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Meanwhile in Yemen …

Is this our next humanitarian intervention?

52 people were killed and hundreds wounded  – civilians that is – by their own government.

Isn’t that our and the UN’s new standard for intervention?

Three generals have come out in support of the protesters, many diplomatic personnel have resigned in various Yemeni embassies around the world.

Sound like the scenario we witnessed in Libya?

But Saleh is not showing any signs of resigning, the source said.

"I’m bracing myself for military clashes," the official said.

That too sounds very familiar.

Is the Security Council scheduling a meeting?  Is a new R2P resolution being readied?

Just wonderin’ …



2 Responses to Meanwhile in Yemen …

  • Even more interesting, will R2P be applied to Bahrain and our ‘friends’ the Saudis?  I’ll guess that the answer is ‘no’.
    At some point this R2P thing will be called out as so much BS.

  • One problem is that R2P could be applied to dozens of countries around the world.  According to the UN, we know have just cause to wage global war just about anywhere we want as long as the government there misbehaves.  Is that really what the UN and the Democrats want?  But it then also raises charges of hypocrisy and rightly so.  If we’re willing to attack Libya without any national interest, why aren’t we attacking Yemen, Somalia, etc.?  If the President can’t explain it to the American citizens, how could we expect citizens of the Middle East to understand.