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Your Econ 101 post of the day–7 reasons why tax increases are a bad idea





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8 Responses to Your Econ 101 post of the day–7 reasons why tax increases are a bad idea

  • I must say, that was a rather well-formed opinion.  I’d comment more, but my mammary fails me as to what was being said.  Something about huge tracts of land I think.

    • I’ve been linked to this video, and people mention a chalkboard or something…
      I’ve watched the video 4 times, and still haven’t seen it…

  • YAF wasn’t like that when I was in college.
    Note: Chinese-Americans lean Dem, Indian-Americans lean GOP.

    • Chinese are glad to get citizenship to stay here because of the oppressive regimes they come from today and historically and Democrats are associated with giving out citizenship and residency like candy.
      India isn’t oppressive, except for the economy and socialist practices (benign compared to communism).  So they are concerned with a healthy economy and income.

      • Actually, I think Chinese lean Democratic for the following reasons:
        1) China and even Taiwan have a culture of a large state in charge of many aspects of the economy.
        2) Chinese arrive from a country with a state-run media, which may affect how much they believe the MSM.
        3) Chinese modern values are not very conservative or religious, though a lot of the Chinese who come to America  become Christians.
        4) Many Chinese who get to the USA arrive due to scholarships from the state, and many who come from money, got their money from being state officials who were corrupt.
        I think Indians lean Republican because:
        1) While India too has a current culture of large state industry, in India its absolutely incompetent, and due to a free press they may be more aware of corruption.
        2) Indians are used to a free press and competing ideas.
        These are not really informed ideas, but fun to consider.

        • I think there are some Chinese who fled communism, and they would be more Republican, but actually most Chinese people now come here for economics only. The kids of party officials weren’t being oppressed.

  • Always thought the Laffer curve comprehend the negative impact to the economy that taxes have (stalled investment, less disposable cash, cash going to government efforts or questionable efficiency and worth, etc.).  Now I know why the effect is underestimated if you’re only concerned with tax dodging and ‘de-incentivizing’ income.

  • Excellant! Finally, common sense combined with logical economical theories. Bless you!