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Netanyahu is not impressed

In his response to Obama’s fantasy-based speech about Israel returning to the 1967 borders, Netanyahu basically says that’s a non-starter.

In an unusually sharp rebuke to Israel’s closest ally, Netanyahu told Obama his endorsement of a long-standing Palestinian demand to go back to Israel’s 1967 boundaries — meaning big concessions of occupied land — would leave Israel “indefensible.”

“Peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle East reality,” an unsmiling Netanyahu said as Obama listened intently beside him in the Oval Office.

As usual, it’s the clever Reuter’s wordsmithing that amuses me:

Netanyahu’s firm resistance now raises the question of how hard Obama will push for concessions he is unlikely to get, and whether the peace vision he laid out on Thursday will ever get off the ground. [Emphasis mine]

I don’t really think “vision” is the word that reflects reality here. “Hallucination” would be a lot closer.

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36 Responses to Netanyahu is not impressed

  • In an unusually sharp rebuke to Israel’s closest ally…

    If we are their closest ally these days, then I’d say that Israel is in a world of hurt.

    Netanyahu’s firm resistance now raises the question of how hard Obama will push for concessions he is unlikely to get, and whether the peace vision he laid out on Thursday will ever get off the ground.

    “Peace vision”???  Captain Bullsh*t didn’t lay out a “peace vision”: he was roughing out articles of Israeli surrender and dissolution.

    I don’t know how or why, but the left has decided that Israel is a villain on par with nazi Germany and certainly worse than the USSR or Red China.  I suppose it’s a twisted piece of realpolitik: they reckong that, if not for Israel, the Middle East would be a land of peace and honey, full of happy, peaceful Arabs who would just LOVE the United States.  As a lefty wrote on a blog recently, “We buy oil from the Arabs.  What do we get from Israel?” So, under the bus (or into the “showers”) they go.

    • Israel is small and weak, but looks tough. Thus its the perfect kicking boy.

      • Yeah, I think that this is how Captain Bullsh*t plays tough: picking on people / countries that can’t or won’t pick back.  He’d NEVER speak this way to Ahmahdinnahjacket, Assad or Medvedev.

        • Libya looks big on the map, but it only has six million people.
          Syria on the other hand…

  • Obama’s “peace vision” is the same as any other socialists’ “peace vision” – it ends with the peace of the grave.

    • Of course, his delusional/denial version of “Peace” is strictly Orwellian.

  • I would have enjoyed it had he said “Our current boarders are a result from several wars we found in response to direct military action from several other countries. If they want that land back, they are welcome to try and take it back. This time, however, we won’t stop ourselves when we reach Cairo.”

    • I too wish Netanyahu would state something like that.  I have always felt that that land is Israel by right of conquest during war.

  • My, how time flies. Why it only seems like it was just “yesterday” when our exalted Madam President appointed one George Mitchell as Special Envoy for Middle East Peace in an effort to quell the 2008-09 Gaza War and bring about peace. Notably,
    … [I]n a continuation of a George W. Bush administration policy, Mitchell did not plan to talk to Hamas, a group Israel and the US consider a terrorist organization, but instead focus on talks with the Palestinian National Authority.
    “A continuation of a George W. Bush administration policy” sums it all up. Clearly, the Madam is as vacuous as “she” is a charlatan impersonating a President.
    I have always said that a presidential candidate should be able bring at least one special tool to the campaign that will distinguish him or her from all the others: Palin’s moxie, Ryan’s numbers skills, or Perry’s competence. With Obama, I have nothing more than a mouth, teleprompter and a continuation of the Bush administration.

  • Sure, Israel will pay attention to Obama. Just like the Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, China, Syria, North Korea…..

  • I really don’t understand Obama’s position on this matter.  If his internal polling is as bad as I have heard, how can throwing Israel under the bus now be a good political move.  Is Obama trying to shore up his bona fides with the anti-Israel crowd?  Are they going to help support him in 2012?  I honestly do not see the angle in this.  Maybe Obama is simply ignorant about the reality of the region, hates Israel, and has no one on staff to prevent him from running his mouth.  I have to consider that as a possibility.
    I would really appreciate it if some other, more experienced commenters would be willing to weigh in on this.

    • The amount of irreputable damage done by the inept move may be immeasurable.
      While the J Street crowd may think otherwise, many Jews will follow Ed Koch and pull any level but Obama’s next year.

    • 1) Its helps with some of his base and is very, very cheap.
      2) The American Jews will not desert him, and of course, turning off the security function on his website, he can get additional foreign funds to make up for any lost donations…
      3) It probably looked much, much better on paper. Like “we will raise taxes, the economy will hum, and everything will be fine.”
      4) He is very, very used to media covering his ass. He needs to be careful…he could lose that at a moment’s notice and bes crucified.

      •  The American Jews will not desert him,

        >>> That’s about right.  Sadly.

        • Such is the controversy aroused by Mr Obama’s stance that AIPAC’s leader, Lee Rosenberg, has been forced to write to members begging them not to boo the president when he addresses them.

    • I think Obama spoke sincerely about Israel, just as he spoke sincerely about the Cambridge police being stupid. It arises from his self-righteous, ideological blindness. I suspect that he thought he was being quite generous and statesman-like to Israel, and that it was a speech for the ages.

      The problem is that Obama’s attitude towards Israel has become a commonplace among American liberals, academics, Europeans, UN and NGO types. Obama’s goal is to press America towards that “enlightenment.” However, America remains a center-right country, so Obama frequently gets ahead of himself. His advisers mostly live in the same bubble, so they can’t help him.

