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Libya–about that UN mission …

You probably remember it – it was to have a coalition of UN members establish a no-fly zone to keep the Libyan government under Gadhafi from using aircraft to kill civilians.  Right?  Then it was to hit tanks and artillery that  were being used to kill (or endanger) civilians.

And what did Gadhafi’s forces do?  Adapted.  Made it much more difficult to do by using similar vehicles as the rebels and by moving into the urban areas.

So, now where are we?  Well, NATO’s having a bit of a problem.  In fact, NATO has discovered what any good infantryman could have told them:

NATO Brig. Gen. Mark van Uhm said his forces have destroyed more than 40 tanks and several armored personnel carriers in Misrata. However, there’s always concern of inadvertently harming civilians in such airstrikes, he said.

"There is a limit to what can be achieved by airpower to stop fighting in a city," said van Uhm.

Ya think? I have to wonder what they expected Gadhafi’s forces to do.

So, what’s a defensive alliance chartered to come to each others defense in case another members is attacked to do?  Oh, here’s a good idea:

“We need a force from NATO or the United Nations on the ground now,” committee member Nouri Abdullah Abdulati told reporters Tuesday.

Abdulati said that the Judicial Committee’s signed request had been sent to the Transitional National Council in Benghazi, the de facto capital of the opposition-controlled east, but that no reply had been received. The council, the only link between Misurata and NATO commanders, has said that it does not want foreign troops in Libya.

“We did not accept any foreign soldiers on our land. But that was before we faced the crimes of Gaddafi,” Abdulati said Tuesday. “We are asking on the basis of humanitarian and Islamic principles for someone to come and stop the killing. The whole Arab world is calling for the intervention of the West for the first time in history.”

What a deal.  But here’s my question – where’s the Arab League?  Surely they could send in soldiers.   In the past they were able to whip up any number of Arab forces to attack Israel.  What, do “rebel” Libyans fear them more than the West?   Is this a case where the West is actually the lesser of two evils?

Of course now, if the West and NATO don’t respond it will be because the West chose to desert these people and let them die.   And if they do help, it will only be a matter of time before the same people demanding their presence to save their bacon are demanding the infidel soldiers quit their country post haste.

In the meantime, the UK is actually considering sending in troops to escort humanitarian relief convoys to Misurata.  What happens when Gadhafi forces pop one of them?

Yeah, this is looking much like a “days not weeks” campaign.

Oh, one other little quote that caught my eye:

Adm. Giampaolo Di Paola, chairman of NATO’s military committee, said that even though the military alliance’s operations have done "quite significant damage" to the Libyan regime’s heavy weaponry, what Gadhafi has left is "still considerable."

Asked if more airpower is needed, Di Paola said any "significantly additional" allied contribution would be welcome.

Any question as to what ally Di Paola is referring?



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  • Where’s the Arab League?  Surely they could send in soldiers.

    … but to fight on which side ? .. they are both Arabs.

    • “The whole Arab world is calling for the intervention of the West for the first time in history.””
      I love when these guys talk.  It’s like being in the Bazaar – “what!  Why not just take my whole shop!  You are robbing me blind, the whole world knows it!  My father would beat me (peace be upon him) if he were here to see me selling this to you for that price!”
      The whole Arab world….yeah, uh huh.
      As for the days, not weeks, that particular lie was spun by our own Golfer in chief, I’ll give the foreigners this much, they at least knew it would be weeks, more like months, but hey, it was better than ‘days’ which was the story Dear Golfer was peddling.  But that was a quick off the cuff lie, it was nothing compared to a solid year of lying about Obamacare.

  • McQI have to wonder what they expected Gadhafi’s forces to do.

    Easy: Throw up their hands or run like hell the way the Iraqis did.  The fact that they aren’t could be due to a couple of things:

    1.  Godaffy isn’t actually that hated in Libya, and the “revolution” is not much more than a fringe movement, or;

    2.  Air power doesn’t work unless there’s a LOT of it and the (ahem) recipients can see approaching tanks and infantry through the smoke and dust

    By the way, what “Islamic principles” say that anybody, ESPECIALLY infidels, are supposed to come and pull these people’s fat out of the fire?  I must say that the “Islamic principles” I’ve seen lately involve lying and cheating in order to murder innocent people.

