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Obama no leader and would prefer "easier" job as president of China

John Hinderaker at Powerline hits on something I’ve been saying for quite some time about the man in the White House:

Last night Col. Ralph Peters was on Bill O’Reilly’s show, talking about Libya. Peters thinks we should act on behalf of the rebels there, but he expressed skepticism that President Obama will ever do anything. "Obama loves the idea of being President," Peters said, "but he can’t make a decision."

I think there is a lot of truth to that, even in domestic policy, where Obama has passively deferred to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on all legislative matters. One can debate whether action is appropriate in Libya or not, but Peters is certainly right when it comes to foreign policy–it is a safe bet that Obama will do nothing, because doing something would require a decision.

Now it just so happens that I think we ought to stay out of Libya, so this is a stopped clock moment for me.  I essentially agree with Obama’s non-decision.

However, to the larger point.  I agree with Peters completely when he says “Obama loves the idea of President, but he can’t make a decision”.  I might have said it a little differently.  Obama loves the idea of being President and the trappings and perks.  What he doesn’t like is the job.

I think that should be abundantly clear to anyone who has closely observed the man and taken a look at his background.  I always remember the words of the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review who said that Obama loved the title of Editor of the Law Review, but he didn’t want to do the work.  The managing editor said he rarely saw him except when it was to glad hand or take credit (and praise) for what was being done.  Additionally, Obama never wrote a thing for the review during his tenure, something almost unheard of.

In all cases, his problem is a leadership problem – a familiar topic for regular readers here.  He’s simply not a leader.  He has no idea how to be a leader.  But that doesn’t keep him from wanting leadership roles that offer him prestige, perks and pleasure derived from simply from being in the position. 

The reason Obama can’t make a decision is he can’t reason like a leader must.  He has no experience.  And he doesn’t understand the decision making process as practiced by a leader.  He’s never really had to make leadership decisions. So he simply tries to avoid making them.  One way he does it is to ignore the problem.  Another way he does this is to appoint commissions and panels concerning problems the country faces in order to defer the problem (and decision).  He also like to defer to the “international community” on foreign policy or the Democratic leadership in the legislature on domestic things.  Again, the avoidance of decision making.

And, in the end, he lets them make the decisions for him and then he jumps on the bandwagon with a speech full of rhetoric about how they (whichever party he is deferring to on whatever issue) have listened to him and decided on a course much like he recommended.  Or something like that.

Even the Democrats are noticing how poor a leader he is.  They’ve been hollering for weeks, some of them very vocally, that he needs to step up and show some leadership in the budget process.  To this point he’s done much of nothing.   Today he gave a press conference on energy because gas prices have increased.  Essentially his line of argument, concerning domestic oil, is we’re doing fine and we shouldn’t worry.

And where has he decided to try to take a little leadership? 

School bullying.

Umhmmm.  That boiling, roiling top tier controversy that threatens to tear the world apart.  On the turmoil in the Middle East, yeah, uh, not so much.  France is doing just fine and besides, Hillary will be by to see you soon.

Instead of a leader, we’re stuck with this:

Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”

Amazing. "Easier". See Peters’ words above.

I say we cut him loose in 2012 and let him take the “hope and change” show to China to make his case.  They’ll be bankrupt inside of 2 years.


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33 Responses to Obama no leader and would prefer "easier" job as president of China

  • Yeah … just all him Pres**ent Obama.

  • “that it would be so much easier to be the president of China”
    Right, because he knows how to be ‘that’ kind of leader.  The kind of leader that he thinks doesn’t get involved in the dirty details of making real decisions and planning, and to contrary, our boy couldn’t survive in what is probably the highly cuthroat world of Chinese Communist politics where I’d wager Hu Jintao is no slouch at making decisions).
    Obama reads it all wrong, no surprise, he thinks it’s
    “Do as you’re F*@#!*#! told!  I won!  Stop arguing with me, and do what I tell you to do!”
    And he’s good at telling people what to do from 30,000 feet, on the ground, where it counts?  Not so much.
    That shows up every time he gives a speech, in his style, he ‘tells’ everyone what he wants, and when he comes back from his latest trip, golf game, White House dinner, he expects it to have been done.    And if it’s not, he’ll make that characteristic Obama frownie face at you and…and….and….maybe give you another speech, appoint a Czar, get a booking on Letterman or the Daily Show.

