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Back to being a wuss – no OBL picture (update)

I honestly don’t get this. Why in the world does Obama think that showing a photo of a dead OBL is akin to "spiking the football" and will only do harm, no good?

The apparent thinking is that showing such a picture will inflame the jihadists and have them seeking revenge?  Like flying into Pakistan, assaulting Osama’s house, killing him, his son and sundry others and dumping OBL in the ocean won’t?

Reuters, by the way, has released 9 photos of the aftermath of the raid, including shots of 3 bodies.  If you’re averse to blood and gore skip the last 3 photos.  One assumes these photos won’t inflame anyone … I guess.

Oh, and to make the argument that we wouldn’t like it if pictures of an American soldier killed by the crazies was published is just silly.  We’ve seen that since Somalia for heaven sake.   It is irrelevant.  The point, of course, is without proof the myth of OBL lives, and one would think that the entire point of going in and killing this larger than life (for the jihadist community) figure was to kill that myth.

Now, suddenly, we’re all about what is or isn’t appropriate.  I mean, we’re going to have a Senate hearing about why the code name “Geronimo” was used for heaven sake!


Just when I thought we were getting our feet back under us, the political wusses reemerge.

Sure didn’t take long, did it?

UPDATE: More wussification – this time in Germany.



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26 Responses to Back to being a wuss – no OBL picture (update)

  • Look, they don’t have to release the pictures via the media…
    I just want them to open an online storefront where I can buy a copy suitable for framing…

  • Maybe Donald Trump can send investigators to Pakistan and compel the President to do the right thing…

  • This denial of photos is guaranteed to get the defense budget cut.
    I mean, the taxpayers spend billions on the military then when they actually do something worth all that money … no film at 11.

  • I’m starting to believe more and more the driving force for this action was below the Administration’s radar.

  • No body, now no pictures.  So let the mythologies begin.  The Ocean thing was a mistake.  The bs over the pictures and video will only hasten the conspiracy theories and there will be no body to refute them.

  • So, we know Obama was involved with every detail of the operation because he told us so. Am I to believe the democrat senate is going to investigate why Obama choose the name?

  • This whole thing is beginning to reek…

  • The administration is acting as if they were completely unprepared for success.  Did they expect the mission to fail and are not in shock at the success?

  • was it wise to leave the wives and kids behind?

  • As looker said in a previous comment, some will believe OBL lives, picture or no picture. If people want to see pictures of bodies they can go their public library or a book store, where pictures of dead bodies dating back to the American Civil War are available.

    OBL is dead, we have all had a chance to celebrate, but there are plenty more where he came from. Time to move on.

  • I’ve friends who have really gotten despondent over the death of OBL, as if killing an enemy war leader in a war is somehow a sign of the moral collapse of the west (as compared to the far more risky operation of trying to arrest him). This war leader happened to be somewhat unique in that he had personally killed as well. I can’t help but compare it to the death of Che Guevara, those without a moral compass seem to be hard hit by the death of an anti-hero at the hands of the forces they were fighting. Something of a Star Wars effect, whether you are good (Obi Wan) or evil (Darth Vader) the underdog is not supposed to die mundanely like anyone else at the hands of superior forces. It is supposed to be a noble death with ultimate redemption. And evil anti-heros are not really evil, just made that way by someone else (in this case Israel, the USA etc). Basically, they want to believe there is no true evil and rather than face the contrary will now even go as far as to channel that disappointment into contempt at their precious Obama for not allowing Osama’s redemption. Funny how these lefties are basically good old-school Christians at heart!

  • So, Captain Bullsh*t doesn’t want to “spike the football”, eh?  Then what have the preening press conferences been about?  What’s his planned trip to Ground Zero about?  Is he promising that he won’t use this as a campaign issue (“I got bin Laden!”)?  Is he seriously taking the attitude, “OK, we got him.  Now, let’s move along and never speak of this again?”

    AND WHO GIVES A SH*T ABOUT WHETHER THE JIHADIS WILL BE OFFENDED OR “INFLAMED”????  Last time I checked, they hate our guts and want us dead.  People don’t get more “inflamed” than that.