  • Edited transcript, White House Communications Agency 04201400Z APR 11
    Voice 1: Hello, Arab League Headquarters, how can I direct your call?
    POTUS: This is Barrack Obama. Please connect me with the President.
    Voice 1: Barrack Obama the President of …
    POTUS: The United States, yes, that’s me. Now please get me the President.
    Voice 2: Mr. President, so good to hear from you. What can I do for you?
    POTUS: Mr. President, I have Secretary Gates and Secretary Clinton here in my office and we’ve been discussing the Libya situation and how we can help. Do you mind if I put you on speaker?
    Voice 2: No not at all.
    POTUS: How’s this? Can you hear me OK?
    Voice 2: Yes, fine, Mr. President. Libya you said? How you can help?
    POTUS: Damn. Is that better?
    Voice 2: Yes, fine. As I was saying (inaudible) Libya.
    POTUS: Based on our intelligence and the slow pace of operations we’ve been considering what actions we might take to help the Arab League resolve the situation in Libya. Secretary Gates and Secretary Clinton were….
    Voice 2: Yes, yes. We would certainly appreciate any assistance you could offer.
    POTUS: … were thinking that you might be able to use some C130 support.
    Voice 2: C130s? Yes, gunships would be most acceptable support. Is this something you could do immediately? Would it have to be coordinated with NATO?
    POTUS: Here’s Secretary Gates.
    SECDEF: We just need to know how many C130s you need and where and when you want them?
    Voice 2: Over Tripoli and as soon as you can do it.
    SECDEF: Mr. President, are you going to conduct an airborne assault on Tripoli?
    Voice 2: (inaudible) What? I don’t understand.
    SECDEF: Mr. President, President Obama has authorized me to provide up to 40 C130 aircraft to move Arab League troops into Libya to support humanitarian operations.
    Voice 2: Uhhhhh…..(muffled conversation). Mr. President, that is a very generous offer. May I consult with the member states and get back with you?
    POTUS: You’ve got my number. Call me.
    Voice 2: (inaudible)
    Voice 3: Idiot, you forgot to hang up.
    End of transcript
    (with due respect to Rob Long)

  • The hot desert sun just makes that tar baby stickier and stickier.

  • And then, there’s Joe Biden….again
    See if your english works the way mine does –
    “”If the Lord Almighty extricated the US out of NATO and dropped it on the planet of Mars so we were no longer participating, it is bizarre to suggest that NATO and the rest of the world lacks the capacity to deal with Libya — it does not,” Biden told the Financial Times.”
    Did Joe just say, (the truth, as usual) that NATO without the US lacks the capacity to deal with Libya?   This is why deep down inside, I like Joe Biden, he’s just too stupid to lie properly, and it’s reassuring to know he’s only a heartbeat away from the highest office in the Nation, because I assume he’ll continue with being unable to lie properly if he ever has to take that job over.

  • My UK friend’s theory is that the Brits want Gaddafi’s head for Lockerbie and then the humiliation of the released bomber, and Sarkozy wants to make Obama look like a fool, which has been Sarkozy’s hobby since Obama became president.

    • No, Sarkozy is doing it because a ton of North African arabs live in France (and are voting citizens.)
      You remember all of those secular, educated Arabs that Erb goes on about?
      They move to Paris, along with some of their backward cousins, and become French citizens.

  • “We are asking on the basis of humanitarian and Islamic principles for someone to come and stop the killing. The whole Arab world is calling for the intervention of the West for the first time in history.”  I damn near squirted water out my nose when I read that!! Islamic principles? Say what? How about “someone …on the basis of Islamic principles” flattens Hamass to stop the rockets and suicide bombers from entering Israel.

    • No no, those rockets and suicide bombers are encouraged by the whole Arab world, for they will encourage Israel to allow a Palestinian state – where Israel is today.