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Obama finally figures it out–plans to fast track oil drilling in Alaska

The irony, of course, is inescapable.  Democrats, seeking answers to why gas prices were so high, spent the week grilling oil company CEOs and attempting to make “Big Oil” the scapegoat (btw, their “profits” are not the reason for high gas prices and cutting out their tax breaks won’t bring them down) … again.  And, we’ve had two years worth of the administration throwing roadblock after roadblock in front of oil companies trying to get permits to drill in the Gulf (so many months of delay, in fact, that most of the rigs idled have moved elsewhere in the world).

Now, suddenly, as November 2012 begins to creep inexorably closer, Barack Obama discovers the need for speed in exploiting oil and gas domestically – something we could be well into already if his administration hadn’t decided to essentially halt everything.

The broad energy plan, coming as gas prices continue to rise, would also fast-track environmental assessment of petroleum exploration elsewhere.

Yes, we now have an administration that, after two years of doing everything in its power to discourage oil companies, now claiming it suddenly “gets it?”  Sorry if I’m not buying yet.  After all,  with the other hand, it pursues removing tax breaks in a capital intensive and competitive business sector that would discourage many oil producers from working here.   More Hyde than Jekyll. To skip to another metaphor, how much of this is the usual smoke and mirrors show?

There are politics and there is reality, and one of the things I’ve learned since this administration has been in office is to take everything they say with a huge grain of salt and wait until you actually see something happening before you believe it.

I’m glad that’s the plan.  But until I see this administration walking the walk, not just talking the talk, I’ll reserve any approbation for that moment.  And then it will be muted given the “policy” the administration has pursued until now.

OK, I’m metaphored out – over to you.


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13 Responses to Obama finally figures it out–plans to fast track oil drilling in Alaska

  • Like you, McQ, I will NOT hold my breath.
    We are rushing forward with nuclear power, too.
    Except the Yucca Mountain project was shut down just days ago by ANTI-SCIENCE Boy and Sherf Joe.

  • Bruce; Indeed.

    The White House will take a series of steps — including expediting drilling plans on government lands in Alaska — designed to show that the administration is serious about expanding domestic oil production and lowering gas prices.

    Note the wording. They need to show they’re being serious… that’s why this move. It’s for show. Once they get the PR value out of it, we’ll see things going “green” again. Green of course being the new red.

  • Look for the O Admin’s actions and not its words.

  • This wouldn’t be the first time Obama said one thing and did another.
    OTOH, maybe he’s realized if he swells domestic profits, he can take a bigger share of the taxes.

    • Doubtful. THat line of thinking would require a group-up re-learning of everything he’s been taught since birth, wherever that happened.

      • Hardly.  Especially as their marketshare grows, their profits will grow.  All the easier to justify increased taxes.
        Nothing to do with Laffer Curve type logic.

  • Saying is one thing.  Doing is another.  I will believe it when I see it.

  • The one outside possibility is that someone pointed out that now that he’s made the ME a powder keg where the radicals will wield a force or influence that could take down Saudi Arabia, we could soon feel the pain of a shortage if we don’t develop domestic resources.
    But I opt for the say one thing do another.

  • U.S. has no control over the price of oil.The unrest in the Arab world is threating a production of 25.6 million barrels per day of oil.Today, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Algeria are producing 14 million barrels per day.United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are producing 5 million barrels per day.Iraq and Iran are producing 6.6 million barrels per dayThat is about 30 times the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil production expected in 2025.That’s 150 times the missing production in the Gulf of Mexico due to ban in 2011.As oil prices are set by supply and demand worldwide, even if US was able to stop dependence on Persian Gulf oil, gasoline price will be determined in the Middle East for years to come.

  • Sure we can get all negative, but why when we can get somebody else to go all negative …
    Obama finally gets it, sells out environmental movement to get re-elected.
    If we scream that loud enough, the truth shall be revealed.