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I want this shirt (update)

Sometimes as you wander through the vast reaches of the internet, you find something that makes you laugh out loud while at the same time creating an intense desire to own it:


Brilliant.  And dead right.

UPDATE: It can be ordered here. (Thanks tkc)



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51 Responses to I want this shirt (update)

  • I ordered one last week.  Cafepress has them.,425147138

  • A fat MILLIONAIRE propagandist with…

  • Michael Moore is a leftist with all pretense to morality stripped away.

    He has become rich selling dishonesty and faux outrage. It’s a show for the left, and he knows it. He no more believes the stuff he puts in his movies than he believes the moon is made of green cheese.

    The clueless and gullible left has elevated him to sainthood, and he makes an easy and very wealthy living from that. He was one of the first to realize that if you fed the prejudices of the left, regardless of the truth, then they would treat that way. Al Gore learned much from him. So did Barack Obama.

    • Probably the most ironically hilarious thing that ever happened to Moore is the Cuban government banning “Sicko”. They were afraid the Cuban people would see the hospitals of the elite Moore portrayed as average hospitals in Cuba and riot.

      • Fat Mikey insists the Cubans ordered a copy, and instructed that it be shown nationwide.
        I understand that Fat Mikey sent them a 16mm print, and a spare bulb for the Projector Nacionale, which coincidentally is the headlight from a Trabant.
        He threw in a few specially printed “pop-up” books for the rural regions where electricity is problematic.

      • It’s not irony. That’s reality…

  • I wonder, are these made in the US or by gulag workers in China? Sounds like another movie watiing to be made. 🙂

    • Well the sympathies on the shirt are proven every time Moore opens his jowls to do something other than stuff in another Twinkie.
      Why don’t you run a quick study and get back to us on whether your pondering out loud is baseless innuendo, or fact.

      • Um, sorry, that was an attempt to poke humor at Moore. I guess it makes more sense if you can hear the words. Oh well.

        • And my bad for being snippy – it’s Guatemala and Mexico, actually, though the working conditions in Guatemala and Mexico may make these shops appear to be good, I honestly can’t say.
          I can believe that comparing wages in these shops as a measure of ‘sweat shop’ is a non-starter since they like to compare them to US wages, which, unless they are then going to compare the cost of living to US cost of living, and compare conditions between companies in those locales (nice employers vs evil turn of the century American garment district chain you to your table scum bag employers) is meaningless.
          Yes, I went and looked up what I could on Sara Lee, owners of Hanes….which the adds on the site say is the maker of the T-shirts these logos are printed on.  And that’s full disclosure of what I learned.

          • It’s all good man! Doesn’t Sara Lee do those snack cake things or is that someone else?

  • Michael Moore is THE voice of America, the real America of middle class working people who have stood by too long while the the Kochs, the Murdochs, the Halliburtons, have turned the United States into their own personal cash machine. In his documentaries, in his monumental speech last Saturday, in his appearances on MSNBC this past week, he has awakened the people, and we are not going to take it any more! Tomorrow in Madison will be a turning point in our history. Thank you Mr. Moore.

    • The most disturbing aspect of this comment is that it isn’t satire.

    • 100 bucks says you’ve done no research outside of what you’ve heard from Moore. Another 100 bucks says you live in Los Angeles, California with all the other dumb asses who think this way. I hate LA. I need to get the hell out of here.  

  • Is gov’t intervention the reason this website chose the most unreadable color scheme since lime green on orange?

  • A few Latin American states have nationalized their resources and mostly kicked the multinationals out. Bolivia’s average income income has increased 7X plus medical care and better civil rights. Socialism just might not be the dirty word we were taught in school. Before some one invokes Godwin’s law here let me say that the National Socialists in Germany were a consortium of politicians and industrialists, pure capitalists. Good on yer,Moore.

    • Another that believes there’s a free lunch out there somewhere.

      Oh, and nice attempt to redefine National Socialism. Public school grad?

