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Is a government shut down gaining favor among voters?

Apparently, according to a Rasmussen poll, a majority think a government shutdown would be a good thing if it led to deeper cuts in spending.

I’m not sure how seriously to take this in light of other polls which say Americans want cuts but not to any number of our most expensive entitlements.

That said, let’s look at the numbers in the Rasmussen report.  Again, as far as I’m concerned, the key demographic here is “independents”.  They’re the swing vote in any national election.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of Democrats say avoiding a government shutdown is more important than deeper spending cuts. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans – and 67% of voters not affiliated with either of the major parties – disagree.

That works out to 57% of the total saying that deeper spending cuts are more important than avoiding a government shutdown.

To most that would mean the GOP is on the right track pushing deeper cuts.

Oh, and one little note here, just in passing – all of this could have been avoided if the Democratic Congress had done its job last year and passed a budget.  As it turns out, I’m glad they didn’t because just like the health care bill, I’m sure we’d have been stuck with an expensive monstrosity.  But what’s happening now about “government shutdown” is a direct result of Congressional Democrats not doing their job. 

That said, let’s look at another interpretation of the numbers from Rasmussen.  This one shows the divide between “we the people” and “they the politicians”:

There’s a similar divide between Political Class and Mainstream voters. Fifty-two percent (52%) of the Political Class say avoiding a shutdown is more important than deeper spending cuts. Sixty-five percent (65%) of Mainstream voters put more emphasis on spending cuts.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Political Class voters say it is better to avoid a shutdown by authorizing spending at a level most Democrats will agree to. Sixty-six percent (66%) of those in the Mainstream would rather see a shutdown until deeper spending cuts can be agreed on.

Most of those in the Political Class (52%) see a shutdown as bad for the economy, but just 38% of Mainstream voters agree.

So … what is it going to be GOP?  Stick with your guns or cave?

BTW, using the Rand Paul “we spend $5 billion a day in government” standard, a shut down sounds like a money saving opportunity doesn’t it.  Call each day a defacto spending cut.  10 days, $50 billion. 
I like it.



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  • I’ve never been a real fan of government shutdowns because they always seems to pay everybody, even those who were sent home, anyway.

  • But a shut-down is SUPPOSED to be a killer Collectivist tool…!?!?!
    Looks like MAYBE the people are beginning to develop some maturity.
    Or desperation is setting in as the handwriting on the wall becomes ever more clear.

  • I’m in favor of continuing resolutions every two weeks with an increasing scale of cuts. It’s simple and easy to explain. After watching the smart guys on Fox last night I’m getting the sinking feeling that the political class (on our side) is throwing in the towel. And likely that’s the message coming from the House leadership. 20 years ago, I would have been inclined to accept their professional judgment that all they can get is 51%. Pocket the win and move on from there to the Ryan Budget. But considering how poorly they’ve behaved and led for the past 10 years, I’m not so inclined to accept that they have the school solution.
    Their credibility is on the line and whatever the result, it better be enough to satisfy the millions of people who gave them their victory in the first place. If I were them, I’d be more afraid of my own supporters than of the Democrats.

    • Yep. And the supporters know about the continuing resolutions and would approve, while the low information voters won’t even notice. If the Dems try to get people upset about it, the GOP can explain that its because the Dems didn’t pass a budget last year and won’t agree now.
      Instead, they are now allowing a “big” crisis where Obama will scaremonger on social security checks not being sent out.

  • The Republican leadership is asking its Members to make a silly vote. And it’s time for us to stop that silliness and get serious about the creation of jobs, get serious about not shutting down government, abdicating our responsibilities and shutting down government. — Nancy Pelosi (D-EXTREME former House Speaker whose EPIC FAILURE to pass a budget for FY2011 put us here)

  • Bruce:

    What the hell kind of “shutdown” is it when payments for Social Security, Medicare and unemployment continue?

    All this poll shows is Rasmussen trying to set the narrative again.

    • We knew that from the beginning didn’t we? So, it’s a shutdown of what isn’t on automatic pilot. And yes, that’s not much when you consider the size of entitlements, but it’s a start.

      • Bruce:

        A start to what? More Tea Party grandstanding hypocrisy? That started already; in fact, it started the Tea Party started and it’s been going full bore since.

        And No, we didn’t “know that” judging from Rasmussen’s dishonest headline. The public does not support a government shutdown if it led to deeper cuts in spending. The public supports a shutdown in spending they don’t like in order to achieve cuts in spending they don’t like. Which is spending theyt don’t get. They’re okay with cutting spending other people get.

        • Damn people, acting like people!!!
          You need to learn the VAST distinction between people being HUMAN, and hypocrisy.
          I will NOT hold my breath as you proceed…

        • Ok “we” didn’t, but I did. I’ve mentioned it here before. I understand your anger, but right now, I’ll take cuts in spending- any spending – any where I can get them. And that entails a government shut down, so be it.

          • I’m rooting for a shutdown, too. Those Tea Partiers in Congress need to be Housebroken

          • Root for the shutdown.  Its not going to be received the same as the last few.  Your expectations are going to backfire.  Establishment republicans will cave.  The public will be pissed at the lack of resolve in reducing spending and the Tea Party Movement will come out winners.  Establishment republicans and to a lesser extent, Democrats, will come out losers.

