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The hidden premise–what’s missing in this parody meant to shame us?

It’s there for all to see if they will.  While the parody is clever as it can be, one huge and salient fact is missing and thus makes it all a giant FAIL!

Obi-Wan Kenobi, the mastermind of some of the most devastating attacks on the Galactic Empire and the most hunted man in the galaxy, was killed in a firefight with Imperial forces near Alderaan, Darth Vader announced on Sunday.

Hint: At what were Obi-Wan’s “most devastating attacks” aimed?  And OBL’s?

More false moral equivalency.

Aside: I thought Dick Cheney was Darth Vader?  My how times change, no?


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  • “Aside: I thought Dick Cheney was Darth Vader?  My how times change, no?”
    Emanuel is back at the White House?  I thought he was Mayor of Chicago now?

  • It’s that old Star Trek episide.  “It’s not how they fight, it’s what they fight for”

  • Hmm, if Obama=Vader, then George Soros=Emperor Palpatine.

  • By what right did Gandalf have to ask some easily swayed Hobbits to deliberately destroy the rightful property of Sauron?!?!?

    • Geeze, thank God, I thought I was the only one wondering that – and those damned enviro whackjob Elves what was up with them?  A little progress never hurt anyone, to hear them talk we’d all be better leaving in trees in the woods!

      • So that would make Gimli a Republican?

        …..I can deal with that!

        And Gollum is obviously Nancy Pelosi, I mean the facial resemblance is uncanny!

        • Ya know, she IS terribly well preserved for her age, and she does look kinda ‘stretched thin’.
          Shark, you may be on to something here.

        • So, Obama is Vader?  Shouldn’t he be the Emperor?  Is Michelle still the Wookie?

      • Well, the Elves motive when they made the Rings of Power  “was the prevention or slowing of decay (i.e. ‘change’ viewed as a regrettable thing), the preservation of what is desired or loved, or its semblance”. Or to stand athwart history, yelling Stop.

  • Why is that Obama is portrayed as Vader?  It’s because he’s black, isn’t it?  Racists!!
    But Addison Skywalker is white … but Obama is half-white, a-ha!  AND Addison is a descendent of slaves, …but wait… Obama wasn’t … Okay, now I’m confused.
    Nevermind, this is just bad parody.  It should be treated as such.
    The only parody one could rightly make between Star Wars and politics is what Obi-Wan said about Mos Eisley that can be said about Washington D.C.

    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.  We must be cautious.

    • Heh … now that’s the Pogue I know (and drank with). Cheers buddy.

      • And cheers to you, my good sir!  I am currently sipping on a Blue Moon – with a slice of orange zest, much to your horror I would imagine.  To quote McQ, “You don’t drink beer with fruit!”
        Rules are made to be broken.  … To a point.  😉

        • “You don’t drink beer with fruit!”
          >opportunity for California joke here – this space available <
          As for Blue Moon and orange zest – try the Sam Adams Cherry-Wheat – not bad.

          • Oh not you and the sissy beer too?!

          • I don’t think of it as sissy beer!  I think of it as American ingenuity! – you know, things like Balsamic Ice Cream (really, in Fort Worth, honest) and Denny’s with their Bacon ice cream sundae (yes, bacon, bacon goooooodddddd).
            So, fruit with beer, is….okay, I have no excuse, except it tastes good sometimes when I’m not in the mood for a stout or a Kostritzer Schwarzbier.  Beer really IS like wine, some beers taste better with certain foods than others, and sometimes a nice light tasting wheat beer with a fruit just hits me right.

        • Argh … beer and fruit. If I wanted fruit with my beer I’d soak clementines in it.

  • If Pelosi is Gollum (very believeable)  and Obama is Vader would that make Reid the spider or Jar Jar Binks?  McCain of course is Sauruman,

    • No no no, Jar jar is Lindsey Graham.  Reid is Grand Moff Tarkin, just another witless overconfident old man.

    • Reid=Wormtongue if it’s LOTR, definitely JarJar if it’s Starwars.
      “Meesah Senator from planet Nevada!”

    • Then again, JarJar could be Chuck Schumer too.


    “Every member of my group is as brave as Osama,” Khanjari continued. “The only difference is he had more money … My friends mean more to me than him. Any one of us would take a bullet for each other.” For the Taliban, bin Laden’s death has been far less important than some in the West may have hoped.

    • less important, except, we got his hard drives.

    • “Any one of us would take a bullet for each other.””
      Oh fear not Khanjari, we have MORE than enough bullets for all of you, you needn’t worry about having to share or being left out.

    • I’m pretty sure that most American soldiers (all services) would “take a bullet” for their buddies.  They don’t go about beheading helpless people or plotting how to blow up women and children, though.

  • So this is just more of that tired “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” bullshit that the left likes to push every time we eliminate evil people from this world.  Oh, but suggest the reverse; that “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” a la Che Guevara or Hugo Chavez, and they go crazy.

  • Even worse, in terms of metaphor failure, Obi-wan never attacked the Empire.
    After the fall of the republic, he went into hiding on Tatooine and stayed there.
    He wasn’t even involved in stealing the Death Star plans, nor was he alive by the time it was destroyed…
    And of course, even if we most generously asserted that his hiding on the Falcon when it was captured was vaguely like an attack… nobody outside of the Death Star would have known about it!
    Yeah, these guys fail at every level, but worst of all (considering the site and the conceit) as Star Wars fans.

    • He spouts ancient religious dogma and recruits an impressionable teenager from a broken home to train as a soldier against the evil Empire. 

  • bin Laden the headless Thompson gunner…
    His comrades fought beside him – the CIA and the rest
    But of all the Thompson gunners bin Laden was the best
    So the CIA decided they wanted bin Laden dead
    That son-of-a-bitch Obama blew off bin Laden’s head
    Time, time, time, for another peaceful war
    But time stands still for bin Laden ’til he evens up the score
    They can still see his headless body stalking through the night
    In the muzzle flash of bin Laden’s Thompson gun
    apologies to Warren Zevon (who is also dead)

    • I think the Navy has it covered pretty well – to the song “What Will We Do With The Drunken Sailor”:

      What Do We Do With Osama’s Body.

      Chorus: What Do We Do With Osama’s Body?
      What Do We Do With Osama’s Body?
      What Do We Do With Osama’s Body?
      Now that we got that bastard.

      Verse1: Wash him down with a jug of Clorox
      Wash him down with a jug of Clorox
      Wash him down with a jug of Clorox
      ‘Till he’s nice and shiney!


      Verse 2: Wrap him up in a dirty bedsheet
      Wrap him up in a dirty bed sheet
      Wrap him up in a dirty bed sheet
      Taken from the Chief’s bed


      Verse 3: Weight him down with frozen pork chops
      Weight him down with frozen pork chops
      Weight him down with frozen pork chops
      So the sharks can find him


      Verse 4: Toss him over when we clean the bilges
      Toss him over when we clean the bilges
      Toss him over when we clean the bilges
      And we blow the waste tanks

      Works for me.

  • As Tec, the gang leader, says in the 2003 movie “Malibu’s Most Wanted” …

    Tec: [high-pitched scream] STOP IT! You say one more line and I’mma have to smoke myself!

    Obama has made himself into a “one trick pony” that has run it’s course.

  • Deathstar?  If Obama built even a Stardestroyer I’d vote for him.

    • We’d have to ask the Russian to shuttle our work crews to the space dock for us, though.