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Welcome Home

Probably one of the most heart warming and poignant,  yet heart wrenching homecoming pics you’ll see.  3 Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment returns home and those who just got back get to see those who were wounded on their tour for the first time.  If you’ve every wondered about the brotherhood and the bond combat infantrymen form, this picture tells you all you’ll ever need to know:


welcome home




One Response to Welcome Home

  • The greatest regimentg of warriors to walk tha face of the jEarth in the 20tghe century. I know as I killed Commies for JFK as a member of 1/5 67-68. Was in whye (Hue) when LBJ’s 2week P:eace in our time was violaed byuHO and the Chi Comj.  Leftists callit “The Tet Offensive”.  I had a lot of buddies die in my tour wsho I whis to God I could hug!
    Historical note. The chwere punktd of The Warr to eEnd All Wars was Bellau wood. Hunsout numbered us 9:1 at start of the fight. 3 days latger they outnumbered us 4:1 but tucked their tgals betewwn their legs and ran like Bats out of H!  Theycalled us “Treufel Hunden”  Dogs from Hell. Whenthe Hun higcommanddebreifed the gens who lost to us they realized that the war was lost and sued for peace.
    Guadal Canal, Tarawa, Foozen chozen wer 5th Marine battles before Hue. We were/are the most feared warriors in the world. With good reason.
    God bless all Jarheads but most of all Fifgthe Marines the killers of all time!
    Aswe said in the old Corps   Gung Hoooo!