operating in Libya

  • How cynical, McQ!!!
    I am sure that any involvement by Egypt is limited to providing iPhones and instruments of Twitter to the freedom aspiring yowths of Libya.
    Your thinking is SOOOO last century.  Really, this borders on outright bigotry!

    • And the alleged Syrian warplanes shot down by the rebels were dropping Ipads and Iphones to the Khadfi (I’m going back to the old spelling when we could be politically improper and at least consistent) loyalists to help them better understand the Islamic democratic process they surely yearn for.  They can use the internet to see how Khadfi has made them free, or enslaved them, wait…let me check my notes on how I’ve been told to feel.
      Any other academic (and I mean that in all possible senses of the word) exercises we can run from there in the safety of the United States?  I love it when the brown peoples of the world yearn for the freedom we have here, so long as they do as they’re told by their intellectual superiors, many of whom are wise progressive libertarian leftist college professors.
      Stop laughing.

      • President Obama announced Monday that military trials will resume for detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, saying the tribunals are an “important tool in combating international terrorists.”
        Pres::ent Obama finally makes a decision.

        • Once he had decided to keep the place open, it was essential, essential I tell you, that he make a rapid decision pertaining to the disposition of those men incarcerated without benefit of Constitutional privileges in Gitmo.
          I think this further demonstrates his sincerity and dedication to the American People, the Office of the Presidency, the Constitution he swore to uphold and most importantly, his intent to combat international terrorism with every mechanism at his disposal.

  • And should the rebels eventually win and given the obvious turmoil that would follow, who would be positioned then to perhaps annex a part of Libya – most likely the part with oil – claiming historical sovereignty?
    Well if the reason for the public protests in Egypt were for better bread and circuses like I suspect and not for democracy, seizing Libya’s oil seems like it would be consistent in appeasing the protesters and people of Egypt.

    • Well that and more – they can satisfy the crowd with an easy victory, appeal to their nationalism by claiming historical sovereignty, help fill the states coffers with oil money, tell the world they’re helping stabilize the region and do it all understanding the US won’t do a darned thing.

  • Judging by the footage from the BBC out of Ras Lanuf, they could use a few people with basic junior infantry leader tactical skills. A more undisciplined, disorganised, incompetent mob of brigands I never saw in my life.