          • jpm:

            I don’t completely disagree. As long as some portion of those starving or dying of untreated health problems are those idiots who voted for this House of Representatives, I’ll be satisfied.

  • Rasmussen pols are as valuable as warm spit. They lean GOP, which means they are not reliable (just like the entire GOP). Cantor and cry-baby Boehner will be blamed for any shutdown. If they were serious about the deficit, why extend Bush’s $900 billion tax cuts? Those cuts didn’t work for Bush – through 8 years. Only a Tea Bagger would figure they would work now. And all because a black man was elected President.

  • Voters are often too fickle.  If or when a government shutdown were to take place, the perceived responsible party would suffer in the polls.  We both know this.
    This is why the GOP will not allow for a shutdown.  Unless – and this is a big caveat – the GOP sees no conceivable victory in over Obama in 2012.  Then, why not?  May as well give the base something to cheer for.
    There are no viable candidates at this time that could have a likely shot at unseating Obama.  Maybe someone will emerge, but as for now, the candidate does not exist.

    • I don’t know…..the mood is supposedly changed.  If the public can’t accept a shutdown over spending now, then they never will.  May as well give it a rry.

      Also, maybe if there is a shutdown but people see that things really don’t “shut down” to a halt, their opinion will change.

      At any rate, beig safe and accomodating has gotten the GOP nowhere.  Go for it, if you lose…..well chances are you were gonna lose anyway down the road.

  • But what’s happening now about “government shutdown” is a direct result of Congressional Democrats not doing their job.

    I had a big argument with a guy on FB the other day about this. He kept repeating “Filibuster! They couldn’t because of the Republican filibuster! And Cloture! And the Senate didn’t have 60 votes!”
    Trying to explain that you can’t filibuster a budget bill, that cloture actually forces a vote within 30 hours (and thus can’t be a stalling tactic) and that you only need a simple majority to pass a budget got me “They couldn’t get the budget bill out because of all the threats of filibuster! And you need 60 votes in the Senate for reconciliation!”
    He was so stupid he didn’t understand that a) other stuff got passed, so why not this b) A threat of a filibuster isn’t a filibuster and c) If you have a majority in both houses, you don’t have to reconcile anything – you just pick one of the two versions and have the other half of Congress pass that one.
    Dems are going to really screw up if there’s a shutdown, and the Reps are going to really screw up if they cave.

    • The media does an excellent job of misinformation and muddying of the waters.

  • Shut’er down!

  • Funny thing is, we’re talking about a “shut down” over cutting what amounts to a tiny fraction of the deficit.  It’s a bit like threatening to get a divorce because your free-spending spouse won’t quite going to Starbucks for a coffee once per month.

  • It’s not easy to follow what Obama has been saying about this because he never shuts up and one speech just fades into the next, but I think that I heard a clip where he was trying to claim that “shutting down the government” might “slow [or hurt] the recovery.”

    That was a real knee slapper.

    • I call the phenomenon you mention “Obamic Tinnitus”.  That annoying ringing in your ears, coupled with outrage at being lied to constantly.

    • Boeher has said a shut-down could be more costly than savings would off-set, or something.
      Anybody have any insights into the verity of that..????

  • “Sen. Schumer believes his party would benefit from a government shutdown,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel in a statement to reporters. “At this point, the House has passed a bill to fund the government through the end of the year while cutting spending. The Senate has not – and Sen. Schumer’s inaccurate rants won’t change that.”
    Republicans meanwhile, have for the first time since the spending debate began, acknowledged that a shutdown is looming, and begun trying to cow Democrats into backing down by suggesting the public will blame them for the gridlock.
    “In the scope of our debt crisis, if Senator Reid and Senator Schumer force the government to partially shut down over these sensible spending cuts, Americans will hold them accountable,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a statement yesterday.
    “We did control Washington for two years and the government didn’t shutdown any second of those two years,” Hoyer said, mocking the coming GOP line. At an event early Tuesday morning, Hoyer said the odds of a shutdown had climbed significantly in the last two weeks.
    So much of this has played out behind closed doors that it’s hard to suss out exactly who’s right. But we know that Republican rhetoric has stiffened, and that, after weeks of keeping their heads down, Democrats began leaking detailed accounts of the failed negotiations early this week. Republicans dispute these accounts, and say nothing has changed — but something clearly has. And Republicans don’t have a compelling explanation for it.
    And that is from TPM (Toilet Paper Mau-mau)

  • Government SHUT DOWN or SHUT UP, wow, look what it is doing to the military folks salaries, the fine US government does not pay the military folks during a government SHUT DOWN, during war this should never be considered, and even when we are not at war. The American government is turning a blind eye on the US Soldiers by shutting down the government, you all cannot see that.
    Yeah, I am for saving money, just like the next guy, but not on the US Soldiers time, they are fighting for our freedom.
    Lets keep that in perspective here.
    Pay the US Soldiers their wages during the SHUT DOWN, and then see how much your saving a day. If we cannot afford the war, then pull our US troops out. Not paying them is no way to save a dime.
    What a slap in the face this is to a US Soldier and his or her family.
    Proud to be an American, NOW!

  • man f*ck his sh*t i don’t want my dad to lose his retirement and think about all these innocent marines who are just tying to make a living and support their families. it is wrong and think bout the homeless rates now what has our world come to? thank you stupid f*cking obama