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You knew it was coming–Arab League wants UN enforced No Fly Zone over Gaza

It was only a matter of time for the real reason behind the “right to protect” (R2P) principle the UN has adopted to become apparent.

The Arab League provides it in its appeal to the UN:

The Arab League (AL) said on Sunday it would ask the United Nations to consider imposing a no-fly zone over the Gaza Strip to protect the civilians against Israeli air strikes.

In a statement issued after an emergency meeting of the pan- Arab organization at the permanent delegates’ level in its Cairo headquarter, the AL said it would ask the United Nation Security Council to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the Israeli aggression over Gaza to lift the siege and impose a no-fly zone against the Israeli military to protect civilians.

The statement rejected the double standard policies towards the Palestinian case, urging the UN Security Council and the Quartet committee to bear all responsibilities for halting the subsequent massacres and provide an international protection for the unarmed citizens.

Now, this shouldn’t have a chance since it takes a vote of the Security Council to pass something like this and the US, with a permanent seat, has the right to veto any resolution calling for such a measure.

And a few years ago I’d have had no worries about there even being a ghost of a chance of such a measure being agreed too by the US.  I have no such assurance now with this administration.  And don’t forget, they got the cooperation of the Security Council recently for the imposition of the Libyan NFZ, so they’ll be asked for cooperation on this – it’s the trap that may have been set from the outset.

Of course, unaddressed by the AL is the provocation for the latest round of air attacks from Israel by the terrorist group Hamas:

Violence in Gaza started when Hamas, which holds sway there, fired a rocket at an Israeli school bus, critically wounding a 16- year-old student. Hamas later said it did not know the bus was carrying students.

Hamas more than “holds sway there” – Hamas “governs” there.   What it continues to do is execute acts of war against Israel and then whines when Israel reacts.  What the AL is doing is attempting to get the US to level the playing field and create better opportunities for Hamas to continue firing rockets into Israel.  And, of course, brave Hamas always ensures it does its provocations from areas with high densities of civilians.  And Hamas could give a rip whether there were students on the bus.  Read the description again – it was a freakin’ school bus.  What else did they expect to be on it?

Note too that the AL uses precisely the argument that I and others who wrote about the application of R2P said would happen.  The citing of a “double-standard” (you’ll do Libya but not Gaza?).  It’s nonsense on a stick, of course, because supposedly R2P is there to protect civilians from their own government, not another government retaliating against deadly attacks by their own government.

This again illustrates the danger of such “principles” as the UN’s R2P.  It is now being considered a tool by the weak but tyrannical in an effort to downgrade the defensive abilities of Israel to protect itself. 

I say give them the go-ahead and let the AL enforce the NFZ.  It will be good for fighter jet sales as the IAF will scatter pieces and parts of the various AL air forces over the Gaza strip as a result.



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11 Responses to You knew it was coming–Arab League wants UN enforced No Fly Zone over Gaza

  • Of course, the pilots would be able to defend themselves from any Kassam rockets that come their way by bombing the hell out of the launch sites.
    Oh, wait a minute … the Israelis are doing this already.

  • Yep.
    R2P is a WONDERFUL Pandora’s box of potential abuse.  We all said this a while back.  Nobody listened…

  • Was this the plan all along? Libya with a NFZ as the precedent then use it to find another way to screw with Israel? I do agree, though, that the IASF would annihilate anyone stupid enough to try to enforce this.
    Most Western military types could simply say – “Sorry, we’re stretched too thin, why don’t the Sauds/ArabLeague/etc use their fancy air forces to patrol this?” The Turks would be the wild card, though.

  • “Hamas later said it did not know the bus was carrying students.”
    How old are these people, this sounds like an excuse one my sons would have manufactured at age 5.
    So either the Bus Driver is a fair target, or the stupid people who compose Hamas think buses drive themselves?
    And they should take note that the NO-FLY zone crew in Libya has warned the rebels they are there to protect civilians….implying it’s unwise for the rebels to be killing them.
    But all in all, typical UN nonsense on a stick.

    • Yeah, they knew – most of the kids had just gotten off the bus a little before the attack.  The kid, Daniel Viflic, remains in critical conditions.
      This wasn’t your average FROG type weapon, “once the rockets go, who cares where they come down” that seem to be the favorite of terror states and agencies, this was an advanced, and expensive, Kornet anti-tank weapon intended to destroy MBT’s.  It’s not a throwaway RPG.  It’s laser guided, this isn’t random, it isn’t an accident.  There’s an operator sighting on the bus and a crewman assisting in transport and firing.
      The rocket attack was followed by a mortar barrage.  I guess that was all just fortuitous coincidence for terrorist Hamas.
      These people aren’t fit to be called people.

  • I propose that Arab League pilots and planes be used to enforce a no-rocket/missle zone over Israel.  I imagine those old planes would catch the rockets wonderfully, and I couldn’t care less about the pilots

    • I just can’t see anybody in the EU signing up to do a no-fly zone over Gaza.
      It’s one thing to beat your chest and call Israeli bad names, but to actually take sides .. with guns in hand … that’s unthinkable.

    • Special note on the Germans:
      People can’t seem to figure out exactly what the Germans are up to.  Some say they are still trying to find themselves 65 years after the last world war.  I think it’s something else …
      When I was in college, we had this guy who would come around during the evening soliciting for answers to homework.  He had the very hillbillie style so all my friends called him “Goober”.  Goober would show up and ask about the worst problems on the homework, and of course, we would try to help the “poor fellow” out.  Well, after a few months of this we found out that “Goober” was on the “dean’s list”.
      I think the Germans are doing their imitation of “Goober” … let’s call it .. “Deiter”.  Deiter always has problems, except when you check his balance sheet, he makes you look like a “poor cousin.”  The US has pretty much picked up all the heavy lifting for Europe, but most especially for Deiter, who can’t do any heavy lifting or he might revert to some manifestation of the “Incredible Hulk.”
      Tell me another fairy tale.

  • I think this is  absolutely ingenious! Of course we have more intreats in our welfare state than we do in Africa.

  • Meanwhile back in Libya, NATO adopts a boutique form for the “rules of engagement” …

    Even those who support the mission aren’t doing much about it. With a certain flourish, the Swedish parliament approved the deployment of Swedish planes abroad for first time in more than 40 years. Alas, the Swedish jets are allowed only to enforce the no-fly zone: That means they can shoot down Libyan government planes but cannot bomb ground targets. Since there aren’t any more Libyan government planes, this shouldn’t be too difficult.
    But then, Dutch planes operate under the same restrictions. Norwegian planes, meanwhile, are apparently allowed to bomb air bases but nothing else. Italy’s planes have flown more than 100 missions but have not yet dropped a single bomb. The Canadians are doing a bit more, it is true — though Canadian politicians are bending over backward to avoid talking too much about it.