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Nanny and the “Kinder Eggs”

I hope everyone one had a bright and sunny Easter (or Passover)weekend and were able to enjoy it with their family and friends.  It was nice to take a day off from just about everything.

Mark Steyn’s kids apparently didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy it in the way they wished.  Apparently as the family tried to reenter the US from Canada, our sharp eyed border agents protected them from something that they didn’t even realize was a threat.  Yes, friends, Nanny took away the kid’s “Kinder Eggs” to protect them from a potential choking hazard:

Late last night, crossing the Quebec/Vermont border, my children had two boxes of “Kinder Eggs” (“Est. Dom. Value $7.50″) confiscated by Customs & Border Protection.

Don’t worry, it’s for their own safety. I had no idea that the United States is the only nation on the planet (well, okay, excepting North Korea and Saudi Arabia and one or two others) to ban Kinder Eggs. According to the CBP:

Kinder Chocolate Eggs are hollow milk chocolate eggs about the size of a large hen’s egg usually packaged in a colorful foil wrapper. They are a popular treat and collector’s item during holiday periods in various countries around the world, including those in Europe, South America and even Canada. A toy within the egg is contained in an oval-shaped plastic capsule. The toy requires assembly and each egg contains a different toy. Many of the toys that have been tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the past were determined to present a choking hazard for young children.

And yet oddly enough generations of European and Latin American children remain unchoked. Gotta love that “even Canada”, by the way: Is that an implied threat that Kinder Egg consumption is incompatible with participation in NORAD or membership of NAFTA?

Obviously Nanny doesn’t feel that Steyn is enough of a parent to supervise his children’s consumption of this confection and the CPC, enforced by the CBP have decided no parent in the US is qualified or should be allowed to have this product. Steyn is obviously an unfit parent just for allowing the little tykes to buy the eggs, no? 

And just to make you feel safer, they keep stats of how many eggs they’ve confiscated, because, you know, it’s all "for the children".   Always nice to be able to tout how vigilant you’ve been with confiscating kid’s confections even while the border remains a super-highway for illegal immigrants:

The Food and Drug Administration has issued an import alert for Kinder Eggs, because they are a confectionery product with a non-nutritive object imbedded in it. As in years past, CBP, the Food and Drug Administration and CPSC work in close collaboration to ensure the safety of imported goods by examining, sampling and testing products that may present such import safety hazards. Last year, CBP officers discovered more than 25,000 of these banned chocolate eggs. More than 2,000 separate seizures were made of this product.

I assume some smart bureaucrat will at some point translate that into a claim the lives of 25,000 children have been saved, or some such nonsense.  They could use that to at least justify in their own minds the unwarranted intrusion into the role of the parent, or something, right?  Not that they’ve felt a need to justify that in the past (I wonder what Nanny thinks of Cracker Jacks?).

Speaking of intrusion, you had better secure your WiFi network if you haven’t already – otherwise ICE’s SWAT team may be planning a visit, especially if you have a pervert for a neighbor. 

But be thankful today – Nanny is on the case and Kinder Eggs shall not touch your child’s lips.

Don’t you feel so much safer and secure?



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14 Responses to Nanny and the “Kinder Eggs”

  • Maybe he should’ve called them Kinder Spring Spheres instead….

    • or had some Islamic types bring them across, maybe with some drugs over the Mexican border, they’d have been safer then.
      Steyn’s problem is he came across the border unarmed, legally.  Good to know that DHS is working hard to keep us safe from choking hazards.

  • They lost me when about 20 years ago the FTC considered requiring warning be put on marbles … this round spheres made of glass often with odd patterns inside that made them look like “cats’ eyes,” etc.  They were actually considering requiring each marble, not the package, have a warning etched on them.  They abandoned the idea when they realized the most like persons to choke on them couldn’t read.  The cost to society: about 1 choking death a year.

    • “They abandoned the idea when they realized the most like persons to choke on them couldn’t read.”

      That would require common sense, and is therefore highly unlikely. My guess is that they discovered that the sharp edges of the etched warnings (in English AND Spanish, of course) would inflict injury on those pudgy little hands.

      • HEH….reminds me of the brilliant lawmaker who wanted to combat the menace of vicious killer pit bulls by requiring them to get identification tattoos on their lower lip, only to pull the idea when he realized that nody in their right minds would do that

  • Heh – California wanted me to know that the play sand, natural, normal sand, I used as a paver bed for a walk way I put in this weekend can cause cancer.
    Any Californians reading here?  Do you have signs posted in front of your beaches warning you about the hazards of getting cancer from the sand on the beach?
    I wonder how much it costs to continue this farce of making us safe – from the War on Drugs to choking hazards, strings on coat and sweatshirt hoods and on down to idiotic warning labels on bags of naturally occurring SAND.
    Surviving the 50’s and 60’s as a child was clearly a miracle.

    • Hah! That explains all those dead sea creatures I used to see lying on the beach.

    • I feel a ginormous class action suit coming on …

      • Dammit, living in Texas, I was warned, dammit!  Now I can’t get my payola from….hey…who pays?  Mother Nature?
        Once she gets UN rights, man, it’s law suit city for all that dangerous stuff she’s left lying around – like FIRE, there’s no warning labels on fire!  There’s not even a place to PUT a warning label on fire!  and you can…burn yourself with the stuff!
        So, bein as Mother Nature isn’t here to pay, the UN will want to charge the rich nations for, oh crap, I’ll shut up now.

    • Kinda like how the gas I get is known to the State of California to contain carcinogens.

      I hope they spread the word to the other states! That’s important info.

    • Prop. 65 was a conspiracy to benefit sign-makers and lawyers.

  • Speaking of intrusion, you had better secure your WiFi network if you haven’t already
    I found it interesting that the police had no problem finding the one end of the child pornography connection, but seemed to allow the other end to go on unimpeded.

  • I have purchased these at a local deli…what is the problem and how are they locally available, but confiscated at our borders?

    • I have never seen these in the US, but they are really fun. Chocolate shell, with small orange egg inside. Inside the egg are small parts to a toy you can assemble.