      • There is a free lunch out there.  But the free lunch in America isn’t for the poor.. it goes right to the top.  Try doing a little research into government subsidies and you wonder where all the money’s going?  Try Walmart, CSX, Cabelas, and Exxon. Or maybe the billions in agricultural subsidies to produce cheap corn.  The billions to fund dirty energy projects for coal and oil.  The free lunch is for the billionaires and multi-millionaires.  Wake up!  The poor don’t have any political power.  This country is run by plutocrats and for the plutocrats.  The revolving door in American politics from industry to political office is incredible and ubiquitous. Just take a look at Dick Cheney’s resume.

        • You won’t find anyone here supporting subsidies – for anyone or anything.

          And there’s still no free lunch – anywhere.

          • As Mr. Wilson just said “the free lunch in America isn’t for the poor.. it goes right to the top.”  So either you disagree that subsidies are a “free lunch” or you deny the fact that these companies are receiving outrageous subsidies, which act to increase the bottom line instead of making its way down to the working class.  This flaw under our current system further necessitates the need to provide the expanding lower class with “free lunches” just to keep the most desperate families  afloat.  It seems like you agree with Sam, but are reluctant to find yourself on common ground.  Like Sam said let’s put these subsidies into something that we can all benefit from, opposed to just those on top (ie clean energy, infrastructure, etc).  I have a feeling you would agree with the idea that while ideally subsidies would be minimized, they could be better spend than they are now.  Additionally, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to agree that the return on investment would benefit society better by doing more to support small businesses (a fact that Obama seems to continually overlook.)  Capitalism can and does work, but it works best with competition in the market.  I noticed how partisan everyone was in these comments and this seemed to be the first thread where anything close to an agreement was reached (not to mention without ad hominem).  Not to sound overly idealistic, but its nice to actually have a dialogue about something and to focus on where agreement exists.  Even if it’s something small, it makes for a much more stimulating conversation, especially when the conversation starts to snowball and more commonalities come to light.  Although subsidies may not be ideal in your opinion, they will continue to exist.  Upon accepting that fact, it makes more sense to discuss how to get the biggest bang for the buck.

          • I know what “Mr. Wilson” said. Apparently you don’t understand what I said. I said there’s “no free lunch for anyone”. I also said you’ll find no support here for subsidies for anyone. What part of that don’t you get?

        • Oh, dirty dirty energy,  ooooooooooo.
          Like the stuff that powers your monitor and your cpu….
          Are you saying the President is a plutocrat?

  • I don’t deify Moore, but he and his work are commonly misunderstood.
    First of all, how many of the people railing against Moore have actually watched all of his movies to know what he says?  The right wants to tell you he is a hardcore socialist / anti-capitalist, and if you are buying that then at the very least you have to ask yourself if it might be you who is being duped.  Certainly the left is duped sometimes by some people, but ask yourself if it makes sense to say that the left is being duped and the right can’t be duped.  It doesn’t make sense.  People on both sides are being duped.  Indeed, if you think that the most important division in our country is left/right, you have already been duped by those in powerful positions in corporations and government.
    Now, let’s take an example of how Moore is misunderstood.  Take the Cuba thing in “Sicko.” Everyone says that he was trying to tell people that Cuba has better health care than the United States.  But what does he show in the movie?  He shows people who are going bankrupt because of insurmountable bills from an illness they had.  Their medications are so expensive on top of that that they can’t pay for them. Then they go down to Cuba and find that they can get free health care and the same medication for pennies on the dollar.
    The point made is in the irony that Americans, living in this proud nation, could go to Cuba (of all places) and get better access to medicine and health care.  That is not to say that the health care there is better.  But for these people, something is better than nothing.  And these are not dirt poor, lazy people.  These are middle-America, hard-working people who went bankrupt because of an illness.  Many of them are even insured, albeit with terrible insurance coverage.  Everyone should be ashamed that this could happen here.  Everyone.  Not just people on the left.

