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I’m already tired of this

Seriously – this is just patent nonsense, offensive and a meme which needs to quickly die:




Try applying a different scenario (at the risk of violating Godwin’s law) -  Those on the left are celebrating the death of 6 million Jews.  Those on the right are celebrating the death of their murderer.  If you can find those to be morally equivalent acts, then you’ll agree with the cartoon above.



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  • Is it just a coincidence the guy in the middle looks like Obama???
    Good lord, can people not cease petty point scoring and allow a moment of catharsis or are they actually this vapid in reality?

    • Actually this vapid in reality.

    • It took me all of 5 minutes to realize that what the majority of the left in this country was actually cheering was not killing the monster, but the fact that Obama did something good.  Anecdotal I know, but at my workplace I heard more “he’s going to be re-elected easily now!” jubilation than actual happiness over what we did.

      • If that’s all it takes we’re doomed anyway.

      • New drink .. “The bin Laden” — two shots and a splash

      • I actually sort of forced myself to be happier – I don’t want to be the right version of  Bush-Derangement  Syndrome.

  • Jebus…

    • I never saw this coming …

      A BOLD CALL — Also at the gala was former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who said he thinks Osama bin Laden’s death might give him Obama enough political power to pass a climate bill. Either way, he called on the president to reengage on the climate debate, and cautioned environmentalists that they couldn’t afford to wait for a friendlier Congress: “You know if we do that, we’re doomed,” he said.

      Except the NYTimes, nobody sees any bump for Obama.

  • Last night we got dosed by the local news, “was it okay to be happy that we god Bin Laden”.
    You know, because he was a human being and all, and we shouldn’t feel good about…blah blah blah blah.
    Get stuffed, he gave up any claim to my humanity a long time ago.
    They said it was okay, just as long as we don’t gloat.   yeah, whatever, like I need to take my moral direction from the folks down at mainstream media station.

  • Man – the (ir)rational animal- Aristotle

  • Shouldn’t the flag on the left be an American flag as well? Except in flames, on the ground, underfoot.

    • It was pretty gutsy to admit that the Palestinians were cheering on 9/11 when we’ve been told this never happened.

  • If they really want UBL to be forgotten, let him go. Release the “death photo,” convincing those who can be convinced that UBL is dead, and close the bloody thing out. Instead, they have made a political calculation that they can bask in the glow of a killing, like a KKK mob after a lynching, and somehow show that they are “sensitive” by not releasing the bloody “photo.”

    • The Press, in their rush to help the Anointed one retain his place, will end up over doing it – we’ll be tired of hearing about Bin Laden soon enough while they’re still telling themselves how brave and decisive Dear Golfer was to give the order (that in reality he had NO choice but to give).

      • Just think about it for a second … we have been calling this guy incompetent for the last 2+ years, and now we are supposed to call him competent now that he has gone and actually killed somebody.  It sounds more like the autobiography of a junior mob hit man rather than a President of the United States of America.

        • The soft bigotry of low expectations, I suppose.

        • Obomber didn’t kill anyone, at least not directly, anymore than GW offed Sodamned Insane. Real men did the job.

      • Did you see Wolfie yesterday afternoon on CNN?  “Obama’s Staredown” as CNN showed the pic of Captain Bullsh*t watching the raid in the White House.

        CNN has this to say:

        It’s the now-iconic photo that could become the defining image of the Obama presidency. There’s no escaping the president’s steely eyed stare.
        Bet you’ve never seen president Obama look like that, or Hillary Clinton look like that. By now, you’ve probably seen this photo and so will future generations. One person says, “This picture will go down in history. It’s amazing.” Another says, “A serious and profound moment.”

        See also:

        • Steely eyed stare? He’s in the back corner of the room (well at least he’s got a seat), and to my eye is not really participating and “steely eyed” is not exactly the phrase that springs to mind. It’s a pity you guys didn’t elect Hillary, she seems to be much more like presidential material judging from this photo!

          • Hell, the photo looks like he was patched in – he looks like a little kid sitting in the corner.

          • That was my impression, looker. I wondered immediately who let this pic out of the White House. It looks like he wandered in and was relegated to a kiddie seat while the big boys (and girls) worked.

          • To me he looks like a junior manager who’s been let into the weekly management meeting with the big boys for the first time… sit over there in the corner, keep your head down and don’t embarass yourself son. The steel in the eyes is just the reflection of the CEOs glare.

          • Anyone who thinks “steely eyed” over that photo, probably swoons over the photos from Tigerbeat.  I’ve seen him make sterner faces at normal press gatherings.
            And furthermore, no, they’re NOT watching the attack in this photo.  We know they ARE watching something, most likely related to the attack, but it’s not the attack.
            According to Panetta they only got word of it.