      Obama’s speech was a mistake that he couldn’t see.

      • You’d think he should have had Cabinet and national security members of his staff chumming the waters in advance of a break from precedent.  Unfortunately, Obama is oblivious to the cases where he is breaking precedent because he really doesn’t know shit about the history of the relationships between the players involved, or pretends he can rise above them.

  • BHO doesn’t have any real ideas of his own about foreign affairs.  This  is Samantha Power/Cass Sunstein stuff.

  • I can’t remember any American president receiving a televised correction like Obama did at the hands of Netanyahu. It was pure castor oil for Obama, if you look at his body language — grim, stiff, closed, one hand covering his mouth, the other clutching the armrest at his back.

    His speech backfired badly and he had no choice but to take it and like it. The smartest president in history miscalculated again due to his ignorant leftist dogmatism.

    • Some idiot at The Daily Beast (that may be redundant) is stomping their little foot about BiBi’s “tantrum”.
      Nobody with a brain could have heard his comments and call it a “tantrum”.
      The delivery is what made it so devastating.  He was calm, dignified, firm, and convincing.  He knew his history, and his people, and was selfless.
      Sort of all the things Obama is NOT.

      • And Baracky the boy king had to sit there and take it.

        LOVED. IT.

      • I checked Daily Kos last night and could find nothing on Netanyahu’s televised reply to Obama. I notice that when Obama receives serious pushback, DK pushes the item down the memory hole rather than mount hysterical counter-attacks. That’s smart on DK’s part — unprincipled of course but smart. Netanyahu was just too good, too gracious, too intelligent for DK to allow its readers to be exposed to his performance.
        There were however lots of dairies snickering about the End of the World nuttiness, but the most likely End of the World as We Know It remains a massive nuclear exchange in the Middle East triggered by a Muslim attack on Israel, an possibility aided and abetted by constant liberal appeasement.

        • One of the many areas in which I hope never to be able to say, “I told you s….”
          On the Rapture thingy, why is this more snark-worthy than the witch-doctors of the Left’s many predictions of doom that have come and gone?

          • The same thought occurred to me  this morning as I was reading a snarky missive to the church email list I’m still on.

            Now that I’m no longer a liberal, I can see clearly that much of the appeal of being liberal is feeling superior to others. That’s the sweet nectar they can never pass up.

            We saw it in all the chiding over the “celebrations” of Bin Laden’s death. There was an enormous range of possible responses to that event — the man who declared it a spiritual duty of all Muslims to kill American men, women and children whenever possible was dead — but complaining about a few thousand young Americans chanting USA for one evening was right where the liberals went. It was the only place they had leverage for feeling superior.

          • “I can see clearly that much of the appeal of being liberal is feeling superior to others”

            And you don’t think non-liberals can feel that way? The phrase ‘unintentional irony’ springs to my superior conservative mind. 

          • The difference is that liberal FEEL superior…without rational support.
            Others of us KNOW we are superior on empirical evidence.
            (Sarc-o-meter upper-limit test).

  • I think Netanyahu has made Israel’s position pretty clear.

    1) We are keepng the land.
    2) We are not allowing any ‘refugees’ to return.
    3) We are not negotiation any other remaining trivialities with Hamas.
    4) We will maintain the pretense of serious ‘negotiations’ in order to humor idiots like you.

    • Are there any woodsheds near the White House … or is the White House considered a woodhed ?

  • One thing is Israel has to keep some of the land closest to Jordan for early warning radar purposes.
    This is the sort of thing the average person just doesn’t know or get.
    Its not that Israel is greedy, its that they have to deal with Arabs with tanks and planes and stuff about 4 times in the last century.

  • Nuance by the “greatest orator of our time” …

    WASHINGTON — Claiming his remarks earlier this week on borders for Israel and a future Palestinian state had been misrepresented, President Obama said Sunday that “1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps” means the two sides will “negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967.”

    I wouldn’t want this guy to negotiate a deal on a dog house.

  • Indeed, Netanyahu is not impressed with Mr. Obama, the “bankers” puppet.
    But I will venture that Obama is impressed with Netanyahu, even to the point
    of dusting off the Prime Minister’s shoes if asked to. To begin with, the
    “argument” between them is specious: they have no argument. Its all BS. I’m
    amazed that otherwise intelligent people can be so ignorant about politics.
    I’m no political scientist, yet I do have enough sense to question everything
    that spews from the Media (both “left” & “right”). Here again, there are no real 
    arguments; everything coming from the same barrel (the “One Party system”).
    The elected Donkeys say one thing, the Dumbos say another, then their programmed constituents point fingers while our constitution is being pulled from beneath us. I must add that I’m amused when I read comments like, “Israel is small and weak, but looks tough. Thus its the perfect kicking boy,” and, “Obama…throwing Israel under the bus…” (LOL)
    He doesn’t have the authority to “abandon poor little Israel” even if he wished
    it. Obama does what he’s told (so too, Netanyahu), and right now it serves the
    NWO to have the two “leaders” at odds with one another. It also serves their
    interests (which are never America’s) to have Obama pretend to be a secret
    Muslim, which he is not. On that, what devout Muslim dons a Yarmulka cap and
    inserts a prayer into the Wailing Wall? Obama did, and even managed to look
    almost as pious as when he removed his shoes before entering a Mosque.:)
    So let us not fret for Israel. She has enough nukes to blow up the entire Middle East.
    I pray the man in the “City of London” enclave doesn’t decide to have her do it.