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Panetta to SecDef, Petraeus to CIA? (update)

That’s what a POLITICO is quoting from AP in a “Breaking News” tweet:




QandO isn’t normally a “breaking news” site, but this is about as fresh as it gets.  I had just read this conjecture on Morning Defense, POLITICO’s morning email list all about defense (it’s a good read if you’re interested).

So what do you think?  Panetta for SecDef?  Why not Petraeus (retire him and move him into the job – although there may be some regulation that would prevent that – and will he retain his military status and rank at CIA)?  And Petraeus to CIA?  Why not leave Panetta there and give the agency some continuity?

I’ll update as more becomes available.


UPDATE: Here’s the story via USA Today.  Apparently the change will take place in July just prior to the date set to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.



7 Responses to Panetta to SecDef, Petraeus to CIA? (update)

  • Could this be prelude to consolidating intelligence agencies.  Just postulating wildly here.  But if I was going to promote stronger connections between two separate organizations, I might do a wife swap scenario.

  • Oh, dear Lord…

    Panetta was the clown who (IIRC) was getting his information about Egypt from watching CNN.  Where will he get his information about the DoD?  Reruns of “McHale’s Navy”?  “GI Joe” cartoons?

    If I was Petraeus, I’d be gone out of this administration so fast after retirement that it would make your head spin.

    • No, he goes to CIA, then he leaves in 14 months, and his tell-all book is out by October 2012.
      I also don’t get why he would keep working for the people who called him “Betray Us”
      Obama wants to keep his enemy close, which makes sense. Or is Petraeus a Democrat?

  • I don’t want to burst and bubbles, but didn’t Drudge report this about 2 weeks ago ?  .. as a rumour of course.

    • Rumors are one thing … we can all speculate. And yes they’ve been swirling around for some time. This is confirmed by admin sources which is why I’ve bothered to post it.

  • I guess they’ll need to renew the CNN subscription…changing it to the Pentagon.
    The world just got a little more dangerous.

  • In other breaking news, here’s the White House link, looks like a 1961 copy of a Certificate of Live Birth.