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Gingrich fund raising for presidential bid not too rosy

I guess today is a bit of GOP potential candidate day.   And the good news is:

Newt Gingrich raised a meager $53,000 into his political action committee in the first three months of the year, highlighting potential fundraising difficulties as the former House Speaker girds for a campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.

Not going to happen.  And thankfully so.  Not that I don’t think Gingrich is a good idea man – and that’s where his contribution should come from – but he’d be a sure loser presidential candidate.  The man has more baggage than Delta Airlines.  And within “family values” circles he’s a non-starter, or should be.

Most importantly, he simply hasn’t got what it takes to attract independent voters and he’d be a lightening rod in a presidential campaign taking much of the attention off of Obama, which, by the way, I think the Obama campaign would welcome for a change.  Remember Obama has to run on an actual record this time – and it ain’t so hot.

Gingrich has a very powerful Political Action Committee, American Solutions, which is rolling in dough and gets huge contributions (back to that “ideas man” point I was making above).  But that’s quite different than a presidential campaign fund:

But his presidential campaign would not be able to accept such large contributions and would instead be restricted to limited hard money donations of $2,500 per individual — half as much as the $5,000-per-individual maximum contributions that can be accepted each year by his leadership political action committee, American Solutions PAC.

The PAC brought in about $34,000 in March, according to a report filed Tuesday night with the FEC, bringing its total haul for the year to $53,000, and its total since being created in late 2009 to $790,000. That pales in comparison to the $13.7 million raised in 2010 alone by Gingrich’s 527, American Solutions for Winning the Future, which won’t have to report 2011 fundraising figures until July.

Perhaps the best poll of all may be the money poll.  I know it is early and he hasn’t really formally put his hat in the ring (he’s doing “exploratory” work at the moment) but what he’s been able to take in thus far is not awe inspiring.

We may revisit this later, but at the moment, the money poll doesn’t look too promising for Newt Gingrich.



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6 Responses to Gingrich fund raising for presidential bid not too rosy

  • King maker (if that) – not a king.  Endless fodder for a media campaign against him – and anyone who thinks Obama will have to do more than nod politely to the media in attacking his opponents in the next campaign has cranial rectal inversion.

  • Frankly between Newt appearing in a commercial with Nancy Pelosi about “Climate Change” and the payments from Freddie Mac to either agree with them or just plain shut, I really don’t consider Newt a Presidential candidate.
    Sorry Newt.

  • This time next year, the GOP nominating process should be over.

    Do we know all the players? Because if we do, it’s gonna be a long year.

    Once again, I wish that Ron Johnson, the new senator from Wisconsin, the guy who took Russ Feingold’s “safe seat” right out from under him, would step up at one of these rallies and make “the speech.”

    He’s an entrepreneur. He absolutely detests ObamaCare. He’s normal. He’s a winner.

    Pair him with Marco Rubio and you got Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. And thus you have the Presidency.

    Everyone is too busy looking for a winning GOP presidential candidate to consider a winning GOP presidential candidate.

    This is not the time to worry about how long he’s been in the Senate. He is a winner.

  • Aside from the personal stuff there is always his record as Speaker of the House.

  • Gingrich isn’t the only one who is going to fade away in the next nine months. Anyone who chooses to pursue the nomination has to have a large ego. I think if you’re Gingrich you look at the calendar and realize that you’d rather run and lose than spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you had run.
    I’m not worried about who will run against the President. We have a process and a bunch of potential candidates and it will get sorted out by spring of 2011. Elections with an incumbent President are a referendum on the current administration. I’m convinced that 2012 is going to be a replay of 1980 (minus Reagan). We’ve only had three incumbents defeated since 1900. Each one was defeated because the public perceived that the President was incapable of managing economic recovery. Sure, you might say that’s a gross oversimplification but it’s really a matter of how the public views the incumbent.
    Imagine what type of situation we would need to have come September 2012 for the President to be re-elected. Now imagine what policies the President would have to pursue to result in a better economic situation. Now compare those policies to what the President is actually proposing/pursuing. I’m not suggesting it’s a lock, but I am confident that the President’s “ideology” consists of nothing more than slogans and a high self regard. Desperate men do not inspire.

  • There is something seriously wrong with the GOP if the current crop of wannabes is the best they can do.  As for Newt specifically, I regard him as a complete phony who will say anything to get elected.  I think there are conservative principles in there somewhere, but completely subordinate to his ego and drive for power.  God save us from President Gingrich.