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More ObamaCare waivers an indication that it is bad law

There’s  a lot being written and said about the latest batch of ObamaCare waivers and the fact that many have gone to companies in Nancy Pelosi’s area.  And, of course, the agency granting them has claimed that Pelosi had absolutely no effect on them being granted.

Okay, that’s not the important point anyway.  Tim Pawlenty actually manages to stumble across it as he claims cronyism in their grant:

"I don’t blame people for trying to get out from underneath it — that it is an awful law," Pawlenty said. "But when you have that many needs for exemptions, it tells you that the law — it is a warning sign that the law is broken and doesn’t work."

Ya think?  You have about 26 or 27 states challenging the Constitutionality of the bill and its individual mandate.   You have hundreds, if not thousands of companies, agencies and businesses seeking waivers.  And obviously, there’s an organization in place to grant those waivers.  Imagine a job where you review and grant waivers to a law.  I don’t know about you, but that would tell me there must be something fundamentally wrong with it.

Pawlenty is also correct about his broader point – those without the ability to appeal for a waiver are stuck with paying the piper:

"Another example of really crony politics or crony capitalism, if you’ve got the right connections, the right lobbyists, the right interest group, you get your special deal, and the rest of us get our wallet out, and that’s in the tax code, it’s in earmarking, and now you see it in ObamaCare.”

Yes, exactly.  His larger point is absolutely correct.  Those without the connections do indeed end up having our wallets looted.  Cronyism is certainly alive and well and very prevalent not only in the treatment of ObamaCare, but in other areas as well.  Which brings up an ironic point – for the party of “fairness” this seems singularly unfair.  Yet Democrats aid and abet it – in fact, just like Republicans, they use this sort of process to gain favor with certain constituencies … at the expense of others.  And by expense, I’m including paying the bill too.

ObamaCare is an obviously wretched law.  What was supposed to be insurance reform ended up being a polyglot of government bureaucracy at a huge and unaffordable price.

Now we hear the House GOP members saying that repealing it is “hard”.  We hear candidates like Romney and Gingrich saying they agree with parts of it, like the individual mandate.  Cronyism is directly linked to power – it’s a give and take process that benefits politicians.  It comes as no surprise to me that both sides are engaged in it up to their necks.  The problem is it is unlikely to ever get fixed since it is the fox guarding the hen house and enjoying the job.


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13 Responses to More ObamaCare waivers an indication that it is bad law

  • Grant yourself a waiver.  Just say HELL no.

  • for the party of “fairness” this seems singularly unfair

    When progressives talk about “fairness”, this is precisely what they mean: “Fair” is when the “right people” come out ahead. What you deserve is defined by what group you belong to and who your friends are (and friendship counts double when you pay for it in cash!). The only way to guarantee that the “right people” always come out ahead is for government to coercively interfere in just about everything. Sound familiar?

    So, here you have a law which is designed from the ground up to be applied capriciously. To a progressive, that’s as fair as it gets.

    • Retardo“Fair” is when the “right people” come out ahead. What you deserve is defined by what group you belong to and who your friends are (and friendship counts double when you pay for it in cash!).

      BINGO!  Well stated.

  • My personal favorite …

    The Health and Human Services Department announced late Friday that Nevada had secured a statewide waiver from certain implementation requirements of the Obama administration’s health care law, because forcing them through, the department found, “may lead to the destabilization of the individual market.”

    Harry Reid isn’t going to be outdone by Nancy Pelosi

    • … but this comes close …

      But in an unusual rebuke, an umbrella group representing premier organizations such as the Mayo Clinic wrote the administration Wednesday saying that more than 90 percent of its members would not participate, because the rules as written are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.
      “It’s not just a simple tweak, it’s a significant change that needs to be made,” said Donald Fisher, president of the American Medical Group Association, which represents nearly 400 large medical groups around the country providing care for roughly 1 in 3 Americans. Its members, including the Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, and Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, had been seen as the vanguard for accountable care.
      The medical groups say they are worried they will be left holding the bag for losses, that the government has designed things so there is no easy way to tell which patients are part of the program, and that there’s no reliable way to adjust for patients who are sicker and require closer follow-up and more expensive treatments.

  • Nancy Pelosi’s district got how many waivers again?  Can you say corruption?

  • I think it is no stretch of the imagination to draw a rather precise counter-comparison between the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the dispensation of medical waivers to those who are “deserving” and the National Labor Relations Bureau decision “barring” Boeing from moving to S. Carolina.
    Retardo certainly popped the medical pinata for the goodies but the ugly side is the ball bat for America’s premier industry, aerospace. The very last thing I want to do is ride in another airplane that was made in China.
    I think Nikki Haley is going to hammer the Boeing issue and rightfully so because this is all about the naked use of union power in connection with an “appreciative” administration vs a “right to work” state. She will lose steam because S. Carolina is so early in the primary season. That said, I am definitely standing behind that woman and well back when she starts shooting. This issue will come back around and with an intensity that really will frame the debate and finally kill that already flogged dead horse of a race card.
    The Republicans better figure out how to build a ‘journo-list’ of their own and start burning up the wires because if they don’t, it will be their fault.

  • Look, guys, everybody is whistling past the key issue (from an inside-the-beltway perspective). I swear it sounds ridiculous, but that doesn’t make it untrue: Nobody in DC wants to be responsible for the failure of the the “First Black President”.

    I’m serious. Throughout the last two years, time and again, Obama has gone to Congress to beg for the Dems to vote in favor of controversial pieces of legislation. Each time, his appeal has been: “If this legislation doesn’t pass, my Presidency is finished”. And, each time, the Dems have rolled over. Dozens of them fell on their swords for him.

    The Republicans are so sensitive to charges of racism that they would rather allow ObamaCare to remain than risk being tarred as the second coming of the KKK by the MSM.

    • … but he has failed … EPIC FAILURE.
      First, Obama has outsourced all of his legislation to the Hill.  Neither Bush nor Clinton nor Reagan did this.
      There is no real “ObamaCare”  .. it’s “Reid/Pelosi Care”
      The ARRA (AKA the “stimulus”) is an abject failure … losing twice as many private sector jobs as it created/saved in government.
      The world thinks worse of the USA today, than went Bush left office.
      If all of this is to make a “black” man look good, then there won’t be another “black” President for another hundred years.

  • Romney hasn’t acknowledged it yet, but if he doesn’t admit he was played like a cheap fiddle by the Massachusetts Democrats in contributing to our Socialized Medicine boondoggle, then he’s toast. He should have just vetoed it and let the 99% Democrat-Controlled Congress override it (as they would have most certainly would have done) then it would have been all their bastard-child, but instead Romney had to “compromise”, now he’s been tarred with creating the whole mess. Admit you were wrong, you got had Mitt, and Move-On.

  • Speaking of “bad law,” Judicial Watch apparently has unearthed some documents that show that Justice Elena Kagan was involved with the planning of the legal defense of “ObamaCare”.  Instapundit conjectures that this explains the attacks on Justice Thomas.

  • Well, if the GOP hasn’t got the cojoneses to repeal OCare, why don’t they just grant a blanket waiver to the entire country.