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China’s effrontery knows no bounds

You are all familiar with the killer earthquake that occurred in New Zealand recently.  During that disaster, 70 international students at the King’s English Language School, along with 10 staff, lost their lives.  Among the dead were 7 Chinese students.

You’ll never guess why China is now demanding increased compensation for its dead students:

Chinese officials have requested extra compensation for the families of Chinese students killed by the Christchurch earthquake. They say China’s one-child policy means the families will face long-term economic hardship.

In a Radio New Zealand interview this morning, Cheng Lee, head of the Chinese Embassy’s disaster relief efforts, explained that China’s situation was very unusual due to the fact that, under Chinese law, families could only have one child per couple.

Mr Cheng believes the Chinese families deserve special consideration and should be given economic assistance above what’s available under New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) payments. Mr Cheng said: "There is a very notable difference in terms of the family situation between the Chinese family members and other foreign family members. You can expect how lonely, how desperate they are, not only from losing loved ones, but losing almost entirely their source of economic assistance after retirement."

So here’s a summary of the thinking as presented by Mr. Cheng – Since China unilaterally and by force restricted its population to one child per family and subsequently since in the case of the disaster in NZ, some of those children were killed, creating a hardship for the families, it is the responsibility of the government of New Zealand to up its compensation to the Chinese families (over and above what it pays others) because of the consequences of the Chinese law.

A pretty absurd claim wouldn’t you say?  And the claim also implies that the Chinese student’s lives were more valuable than those of the others that were killed  – again, the supposed value based in a law which restricted parents to one child.

Mr Joyce said that with all the investigations currently underway it was too soon to say if special compensation might be available for any of the victims’ families.

Really?  The fact that NZ is even entertaining the idea for the reasons given are astounding.  If China believes what it is claiming – i.e. that because of the policy of one child per family, the families effected have a particularly tough road ahead of them financially – then it should be compensating the parents for the consequences of its policy, not New Zealand.



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8 Responses to China’s effrontery knows no bounds

  • I guess if you don’t believe in God, then there is no such thing as an “Act of God”
    … sue Gaia

    • Here is a novel argument (which I don’t personally subscribe to but .. hey, who cares).
      The AGW loonies are saying AGW causes earthquakes.
      New Zealand ratified on 19 December 2002. China never did, so China brought on this earthquake by not ratifying Kyoto.
      China has only themselves to blame.

    • I don’t believe in god, but I do acknowledge that “Sh&t Happens”.

  • I doubt this goes anywhere.  I’d be absolutely shocked if this ends with anything other than the Zealies telling the ChiComs to eff off in a polite but firm manner.

  • We live in a mad, mad world.  More so all the time.

  • ,” but losing almost entirely their source of economic assistance after retirement.”

    So much for ‘to each according to his needs’. The Revolution is dead. Evidently the parents of those students are not members of the Chinese Nomenklatura, else their post-retirement needs would be more than adequately covered. 

    But then again, why not pay the Chinese extra? If New Zealand is like the US, their taxpayers are already subsidizing the education of those Chinese students. 

  • They believe they deserve more ultimately because they’re above everyone else.
    We are going to rue the day we built them up economically.

  • tell them to go screw themselves.
    And I read the other day that the remake of Red Dawn was supposed to have Chinese in the place of the Soviets but the studio is scared of backlash and has changed the villains.