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Open thread–the birth certificate surfaces

And, frankly, I couldn’t care less, but apparently that’s going to be the big story today, so I’m glad to provide an open comment thread for those who care to discuss it.



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  • He was born?  I thought he was hatched along with an evil plan by the far left.
    Or at least it seems that way.

  • This is one of those situations where we’re dealing with something that should never have been a problem in the first place.  This could all have been quashed in 2007.  Here we are in 2011 and NOW is when they decide this annoyance is worth scratching.
    I just hope this finally shuts up the Birthers and allow people to criticize the man on his failed policy, not chasing ghosts like Scooby Doo.

  • So Obama comes to the WH Press Room to discuss his birth certificate — but not a word about the CIA and DoD announcements? This guy doesn’t have his priorities straight. The birth certificate is worthy of a Friday night WH press release, nothing more. And if the press brings it up again — then brush it off with “I’ve got more important stuff to do” response. The CIA/DoD leadership change is transformative in a number of ways, very much worthy of a press brief and questioning. Not a peep from the President, avoiding as always the opportunities to set policy and dialog with America in public.

    • I assume that Obama finally made his birth certificate public precisely because of what he does not want to discuss — high gas prices, unemployment, “leading from behind” in a third war, sagging poll numbers, and now this big CIA/DoD reshuffle.

      The birth certiificate isn’t a big deal in itself, but with it Obama has sacrificed a bit of political capital that he might have saved for later. It’s another sign of the weakness and failures of his administration.

      • “The birth certiificate isn’t a big deal in itself, but with it Obama has sacrificed a bit of political capital that he might have saved for later.”
        That was my thought too.  Whatever reason they had for burying it all this time,  this isn’t going to buy them whatever distraction they are hoping for, AND, unless they’re trying to help Trump, all it does is make them appear to be fearful of him.

        • Don’t think that’s it.  Obama has been out campaigning for two weeks now and all we hear is Donald.
          The “War on Ryan” had been lost to the elusive “long form” COLB.  Independents were starting to question his birth in the meanwhile.  He would have been better off golfing for the entire two weeks.  His poll numbers were beginning to erode again, which lead to this …

          “As a friend noted on Facebook, Obama’s popularity is falling so fast that Kenyans are now claiming Obama was born in the United States.”

          • Strategically now was the wrong time for it, he gains nothing from it, he certainly didn’t convince the True Birthers, who aren’t going to let it go – there are a plethora of alternate realities they will continue to cling to.
            Puzzles me as to why anyone thinks they wouldn’t have manufactured one a long time ago if one didn’t already exist.  Your average drunk 16 year old can often produce a respectable driver’s license proving he’s 21 and many an illegal Honduran or Mexican can prove they were born in Corpus Christie Texas.

          • I figured the worse we would ever find out is that his father was somebody else (big deal) or that they misspelled his name (also big deal).  Frankly, they should have done this late on a Friday ago a year ago.

    • It must have really been showing up bad in their internal polls to stage it like this.
      Frankly, this has all the earmarks of an inside joke gone bad.

  • Yet there are still MANY Americans NOT born here i would rather have as president. They might respect the responsibility and county a bit more.

    • I fall into the category of born American outside US soil and I understand the reason the stipulation exists and prefer to have it enforced.

  • I don’t get why he released it.  Having the stupid issue hang around helped him insofar as it allowed the media to paint GOP as birther lunatics.  All this does it basically take that line of attack away. Now they’ll just have to double down on “RAAAACISM” for the reelection

    • The libs will still bring it up to do that.  All the lib sites are still saying its racist to ask about the BC, because no white man ever was questioned about it. (Except Chester Arthur, and when you mention that, they get pissy because their little race card was revoked.)

    • In just this five minute clip of The View, there were enough soundbites for about 10 posts. Yes, folks, this is why the media is so in love with the Birther issue. As Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd all railed against the topic, they took Donald Trump and the Birthers to task for a number of things, accusing him of alternately of racism, insulting the President, and hurting the country’s reputation.

      • Funny coming from “it’s not rape-rape!”

        That show hurts the cause of women’s rights so badly.

    • You can imagine how they feel in Kenya about now

  • What percentage of the Barry “The Sock-puppet” Soerto’s income has been spent hiding his past? I can’t trust a man, who won’t trust me. /sac “Thank G*d for our watch-dog media” /sac

    • Consider for a moment that Obama doesn’t have a “shady past,” but with the wisdom of Richard Milhous Nixon, Barack Obama has assumed the same paranoia as the former President and has inadvertently created an alternate narrative … which is sort of fun to explore.

  • Obama had grown incredulous at the overall debate. He had watched as even Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan had been sucked into the discussion of his birthplace, aides said. In his own interview prep sessions, Obama was warned that the “birther” subject might arise – even though it had subsided from the headlines for more than two years since the presidential campaign. Finally, on April 19, in a meeting with White House counsel Bob Bauer, the president asked about the feasibility of getting his long-form birth certificate at last.
    “It wasn’t one specific thing” that tipped the scales, a senior administration official said. But Trump was a major factor …

    It’s sure is nice to see that Obama came to the aid of Boehner and Ryan.
    I’ve said for a long time that this was a issue that only Obama could resolve, but meanwhile his own minions were out there churning the waters of discontent.

  • My two cents.

    There are only two requirements to become President, the most influential position a single person can hold.  They both can be addressed by seeing the birth certificate.  Its not uncalled for to ask to see the document. 

  • ‘Rule of Law’ unless it’s inconvenient.
    Not just TAO, but most everyone else.

  • I assume that someone has ensured that the certificate cannot be reproduced by using Microsoft Word with default settings? /sarc

  • This pdf is a 2011 electronic presentation of a microfilm of Obama’s “long form” COLB.

    They scanned the microfilm, which is a “negative” of the actual original (long ago discarded).  They negated it again to make it positive, quantized the “grey level” scanned image to “black or white,” then added the cross-hatched background electronically as a separate layer, to make it look like it had been printed on safety paper.

    The reality here that many seem to forget is that the State of Hawaii can change the presentation of a COLB anytime they wish.  Just because it doesn’t look like a COLB issued 10 years ago doesn’t make it a fake.  They sign and attest on the bottom that this is an <b>accurate copy of the original COLB</b>, not the original COLB itself.

    My suggestion, just look at the black portion of the pdf, it is a copy of a microfilm copy of the original COLB … and it is as close to a “real” original COLB as we will ever see .. for anybody in 2011 born in 1961.