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Meanwhile in Libya …

As we watch the politicians dance around about government shut down and play their political games, a little aside for the quickly forgotten war in Libya.

This week NATO managed to take out 13 more … rebels.  Apparently NATO didn’t know the rebs planned on using some captured tanks and paid the price.

That’s led to a little friction between NATO and the rebs:

Outside Ajdabiya, rebel fighters slapped peach-colored paint on their vehicles to try to distinguish from the pro-Qaddafi units.

"We are painting the trucks so NATO won’t hit us," said Salam Salim, a 29-year-old rebel militiaman.

Tensions between the rebels and NATO were flaring even before the latest accident, with the fighters criticizing the alliance for doing too little to help them.

A NATO official, meanwhile, said there is growing frustration with the rebels’ perception that NATO is acting as their proxy air force. The U.N. mandate calls only for international air power to enforce a no-fly zone and prevent attacks on civilians — although Qaddafi’s ground forces remain a primary target.

"We’re trying to get messages back to them about what we’re doing and what we’re trying to achieve," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity under standing NATO regulations.

I can just see Gahdafi’s men slapping peach paint on their vehicles now.

Meanwhile, the promised “no boots on the ground?”   Not so firm apparently:

The United States may consider sending troops into Libya with a possible international ground force that could aid the rebels, according to the general who led the military mission until NATO took over.

Army Gen. Carter Ham also told lawmakers Thursday that added American participation would not be ideal, and ground troops could erode the international coalition and make it more difficult to get Arab support for operations in Libya.

Ham said the operation was largely stalemated now and was more likely to remain that way since America has transferred control to NATO.

He said NATO has done an effective job in an increasingly complex combat situation. But he noted that, in a new tactic, Muammar Qaddafi’s forces are making airstrikes more difficult by staging military forces and vehicles near civilian areas such as schools and mosques.


But back to the point – why would we consider “sending troops into Libya?”  I mean we’re there to enforce a no-fly zone and protect civvies, right?

Only one reason to even be considering troops on the ground and that is the real end result desired – regime change- doesn’t look like it will happen without them. 

Like I said before, “mission creep”.

Worth noting – SecDef Gates said there’d be no US boots on the ground “as long as I’m in this job.”  He may be leaving sooner than we think.



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16 Responses to Meanwhile in Libya …

  • “I’m not apologizing,” Harding told reporters in Naples, Italy. “The situation on the ground was extremely fluid and remains extremely fluid. And up until yesterday we had no information that the TNC or the opposition forces were using tanks.”
    NATO killed at least 5 “friendlies”

    • Yeah, sign me up for some close air support that doesn’t know my position……

      • Well, obviously this Harding is a war criminal… along with Sarkozy, Cameron, and The Dear Golfer.

        Isn’t this the standard applied during the Iraq war?  Somebody get me a Belgian court on the line: I’ve got some business for them.

        / sarc

        McQSecDef Gates said there’d be no US boots on the ground “as long as I’m in this job.”  He may be leaving sooner than we think.

        It beats me why he hung around this long.  I wouldn’t want to be associated with this f*cked-up administration, and I damned sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the Libyan adventure.  “You want to screw around for days, claiming first that you won’t do anything and then, while you’re ON VACATION OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY, decide that we’re gonna bomb a country that hasn’t really done anything to us (lately) and, indeed, hasn’t done and isn’t doing the same thing as a host of other countries around the world, but you don’t want to bomb to win anything???  And you want ME to be in charge of that???  Do I have ‘dumb a**’ tattooed on my forehead?  No, thank you.”

        • I’ve wondered about that, too, doc.  One possible explanation is that Gates was filling the breach.  If not him, would we be “blessed” with a Secretary John Effing Kerry?  Makes one shudder…

  • It would be mission creep if just protecting civilians and imposing a no fly zone was the original purpose.
    If they were excuses to try to give the rebels the upper hand, then the mission hasn’t changed at all.  Only the excuses have changed.

  • Ok, I have to ask…
    Am I the only person who, whenever he reads “Meanwhile, in…”, hears it in his head as said by the announcer-dude from the old Super Friends cartoon?

    • … the announcer on Rocky and Bulwinkle .. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In ?

    • No, I’m hearing something closer to what you might here if you werw watching the Lone Ranger…..

      Lately I keep hearing Tonto telling the Lone Ranger, in his finest english “ugh Kemosabe, we’re screwed”

  • Killing Qadaafi’s forces, killing the “rebels” that would be at our throats within 2 years even if we helped put them in charge…..I’m starting to like the way Obama is conducting this war 😉

    But in all seriousness, Obama is a war criminal and has an appointment at the Hauge

    • I still think that this is Obama attempt at the “fly trap” strategy .. but it’s also Arab on Arab  .. part of the ruthless efficiency of the “Spanish Inquisition”   …  Nobody …

  • Peach-colored paint…!!!  What’s the visibility quotient of THAT at 300 MPH and 5000 feet?  Against the desert?  Those guys are DOOOOOMED…

    • “We told you the color this week was taupe! You used something that can only be described as eggshell white!”

  • The fact is that Libya only has 6 million people and the actual area of conflict is the road between Benghazi and Tripoli. I think France and Britain could probably insert just a division or two and do the job themselves, or at least push Qaddafi way back towards Tripoli. Qatar could send a boy scout or two so that the fig leaf of Arab participation remains intact.