    The BEST explanation that I can come up with is that bin Fishfood… isn’t.  He’s safely tucked away in one of Dick Cheney’s Panetta’s sooper-sekrit torture prisons secure locations, being waterboarded out of his mind undergoing some pointed questioning (but nothing that would violate his constitutional rights!) about AQ, its personnel, capabilities and plans.  Hence, there are no photos of his corpse to show.  This would also explain why many members of Congress, including Republicans, also don’t want the pics to be shown as they’ve been told what’s going on.

    O’ course, there’s also the possibility that the rumor about this being a “coup” by Panetta, Hildabeast, Gates, etc. is true, and that THEY ordered the SEALs to get bin Fishfood without Captain Bullsh*t’s approval (or over his DISapproval, perhaps), and he’s in a snit about it.

    Personally, I’m with Scott Jacobs: I’d like a photo of his corpse suitable for framing, though what I’d REALLY like is a signed copy of the oil on canvas painting: “Feeding the Pigs”.

    DocDI’ve friends who have really gotten despondent over the death of OBL, as if killing an enemy war leader in a war is somehow a sign of the moral collapse of the west…

    Don’t tell me; let me guess.  These are friends who are on the faculty of a university, right?

    • Of course there’s the inconvenient fact that his 12 year old daughter is whining about him being unarmed when killed.

      I really don’t care who it might offend, this is a corpse that must be seen. It puts the exclamation point on the message. Like it or not, that message is much more important than the possibility of offending some group or another.

    • Don’t tell me; let me guess.  These are friends who are on the faculty of a university, right?

      Actually in this case no. Just average types but the average type that regards “Avatar” as an insightful documentary on US foreign policy under GW Bush.

  • Releasing photos gains Obama nothing.  People who believe in a conspiracy will continue to do so, in this era of Photoshop.  Democrats will continue to celebrate the President’s role in this operation.  Those opposed to the President will not be changing their opinion of him based on the photo.
    Not that I think it would be inappropriate, it just doesn’t have an upside.

    • Nonsense. That photo puts an end to speculation and puts “real” to his death. Whether or not the conspiracy crowd buys in is irrelevant.

      • “Nonsense. That photo puts an end to speculation”
        Just like those photos of aliens put an end to speculation about the existence of UFOs?

    • Of course it does:

      1.  For those who lost loved ones on 9-11 or in any other murders planned / ordered by bin Fishfood, it provides proof that justice has been done.  As a talk show host pointed out, it is common for the family(ies) of murder victims to be invited to witness the execution of the criminal.  The same principle applies here;

      2.  It sends a message to enemies and potential enemies that the only thing that they will ultimately get from attacking the United States is a bullet in the head or a bomb in the lap.  “You want to be a martyr?  We’ll be HAPPY to oblige you.”

      3.  After ten years of tough, dirty war, it’s a clear victory like when we got Yamamoto* or when Mussolini was hanged.  A lot of blood and treasure was expended to reach this moment, and it frankly should be savored.

      4.  It makes conspiracy theories a bit harder to defend, and makes it a bit harder for the jihadis to create / sustain the legend that bin Fishfood is still alive.

      5.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I would find a great deal of satisfaction in seeing his bullet-riddled corpse.  That’s upside enough for me.


      (*) I do not wish to compare Yamamoto – a professional and apparently honorable naval officer though in service to a vicious regime – to a murderous thug like bin Fishfood.

  • I find it hard to believe that the Obama Admininstration would/could screw up an obviously……..oh wait, nevermind.

  • I’m so tired of worrying about upsetting the Muslims.

    It’s high time they worried about upsetting us.

    Maybe if a few more of them were worried about it, they’d learn to behave

    • Why not, the Amerinds are offended because the military code named OBL Geronimo, and HIS who’s REAL name was “Goyaałé”.
      And now, the Senate, will investigate who code named him that, and why, instead of saying – “YO, GET OVER IT, this is stupid and we’re not wasting any time on it!”