    • The number one sign that you are dealing with someone who has no idea what leadership is is when they somehow show that they think that leadership is when you tell someone to do something, and then they do it without question, because you’re the leader and for no other reason.
      Obama’s dead wrong. I can’t say which of “Communist dictator” and “US President” is harder to do well, but to do poorly is a no-brainer. A poor President like him retires in 4 years and has a loyal cadre of people who will defend his record for the rest of his life regardless of how much a stinker it is, and he can just hang around with them and progressively sink into the delusion that he was a good man. A poor Communist dictator typically ends up dead in short order. (Actually they never even make it that far.)

      • Oh, he might have become “Paramount Leader” of China in some BBC comedy, through a series of unlikely coincidences.
        “Ah, so sorry, Premier was killed falling off of balcony onto exploding bomb during tragic hunting accident, time is short, you are now acting Premier.”
        But for him to rise to power in most other places he’d have to be far more capable just to be in a position that close to power in the first place.   He’s the benefactor of a perfect political storm that we won’t see again for a long time.

  • It’s incredible. I can’t remember a president in my lifetime who complained so much, advertised so much weakness, and made so many bold idiotic declarations like the US getting 80% of its energy from renewable sources by 2035.

    Obama seems to think he is leading the nation from a television show. I’ll take Martin Sheen as Jed Bartlett over Obama as POTUS.

    • It’s not he’s a lousy leader Hux, that could NEVER be!   It’s that we’re suddenly lousy followers.  No doubt, another thing we learned from Bush.

    • Reagan did fairly well .. so did Clinton … but I can’t imagine that there will be much good will left for Obama when he retires from being Pres**ent.

      • Clinton didn’t lead, he connived.
        Yeas ago, Dick Morris noted how, during meetings, Clinton would go on for HOURS about how to redistribute wealth.
        That’s not leading, that’s buying votes.

    • At this point even Charlie Sheen would be a better alternative. hahaha

  • Such an obvious lightweight would never stand a chance of being “President of China”

  • PS-  The liberals really have this love affair with China, don’t they?

  • Who knew this governing stuff could be so freakin’ hard!

    • Politico summed up today’s presser … Obama moved to reassure Americans that, yeah — gas prices are bad. And he gets it.
      It’s really sad when you come to believe that the guy in the movie “Dave” could do a better job than this poor excuse.

      She’s Polynesian – well, half Polynesian, and half American. She’s… Amnesian.

      • In real life, our faux President is …
        half Black and half White.  He’s Blite

        No he’s half white and half black. He’s Whack.

  • To me, leadership has always entailed a component of moral courage.
    Obama cannot lead, given that is true, because he literally exhibits no…not the least…moral courage.

    • I’ve believed since before the 2008 election that Obama wears his faith and his morals like a suit.
      The problem for us mere mortals is that we don’t know which suit he is wearing.

    • To me, leadership has always entailed a component of moral courage.

      >>>>>>  I don’t know about moral courage – there’s been plenty of effective leaders (effective meaning they get results) that have been immoral or amoral.

      But what they all have in common is that they freaking have to make a decision in the first place, and then later not flip-flop like a dying fish.

      Say what you want about the decisions he made, but George W. Bush sure did have the ballys to come to a decision and stand by it.  Can you imagine Baracky, our coronated man-child making a decision as unpopular as initiating and sticking with the Iraq surge????  This guy can’t even get enough guts raised to agree to defund NPR, and that’s a freaking trivial item.

      Obama is the emptiest of suits.