          • He looks like the smallest person in the room, literally and figuratively.

            Even Biden for chrissakes looks better than he does.

            Steely-eyed….gimme a break.

            This is where his sycophants ALWAYS overdo it.  One of them called this “biblical”, the Daily NEws called his speech “An oratory for the ages”

            Good lord, our godling, our lightworker.  *PUKE*

        • “It’s the now-iconic photo that could become the defining image of the Obama presidency. “
          But the media isn’t biased.

    • Those photos will be held for around 1 year or so. Keep the issue alive and then closer to the election, leak ’em so Obama gets another boost.
      I am ashamed I can think of these strategies.


      This photo certainly explains a lot.  I guess Jack had a bad day.

      • Like I said, if ya have a photo, it must be real.

      • I look at that photo and say, “Damn, Hillary would have been a better President.”
        OTOH, Hillary Care II would probably would have been a single payer plan, and already been in full corrosive effect.

  • Equating the two is definitely wrong.

    However I myself noted that the crowd that first formed around the Whitehouse of College age Obama supporter stereotype, was on a different wavelength with their celebration than most other people and what you’d expect. 

    It was creepy and I was taken aback.  Its hard to express in words.  It wasn’t a finally we have satisfaction or justice was done celebration.  It was more of a schadenfreude fest. 

    I chalked it up to two things.  Alcohol.  Or, in their minds vindication of one of the things they use to clugel Bush.  Bush never caught Bin Laden.  “Two wars and no Bin Laden”.  In their minds they’ve reduced the conflict as not one of a problem with Radical Islam, but purely Bin Laden as if he represented an anomaly.  In their mind, this is now a closed case and their guy resolved it.  Which means to them its also a politcal victory.

    Expect to not creditting (and worshipping) Obama for the primary success with Bin Laden to be a sign of racism. 

    • Yes, I also noted that the participants were Obama voters. However, some other people have pointed out these people were 10-12 when 9/11 happened, so it may have been extremely formative for them. Their experience is different from an adults.

      • Age more than political affiliation. My 20 year old Fox News watching sophomore at a large public midwest university called me after the announcement to be sure I had watched. They were pretty excited at her school.
        Me, personally, I didn’t feel like celebrating. I was satisfied and it confirmed the idea that you can run, but you can’t hide from US forces. I was much more excited when the Berlin Wall came down. Maybe because I got to see it up close and personal. These kids have grown up in the shadow of the towers and there hasn’t been much to celebrate for them. I’d almost be willing to go so far as to say for them it was more like the  moon landing was for me.

  • Because it was so important to have photos of a dead Osama to head off evergreen Elvis-lives conspiracies, the gruesome big-hole-in-the-forehead photo has not been released — and might never be.
    This is because a ghastly dead OBL photo could offend the “sensitivities” of Osama’s insane supporters who have been trying to kill Americans for 15 years anyway, still are, will be but didn’t seem to mind photos of thousands of people dying 10 years ago inside burning, crumbling skyscrapers or leaping from them.
    Trust the administration, however, the death photos do exist. Someone is discussing their release. No timeline. Meanwhile, deather conspiracies thrive online suggesting, you guessed it, that wasn’t really Osama with the damaged forehead. What if he left a pile of videos to come out, one by one, in the event of his death? He could be spotted on every grassy knoll from here to Yemen.

    Yep. Elvis on the grassy knoll.

    • Yeah, photo evidence…..
      They can post it right next to the photo evidence I have of Harry Potter flying up the Thames, or maybe the floating mountains from the Navi home world.  Perhaps they can do a video autopsy of him in the CSI Las Vegas morgue.
      Cause ya know, if you have a photo or a video clip of it, it’s real.

  • This is actually logical reasoning for a leftist. after all they think that putting a condemned killer to death is just as bad as murder.

    • Maybe so – but note the source. That was a “Conservative Cartoon” from RedState.
      From that perspective, it’s utterly baffling – and I’m gratified to notice a quick scan of the comments there being equally baffled as to why anyone at RedState would think that cartoon interesting/informative/insightful.

      • The cartoonist put a comment in explaining it and I can kind of see his point. Kind of. But if 99.9% of people don’t get a cartoon and after explanation can really only kind of appreciate it… I’d have to say the cartoonist missed the mark.

      • I just read the comments and the author’s explanation – yeah, missed by a mile.

  • The US Special Forces only took two bodies with them in the military chopper; one is said to be Bin Laden’s and the other his son’s.