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In case you haven’t seen it yet

Classic (via Hot Air):



If they just could have worked in something about Gitmo and “dumb wars” it would have been complete.  Glad to see the unicorn getting a workout though.



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  • LOVE the unicorn…!!!

  • I really like the golf playing references.  Michael Moore would be proud.

    • That was totally Moore-onic, Poque.  You have more in common with Fat Mikey.

      • Good of you to chime in, Rags.  What, you don’t see any parallel at all with what this ad is mocking Obama for playing golf, and what Michael Moore did in his film?  If you don’t, then would you be so kind to explain why?
        Every time I see one of you guys mocking Obama as “The Dear Golfer” I immediately think of how much you have in common with Michael Moore.

        • ANY parallel at ALL.
          Both are about Presidents.
          Both tangentially refer to golf.
          Moore’s was a cheap shot about BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooosh making a very serious…very correct…statement just before returning to his game.
          The Obama commercial was an observation…quite true…of the man’s excessive pursuit of leisure activities.  One which is pretty universal at this point…across the political spectrum.  Do you demure, darlin’?
          If you see Moore parellels than those, PUT THEM UP.

          • The Obama commercial was an observation…quite true…of the man’s excessive pursuit of leisure activities.
            The film for which this clip was taken from, did the exact same thing.  It showed Bush fishing, golfing, working on his ranch, etc.
            It was the exact same tactic – portray an unconcerned, distant president ignoring his responsibilities while the world burned.  The tactic ignored the reasonable assumption that any president, at any time, is never away from his job.  This attack is by design to focus the viewers attention on irrelevant activities thereby diverting focus on substantive policy debate.
            The parallel is a mirror image.
            I think it is your turn… to call me something nasty, or whatever.

          • That you see any parity between the two productions…in truth…puts you outside of any need I have to engage you.
            But you are free to be Fat Mikey’s water boy.  I’m good with whoever you want to lay down with.

        • No, its not because we are the same as Michael Moore that people do the Dear Golfer thing, its because we know that if it were President McCain golfing that much, it would be a big MSM story promoted everyday. I mean, do we still get the “grim milestone” stories? No. Now we get “unexpectedly” instead.
          Wait, if that as was official GOP, then you are right, because they’re doing it to get votes. Fair enough.

    • Be nice if he could make a vid that humorous – on purpose I mean.

      • Well, maybe you didn’t find it that humorous, but many people did.  After all, he’s made millions doing these sorts of attacks.  Whereas, the producers of this film… not so much.  What does the market say about that?
        I find it humorous that you think these sorts of attacks on those you disagree with are funny as hell, but when Michael Moore does the exact same thing to someone you agree with… he’s some kind of lying hack.

        • Not to put too fine a point on this, but you are a complete idiot, Poque.

          • Much like the video in the post, and much like Michael Moore videos, your attack is ad hominem, and has a complete lack any substance at all.

          • Poquey, baby…  I did not attack you.  I identified you.
            That is all you deserve, and all the time I have for your silliness.

          • Bravo, Rags.  Bravo.
            I just don’t see how I can compete with that.

        • So where were the lies in the vid, Pogue? You know as opposed to “Sicko” where Moore tried to sell hospitals for the Communist party elite in Cuba as the regular ones all Cubans enjoy?

  • OK. I am precisely 12 time zones away from my home in America. I have had a busy day and it is near midnight so I am catching up on email and the blogs.
    You mean to tell me this is a genuine DNC ad?
    Say it ain’t so …

  • All that’s missing from the real Obama kickoff ad is “Can you carry my golf bags for me ?” but it is implied.