  • “it would be so much easier to be the president of China”

    Nah, I think he should have said Emperor of China, but he is too ignorant to know the difference. The president of China has to actually work and make decisions, while the Emperor did basically nothing; the Emperor reigned, the president rules.

    • Isn’t it obvious that Obama has begun to realize that there is nothing more he can achieve.
      A total incompetence demonstrates the ultimate instantiation of the “Peter Principle”

      • In order to reach his level of incompetence he had to reach his level of competence.
        When, exactly, did THAT ever happen in the first place?
        The man is walking proof that Peter was WRONG.

    • There was a Confucian saying to the effect, “The emperor faces East and the Kingdom is good.”
      This is Obama. “I exist, therefore good things will happen. I speak, therefore reality changes,”
      Also not the Confucians had the Mandate of Heaven – very handy. if things are going well, you have it. When they go bad, you don’t.

  • Jumping Jehoshaphat,  his speech on Japan “This is a potentially catastrophic disaster” – He’s out of his frigging mind.
    Yeah, potentially.

    • Obama gets some relief as the catastrophe in Japan drops oil prices .. lucky break

  • It’s not the fact that he thinks such a thought which surprises me. It’s the fact that he’s stupid enough to say it publicly.

    It bespeaks the deepest contempt for the American system ever seen in any president.

    But, as I said during the election, given that we have a meltdown coming and that the left sowed the seeds for it, it’s better that this foolish, foolish man be in office and show the true face of leftism so it’s fresh in people’s mind as we face the disaster.

    As bad as it looks under Obama, if McCain had been elected, I think things might have been worse. We might still have some form of universal healthcare, because I think McCain was ready to “reach across the aisle” “in a spirit of bipartisan compromise” etc. to get his name in the history books. He was as clueless and contemptuous about economics and civil government as Obama – witness McCain-Feingold and his behavior during TARP/stimulus under Bush. However, if McCain has been elected and foisted some substantial portion of the leftist agenda on us, I think it would have been impossible to reform the GOP. A third party would have been the only possible route.

    Unfortunately, it still might be.

    • “It’s not the fact that he thinks such a thought which surprises me. It’s the fact that he’s stupid enough to say it publicly.”
      Yes, why would he do it, I’ll tell you why; to gain approval from his peers:

      “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something God recognizes I will do – and I have done it – and God forgives me for it”….Jimmy Carter

      I thought Carter was “rock bottom”, how could I have been so wrong?

    • I think he thinks it was a joke. Didn’t Bush once say being a dictator would be easier?
      And he does have a point that the whole world listens to and complains about the USA’s actions. Not so much China.
      Still, this dude chose the job.

  • Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”

    I wonder exactly what he means by this?  Is it:

    (A) That being president of Red China – a dictator, in theory – is easier than being the  president of a republic?  “I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.” If so, then I suggest that he has no idea what being the “president” of Red China is like.  As looker and Jeremy Bowers point out, politics in a dictatorship is… rough.

    (B) He thinks that he gets too much criticism because he’s the President of the United States, so everybody watches him all the time while nobody cares what Hu Jintao has to say about much of anything (wonder how Hu feels about that!).  Poor Barry; it’s rough having people criticize you when you’re trying so gosh-darned hard.

  • Bill Kristol over at The Weekly Standard had the best take:

    Mr. Obama is right.
    If you’re president of China, people around the world who are fighting for freedom don’t really expect you to help. If you’re president of China, you don’t have to put up with annoying off-year congressional elections, and then negotiate your budget with a bunch of gun-and-religion-clinging congressmen and senators. If you’re president of China, you can fund your national public radio to your heart’s content. And if you’re president of China, when you host a conference on bullying in schools, people take you seriously.
    Unfortunately for him and us, Barack Obama is president of the United States. That job brings with it certain special responsibilities. It’s a tough job—maybe tougher than being president of China. But Barack Obama ran for president of the United States. Maybe he should start behaving as one.