    • Thanks Tom.  You hit the nail on the head.  I wish I would have read your thoughts before posting.  “If you think that the most important division in our country is left/right, you have already been duped by those in powerful positions in corporations and government.”  That’s a fantastic comment on the current political climate.  We will certainly all be better off by taking that statement to heart.  I also like your perspective on Sicko.  While I dislike Moore and his films, I think that there is some truth under all the BS in Sicko and the contrast between Cuba and the US is a shocking (no surprise) way of demonstrating the failure of our system.  Like I said before, it’s important to emphasize common ground and I think we can all agree to some extent that the insurance industry is broken.

  • Michael Moore is NOT the voice of all Americans. He is only the voice of those that have FIGURED IT OUT. The main problem is that the capitalist (who own damn near everything) have duped so many of you into believing they are NEVER the problem. And you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Figured out? Tell me again how Moore became rich?

    • That depends on if you are measuring Americans per capita or per pound.

    • I really love your use of “it”. Maybe one day you could explain exactly what “it” is that Americans have figured out. Until then, I suggest you stay away from any debates.

  • If I had a dollar every time government was blamed for the problems caused by laissez faire capitalism, I’d be… a rich capitalist.

  • And if I had a dollar for every time problems caused by greed were blamed on the government, I’d be a Fox News Correspondent.

  • Geeze, makes you wonder how many internet identities Moore has don’t it?
    Question to the faithful – is the schlub rich, or not?  When he got on TV the other day and suggested we take the money from ‘the rich’ do you think he was thinking of donating, I don’t know, say, that $2million+ he was trying to get back from the schyster accounting practices of the movie moguls to, I don’t know, the poor?
    Or was he going to maybe, buy a few more twinkies with it?   Personally, I’d suggest a razor, and maybe a new ball cap for starters, might set him back $20.00 (good razor, not those cheap Bic one bladed jobbos)
    He has “FIGURED IT OUT” all right, and you folks demonstrate how right he is.  When he moves to a 2000 sq ft home in the average suburbs, and gives half his wealth away, come talk to me about how he is a champion of the little guy.  Till then, he’s a fat version of Al Gore, playing on your class envy and laughing all the way to the bank with YOUR money in his chubby fist.
    He’s Jimmy Swaggert without the weekly tears.

    • “Americans will always vote against their own self interest.” – Bill Maher … Sorry, that was supposed to be “conservatives.”  Call it like it is.  They’re a buncha tards.

  • re Redefining national socialism: A quick google will turn up quite a few America n companies that co-operated with the nazis including GM, Ford, GE and UBC the latter of which was directed by Prestcott Bush, GW’s granddaddy. He was brought to trial, but the club interfered and it all just went quietly away.

  • And if I had a dollar for every problem caused by capitalism that was fixed by government, I’d be named Koch, and have a brother.

    • Name the problems “caused” buy capitalism and “fixed” by government and I’ll show you you haven’t any idea of what capitalism is.

      • Hmmm, what was that whole bailout thingy all about?

        • If you are such a staunch supporter of capitalism then you must agree that the auto industry should have been allowed to fail and a lot of folks on wallstreet should be in jail instead of cashing bonuses.

          • You won’t find any posts on this blog supporting the bailout of either the auto industry or Wall Street.

            Of course you’d have to read the blog first instead of making unfounded assumptions to know that.

  • The government IS capitalism, you dumb shit.

    • Wow … a dumber comment hasn’t been made in oh … well, never.

      You haven’t a clue have you? And yet here you are making your ignorance public.


  • Some one needs to photoshop this shirt on to Micheal Moore. Even better use him as the model for the shirt!

  • I would say it’s the other way around.

  • Capitalism is neither the solution nor the problem of human interaction anymore than any other system of government or economics. The problem lies in the inherent selfishness of those who possess the means to control the outcome of other person’s lives.

  • If you feel the need to defend or berate Moore based on a t-shirt, you are a complete idiot.
    Watch his movies, or don’t.  Nobody else gives a shit about your opinion.

  • To all the people bashing capitalism on this board, try creating a pencil and thank your lucky stars we even HAVE capitalism to create the goods that support the world. Our “poor” in the US have more, live better, and have more opportunities than most other nations on earth.

    Milton Friedman says it best: