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Resetting history–the real history of the politics of race in the US

I’ve been an adamant myth buster all my life when it comes to the history of race and racism in our country trying, for years, to clarify which party it was that was on the side of racism and oppression.  If one just takes the time to research it, it is there for all to find. Instead, we ended up with a myth.

It appalls me that for years the myth of the right’s racism has gained such purchase in “conventional wisdom” and particularly among American blacks. The belief that it was the Republicans who were against civil rights legislation and were the roadblock to full equality for our black citizens, when in fact it was the Democrats, seems almost accepted as fact now.  But I lived and grew up in the South during that time. I know better.

The good news is this video helps to begin the process of dispelling the myth.  Pay close attention because it gives you the ground truth of the matter – something, unfortunately, that is very rare these days when it comes to this subject:




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8 Responses to Resetting history–the real history of the politics of race in the US

  • Freaking AWESOME!
    Thank you!
    That restored my hope of future sanity, even if it only lasts me through lunch time!

  • Democrats now certainly think of themselves as defenders of black people. What caused that change?

    • Evidence of the effectiveness of continuously telling “the big lie”.

  • While Bill Clinton may dream of KKK rallies in Arkansas, my mother told me of KKK meetings in Eastern Pennsylvania when she was a child.  Often forgotten is that the KKK not only went after blacks, in the North they went after Catholics.

    • in the North they went after Catholics … especially immigrants, like the Irish and Italians

  • Wow.  I need to see the whole thing!

  • Odd, isn’t it, that the modern day “liberal” thinks minorities are too <fill in your favorite> to be able to contend with life on their own, needing nursemaids from cradle to grave.

    • Which echoes the plantation mentality that they were ‘children’ who needed adults around (that would be I guess, ‘white people’) to watch over them.